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Wednesday 20 December 2023

The Scottish Nationalist Party (SNP)and their (future) immigration policy on refugees are a complete and total disaster.

Take a look at this thing named Kirsty Blackman. She's absolutely shocking once again, a career politician, never a real job in her fucking life, and then straight into politics after she had got out of university - she also happens to be a complete, and UTTER, third-rate whack job.

I say she is shocking again, as a few years ago, this Nazi actually wanted to forbid Donald Trump from entering the UK!

Honestly!  Look at her, LOOK AT HER!  She is a complete, fucking idiot!

She was actually on a show recently,  where she's openly said that she favoured unlimited, uncontrolled, immigration to Scotland!

This is a fact!  She's an idiot; a complete fucking nutjob! 

There's so many reasons to disagree with her, you almost cannot make this up. But she at least shows you what a complete fucking moron she is. 

I always have wanted to know, just how that would in reality work; this type of immigration "plan"?  Would everyone, presumably, just hop on the next Ryanair or Third World Airline, equipped with as many bags as possible, and literally just "show up" in the waiting arms of the SNP?  Because it seems to me after what this lunatic said this last week, that is EXACTLY what they mean, and would inevitably happen!

Honestly, would it be a hundred or a thousand a day, pouring into both Glasgow and Edinburgh airports, presumably applying to stay, as in they wouldn't even need to fill-out their bogus asylum applications, or even pretend to be a "refugee"? 

This leads us to this person below; my Lord(!), there seems to be a never-ending amount of these parasites, just itching to get in where the white man is the majority, aren't there?

She's a filthy Third World mooch. She's not a refugee in any way, shape or form, is she? 

Well, she can fuck herself and go back to the first port of call. She came from Africa, went through Italy, where she's meant to claim that she is refugee. But even then, she should actually have done this in the nearest country in Africa!

Sorry, you cannot say where you want to be a refugee at. She then came over the Mediterranean, and went all the way through Europe, then came over on another boat to the UK.  And now, she wants to bring the rest of her family over here. The fucking pig.

Ah, but according to this rag of an article, by the filth in the MSM, she's "desperate".  They can fuck themselves as well!

She's apparently a devout church goer in the south of Glasgow, in the Gorbals.  Take a look at these utter nutjobs!, and in particular, their leaders!  Is it any wonder that no one goes to the Christian, liberal churches anymore!

What is deeply offensive, is the one idiot who actually has the audacity to be wearing a head covering!  Yeah, she's down there with it; down for the struggle!

No doubt Christ is actually rolling in his grave looking at these pieces of shit. Do they have any idea about the world and that their beliefs run contrary to normal people, at the same time, not knowing just how damaging, fundamentalist Islam IS?


Friday 1 December 2023

Cultural Appropriations - The Saxophone - Played by minorities, invented by a Honky!


That's right, take a look at the honky above, this cracker is the whitey who invented the saxophone, that WELL known African American jazz instrument!  

Hello, please tell me y'all knew that!  Please do tell. . .

We say this, because as of right now, Nigel Farage, his greatness, is actually stuck in the jungle in Australia, taking part in ITV's, I'm a Celebrity, Get me Out of Here

And has been in debates the last week about "cultural appropriation", that seems to be, if a white man invents ANYTHING, the entire world is allowed to use it! - I have NO problem whatsoever with that.

BUT, if it is the other way around, then whitey is NOT allowed to use it.

As part Hispanic, if you wish to do anything "Hispanic", go right ahead!  It then proves, that "us people" are valued and have "made it"!

And that brings us back to Exhibit A, Sax's instrument, that I've never really cared for, with the exception of two songs:

1) Moving in Stereo, The Cars, 1978 - The ending is sensational, with a sax lead, played by Greg Hawks.

2) Maneater, Hall and Oates, 1982 - Both the intro and rest of the song, is one of the ONLY times I've felt the Sax was used properly.

And that returns us back to the Saxophone.

It appears, to have never really taken off in classical music, perhaps the first and best known piece when the sax was actually used, was Rossini's "Robert Bruce"; what a coincidence, as I presently reside in Scotland and am classified as a "new Scot"!

Later, after it was not gaining too much favour in the classical music world, Wikipedia states:

While the saxophone remained marginal and regarded mainly as a novelty instrument in the classical music world, many new musical niches were established for it during the early decades of the twentieth century.

Its early use in vaudeville and ragtime bands around the turn of the century laid the groundwork for its use in dance orchestras and eventually jazz.

So this beggars the question, why are these Jazzmen still allowed to use it?


Saturday 21 October 2023

Why does the Left hate Jews / Israel? They always have, haven't they?

Topol, from Fiddler on the Roof, 1971

When I was a mere tot, I remember being shown the above movie in my elementary school about the pogroms against Jews in early 20th Century Russia, started by the old Russian Tsars, under their Pale of Settlement programs. 

These were continued by the Soviets, in particular, Joseph Stalin, under his Anti-Cosmopolitan campaign.

