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Sunday 17 September 2023

I admire social commentators, as it takes up your life - First post for some time; I've been busy - Whacko for this Month

The situation in the Western World is now, simply so awful, that I pray that the Chinese take us over, and put ourselves out of our collective misery!

Just when you think things are bad, they get worse.

But just who ARE these wackjobs?  

I'll show you and it's why I've decided to not only have this specific post, but also to start posting much more regularly.

In this case, it is ALL dishonest wokedom, and they are literally crazy.

The first example, shows that it's only Blacks in the UK who are rich!  That's right and it comes from the good, ole, BBC:

This is always just so interesting to me, because at the same time as showing this shit, the MSM always are telling me just how oppressed minorities are?  WTF?

Part two (courtesy of an MSN search) is also very interesting, as it seems that the "experts" at getting promotions nowadays at work, just happen to be black females?  What?

Really?  Yet another contradiction, as once again, it is the same MSM who are always telling me that BMEs and in particular, female BMEs, simply can't get ahead in this evil, male-honkey dominated world?!  Then they show this after a search.

The final point (above) from the once, great website -, concerns itself with black joggers?  Really?  I say "once, great" as a disgusting, woke, evil MNC has taken them over (Under Armour) and they've now gone completely insane!

This, once again, seems to be at odds with the fact, that blacks in the UK simply do NOT run or enter races here.  A simple web search proves this.

I'm sick of this type of propaganda.  As it is not only false, but just SO patronising; to both BMEs and the non-BME communities.


* BME =  Black and Minority Ethnic: used to refer to people in the UK who don't feel White.