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Friday 28 January 2022

Big Government SNP, Elitists, etc - Utterly out of touch with how Normal People Live

Check this out!

I'm not making this up, and it's yet another outrageous idea from the Natzis (SNP) who run Scotland.

The costs alone for a system for a normal house are about £200 ($275!!)!  Completely out of touch for a lower income family, who consequently, WILL NOT install one of these.

But I ask:

1) Is fire that big of a deal in Scotland?

2) What is wrong with the existing "solution" of buying two or three of these, at a fraction of the cost of this networked idea.

3) Whose idea was this?  Who is the em-effer who went to our beloved, nationalist / socialist government, and lobbied for this craziness!

The mind boggles!


Wednesday 26 January 2022

This Week - More on everything, but have just had surgery, so not that much will be done / My philosophy

Yes, 3 surgeries (not life threatening) in 3 months, so very little this week to blog, but first,  my philosophy as to just WHAT I try to say here:

1) Not the usual, find a news report and say something on it.  This is done by many, much better writers than myself, and is not really a strength of mine.

2) I look at more local things and some cultural, as I believe, many of the awful things done in London or Washington DC, are ALSO done at the local levels, and can be FAR more damaging.

3) I always try to give some sort of alternative solution, particularly for Economic things, and add a degree of humour - I have to as the world is now crazier than ever, and is ALSO now being run by the MSM (Mainstream Media).


Sunday 23 January 2022

The socialist Nationalists in Scotland (Natzis) strike again!

Yes, just when you thought that the SNP (Scottish Nationalist Party) could not be more totalitarian, they "up their game" again! 

A well worth a read article, via Zerohedge, highlights some of the blatant, Nuremberg rallies type of schtick that the Natz & their woke Universities are up to here.

This is not only completely believable, but at the same time, predictable.  Not that people agree to this, but that they are simply PETRIFIED of speaking out against this type of effing shite!

I live in ground zero of this type of behaviour in Scotland, in a completely and utterly woke part of the country, complete with vegan cafes, leafy streets, and naturally both a lack of private sector jobs, and the perfunctory university.  You would either find it depressing, or predictable, the attitudes of these type of people here.  

But here is my point, very, as in VERY few of them are extremists, and if you were to sit down with them, most if not all, would be perfectly reasonable, and would agree with what you would say about wokism, at least to your face.  If they were to be asked at their workplace, they wouldn't say a fucking word to the contrary.  And this is just what good totalitarians do; there is always a conspiracy of silence to any possible opposition. 

Equally, take a look at this piece of extremist propaganda that is in rail stations here!  Literally, a LOOK can get you in trouble here nowadays. A look!  Think of that for a moment.

On the other hand, when any of your leftist friends, or non-friends, totally abuse anyone with a Christian faith, and they go out of their way to do this - it's acceptable!

And that's my point on this, it NEVER works both ways.  Never!


Friday 21 January 2022

It's not just that Biden is senile, and wanted to let the Ruskies invade, there's something much bigger than his low number of Pressers, . . .

Yes, the Clown-in-Chief, did say he'd let Putin invade.  And then later he had to say something different in order to clarify his remarks.  This is probably the reason why, his handlers simply have no desire whatsoever to ever let him loose on the general public; it'd be a disaster.

My Lord, the leader of the so-called "Free World"

But the biggest thing, is not just his lack of official Press Conferences, it's the fact that even here, the scum in the MSM have his back.  Please go here, to this slobbering article, that is riddled with lies, to see how even with the fewest number of pressers ever, they still love the guy and attack Trump. 

This occurs, even AFTER they state this:

By Kumar’s count, Biden had given just 22 interviews as president to members of the news media by the end of 2021, a fraction of the 92 Trump had done, or the 150 that Obama had done during the same period in their presidencies.

Equally, please look at this link, and see the simply unbelievable ways in which these ass-lickers define "meetings / interviews"  with the Press; they actually have the gall to call some of these, "Informal Sessions", whatever the living hell that that means!  And I quote:

Over his first year in office, Biden engaged in nearly double the number of informal question-and-answer sessions than his immediate predecessor, former President Donald Trump, (216 to 120), and nearly five times as many as former President Barack Obama (46), whom Biden served alongside as vice president.

That's right, if a twat from CNN fires him a question from afar, or in a room at a factory Biden happens to be visiting, these boot-lickers unbelievably consider this some form of press interaction!

The mind boggles.  Compare this to how Putin, can take 4 hours of questions, on the trot, at his annual Christmas bash, amazing.

Pravda were better!


Wednesday 19 January 2022

Possible UK parties to Vote For - Social Democratic Party (SDP)

My final instalment, looking at alternative political parties to vote for in the UK, ends with the above SDP party. 

They are highly interesting, and although, I would disagree with a good deal being a libertarian, I have to accept that that horse is out of the gate for some time (big government), and you have to choose the best, of some terrible choices; ie, I don't believe in the NHS (with a lot of provisions / caveats), but it seems that everyone else does, so how should we run it?

They would appear to me, to be both Tory, Old Labour and populist (Ed; I hate that word!) "right-wingers" - all combined.