Equally, before this, there was of course some mad Austrian National Socialist in Germany after World War I, who also had his anti-Jew viewpoints and took them to radical extremes.

Again, a radical leftist, who hated Jews.

In addition, in recent years in the UK, there was the particularly ever-disgusting Jeremy Corbyn (above) of the UK Labour party, who had a disastrous routing by the hands of the Conservative Party in the UK in their most recent UK wide election for their parliament, in 2019.  Part of the reason, was Corbyn was one of the most, left-of-centre, socialist bigots, that the Labour Party had ever had as their leader. 

It was fascinating that he was just so bad, that he got suspended by his very own Labour Party in 2020!

Naturally, in my opinion, he was given a pass by the leftist UK MSM, in particular, the BBC.  Don't start me on them!  But I've started. . .

But this anti-Jew, leftist thing continues to this day, as the BBC openly refused to refer to Hamas as a "terrorist" organisation!  Unbelievable!  This is so bad, that the Israeli President, Isaac Herzog, has actually called them out, and threatened to ban them from broadcasting in Israel!

Again, another radical, leftist group / organisation, who simply hates Jews!


In my opinion, it's the same reason for all of Leftist theology; that being one of hate, envy and spite, particularly against ANYONE who is either of a pale complexion or, who is or has become successful!  And believe me, compared to their horrible, poor neighbours, Israel is minted.

In their completely twisted, evil mindset, if you're a "honky" with some type of white'ish skin, you are automatically an oppressor, and the darker skins around you, are automatically the oppressed.

These oppressed, of course, must need the help of the great white leftist, and hence the socialist will automatically side with them - even if they (the oppressed) are a group of murdering, terrorist bastards like Hamas!

I'll look more into this type of mindset, later in the month as my "philosophy" post for this month (now that I'm trying to blog more).



Sunday 17 September 2023

I admire social commentators, as it takes up your life - First post for some time; I've been busy - Whacko for this Month

The situation in the Western World is now, simply so awful, that I pray that the Chinese take us over, and put ourselves out of our collective misery!

Just when you think things are bad, they get worse.

But just who ARE these wackjobs?  

I'll show you and it's why I've decided to not only have this specific post, but also to start posting much more regularly.

In this case, it is ALL dishonest wokedom, and they are literally crazy.

The first example, shows that it's only Blacks in the UK who are rich!  That's right and it comes from the good, ole, BBC:

This is always just so interesting to me, because at the same time as showing this shit, the MSM always are telling me just how oppressed minorities are?  WTF?

Part two (courtesy of an MSN search) is also very interesting, as it seems that the "experts" at getting promotions nowadays at work, just happen to be black females?  What?

Really?  Yet another contradiction, as once again, it is the same MSM who are always telling me that BMEs and in particular, female BMEs, simply can't get ahead in this evil, male-honkey dominated world?!  Then they show this after a search.

The final point (above) from the once, great website -, concerns itself with black joggers?  Really?  I say "once, great" as a disgusting, woke, evil MNC has taken them over (Under Armour) and they've now gone completely insane!

This, once again, seems to be at odds with the fact, that blacks in the UK simply do NOT run or enter races here.  A simple web search proves this.

I'm sick of this type of propaganda.  As it is not only false, but just SO patronising; to both BMEs and the non-BME communities.


* BME =  Black and Minority Ethnic: used to refer to people in the UK who don't feel White.

Wednesday 21 June 2023

Another Parliament fight! Is this now, the only way to settle things in the West? Take Jordan for example

The more and more the West becomes completely and utterly ungovernable and ludicrous over wokeness, corruption, and a host of non-issues; I eagerly await a "hard-man" takeover that can ONLY be better than our present form of democracy.

And who knows, maybe a good scrap in a parliament is now the only way to settle things.  Japan seems to have a history of this (below) from earlier this month, when certain people could not accept the signing of new immigration laws. 

But this latest one, follows on from a "battle royal" in 2015!  I just LOVE the Jalen Hurts over the top play, by the lady in the green blouse!  Speaking about the Eagles, apparently some people want this play banned!

When I was young, I tend to remember an advert on TV,  where the leaders of the USSR and the USA would settle things, not with nuclear warheads, but by fists in a boxing ring.  Who knows, maybe they were onto something. 

I thought the commercial was naïve, but then again, parliament fights have been de rigour for some time now.  One of my faves being a a doozy from Jordan only two years ago.

This one was over women's rights in Jordan!  Wow, and I thought Arab / Islamic governments were just so liberal?

The fracas unfolded as lawmakers were preparing to debate a change to the constitution to address Jordanian citizens in both the feminine and masculine tense. Jordanian women currently enjoy equal rights with respect to their entitlement to health care, education, political participation and employment, but are not afforded the same rights when it comes to nationality and citizenship as men.

But wait, apparently Jordan has a history of this type of democracy, as in 2013, someone actually fired an AK47 in their parliament during a "debate"!