For example, they do want to have an honest conversation
 on both culture and immigration (illegal) - without the hyperbole and name-calling from the woke Left.  And by the way, they are NOT bigots!  Please remember that it seems that the only people who get rich from our present situation are the hyper-rich, and the only ones who get the shaft, are the poor.

They also are against frivolous spending, and their idea of "Covid Bonds" to pay for our current spending predicament, seems a novel (for the 21st century that is) way to pay for all of this - harking back to the War Bonds of World War I & II. 

Equally, as Labour have completely and utterly dispatched themselves from the white, working class as Paul Embery states, in his truly great book - Despised: Why the Modern Left Loathes the Working Class, incidentally, my Book of the Year for 2021, the SDP in my opinion is the ideal choice for the wandering voter, from either side.

They are not reactionary, but calm, logical and innovative at times.  With a respect for both the market & market failings; for both modernity AND tradition (including statues, freedom of speech, etc), and should in my opinion, if we only lived with a form of European proportional representation, figure greatly in our UK parliament.

Check them out!


Tuesday 18 January 2022

The Week Ahead - Something for Everyone who thinks Right. . .

Hello, I think I'll use the same photo as last week, to introduce what we do this one.

Look at him!  A complete clown and jerk, who's losing his marbles, who apparently now has some of the lowest approval levels in history - but the MSM will never report on it. 

This week, starting tomorrow, we'll finish my look at the parties that offer a choice versus the major parties in the UK - I'll finish with the Social Democratic Party; who can basically be described as being quite leftist, where they should be leftist; and quite rightist (Ed; is that a word?), when they should be right-wing.

Equally, will look at some things from Glasgow, Scotland, do some arts reviews (Yes!) from things that I've seen recently. And maybe finish one or two economic things we've started in the past.

Until then.


Friday 14 January 2022

The Week Ahead (I've been busy!) - Biden and his "Judge" Nominees; Simply Unbelievable!

One of the greatest things that Trump did, was his ability, along with Mitch McConnell, was to have his judges appointed in the Senate.  It was staggering the number that were, even AFTER the fascist, Dems took control.

Mainly, though I have not Googled this, they were sound and very young. 

Contrast this, to these two token, buffoons who are getting a grilling from two Republican senators (Marshburn and Kennedy).  It's literally mind-boggling just how INEPT and over their heads these two nominees are.

Watch and laugh (or cry if and when these two dolts get appointed).

My Lord!



Wednesday 5 January 2022

Best of 2021 - Best Interview - John Voight interview with Tucker Carlson

 This was simply incredible, and there exists both long and short versions, the longer is below:

What lead me to give this an award, is his humble tone and his stories about faith, particularly his story about hearing that faith is meant to be difficult and give you problems - probably the truest statement that I have EVER heard about the Christian belief system (that is attune to what CS Lewis called the "drudgery" of life).

But for the shorter version, on belief, you can find here:

What a top bloke; and his stories about Midnight Cowboy are enlightening as to how actors get gigs.


Tuesday 4 January 2022

Best of 2021 - Bill Maher and the reality of China

Maher's a leftist, but with a brain at times. 

Yes, he still wants to make fun of George Bush, he hates Trump, etc.   But this is when he is the ONLY one in the leftist MSM who has any foresight whatsoever about the world and the Chinese.

If you don't believe me, go to this link (with the same video) and see some of the comments from the Big Guy Biden, on how he thinks the Chinese are harmless and not a threat! 

This video is SPOT ON about Beijing and the embarrassed laughter shows that even the psychotic left knows it - or at least I hope that they do.

But the truly sad thing here, is that after the commentary, several of his guests just still, didn't get it. 

They STILL would rather think that China plays by the rules, that Trump is the evil one and that all will end well - It wont!


Saturday 1 January 2022

Worst of 2021 - Word of the Year that I heard and Hated - "White Fragility"!!??


This term, coined by a leftist, psychotic, who's never had a job in her life; is a disgraceful piece of bigoted hate; but hey man, that honky chick is just so hip!  

In fact, this cracker has tenure at Westfield State yooni!  That upper echelon of the educational establishment!  What?

To sum up her third rate credentials & arguments:

1) It's whitey's fault (You have "White Fragility")
2) You have NO right to put up a counter argument; you're wrong, even if you're right.
3) If you insist, please see (1)!

Literally, this is her thesis!  I am not making this up.

But lets look at this in a reverse way:

1) It's the Blackman's fault for his condition - NOT slavery, discrimination, the KKK, etc, etc.
2) But if he argues, that some of his condition (up to the 1950s), was due to the above.
3) And he insists that part of this is true *
4) See (1)

* Not the broken family unit in the Black society, not the Rap culture, not the "to get on with life is a White thing to do", not the crime, etc.

I utterly detest these people!  They claim that there is so much hate aimed by white people at Blacks in America (that has resulted in their condition), yet then do the EXACT SAME THING in their arguments against the White population; and equally never put up any type of solution, other than more hate.

Equally, they ignore the now close to 70 years of constructive dialogue that at times (since the Brown v Board of Education decision in 1954), has been both eventful, and not so successful - But at least there has been huge attempts at looking at their plight & trying to solve it.

Finally, they ignore not only the arguments in * (above), but all the other ethnic minorities who have got on in life highly successfully (The Asian population in America, who on average, are the wealthiest part of the country); and who are NOT black.