I am not saying this is an ideal way of discussing things, but the point of this post, is that the elites / governments are now just SO out of touch with us commoners, that at times, it seems that to debate things, that a level of violence is almost needed to get things done.


Wednesday 14 June 2023

Part 2 - Nuclear and Germany; some solutions


One of the thing that we try to do at this blog, is to offer solutions, and lo and behold, it is nuclear, that is EASILY the most readily available solution to the mythical Climate Change solution.

And on this, I actually agree with Oliver Stone, whose new movie, Nuclear Now, is a solid attempt at trying to convince the idiots in this world, primarily on the Left, that you can not STILL lump nuclear power & nuclear weapons together!  Right On!  For more information, please listen to his podcast here.

In addition, the propaganda about nuclear waste is also something that can put people off, but please go here, to hear basic facts on this from the great, Sabine Hossenfelder; i.e, the waste problem has been overstated, the vast quantity of "waste" from a nuclear reactor is of a very low level in radiation, and the amount of it, is actually quite small, on a global scale. 

Ah, but let's not let facts get into the equation . . .

This also brings up the fact that recently Germany have finally closed the last of its final three nuclear plants; simply insane!  

I always thought this to be quite odd, considering many of the countries around Deutschland are still using (no doubt, not as modern) nuclear plants themselves.  So I guess the geniuses who see nuclear as the bogeyman, think that when one of these foreign plants melt down, it won't affect them in Germany?  Really?  

Equally, though I'm not sure, some (or at least some) of this power is pumped back to Germany for their use!  So the hypocrisy knows no end!

And you may also have heard that while we are having this closure of their plants, they have actually opened up old coal power plants, in order to get through the crisis of not having enough gas from Russia!  I'm not kidding!

These policies will ONLY be counter-productive to not only Germany but the entire Green movement and Green Party, as the majority of the population will see the insanity of it.  

And this naturally, has already happened, as the AFD (a "right-wing" party) are now more popular than the existing government's party.

As of last week, the AFD are now on 20% support, which is second only to the largest opposition party, the CDU, but is even MORE than the ruling parties support of 19% for the SPD.


There should be an immediate election!  And an immediate reopening of these 3 plants, but also as many as possible, new nuclear plants being opened.

Monday 5 June 2023

Part 1 - German Wackjobs! - No oil / gas heating from January 2024!

You only have to look at him, to know that he's yet another leftist puke, with never a real job in his life, but at present Robert Habeck is Vice-Chancellor of Germany!

He looks a psychotic, and he is.

Honestly, for 10 years, between doing fuck all as an academic and his present foray into politics, he was writing / reviewing poetry books!  I am not making that up!

Can't we do any better nowadays?  

It seems the world over, from New Zealand and their awful neo-dictator, horse-mouth buffoon Lady Jacinda, to the Big Guy Joe Biden; why do the leftists select such complete fools?

And this utter tool continues this idiocrasy.  Try to translate the below link, as Germans will have to rush out and buy the latest gas heating technology,  before they are banned next year from being sold.

As I have always said, THEY voted for this fucking idiot from the German Green party.

And now an update! (below); apparently the very voters who selected the present lunatics in Germany, are now having buyer's remorse:

Well, I think it's a bit too late for that, because even if they have an election in the future, the ban will still be in place.

This has not only been barely mentioned by our great, unbiased British media, but it also completely ignores the elephant in the room, that being nuclear power.

If you can find it, it's on Netflix I believe, please try to have a look at Nuclear Now, an excellent film by none other than that radical, right-winger, Oliver Stone!

In it, he puts a completely logical, coherent voice for increasing nuclear power asap.  Please go here to see an interview with Stone on Joe Rogan's show; his main point being, that the great, unwashed public STILL confuse nuclear power with nuclear weapons, I despair!

Interesting, that even Saint Greta von Sweden has also noted a muted support for nuclear, as an alternative to the effing clowns in Germany who chose to close the last nuclear plants in Deutschland, get this, in order to open up new coal mines!

Part 2 later this week.  Where we look at the nuclear option, basic facts about it, and about the new micro plants that are being built, and what this means to the people of Germany, who now may miss their CO2 emission targets.


Tuesday 23 May 2023

ULEZ (Low Emission Zone) in Glasgow - You can't make this up!

First of all, I've always just LOVED the name.  The irony to the woke, leftist Fascists is probably missed, but then again maybe it's just them preaching again?  Who knows.

But what I do know, is that the simply awful, woke, radical leftist folk who run Glasgow District Council, are hell bent on bringing SaDICK Khan's system here as well, even though it could actually be illegal!

And no doubt it will be a disaster.

But as ALWAYS with the Do-Gooders, and specifically the Left, there are unintended consequences.

Please see below, where a vital charity, All2gethernow, that actually does basic, decent work for the homeless each day, will now NOT be able to travel to the city centre of Glasgow, in order to feed people!

You can't make this shite up, but then again, as with just so many of these types of whacko initiatives -   the public be damned!  

For a laugh, as to just how bad Glasgow and Scotland are at present, PLEASE read some of the comments!  Class!

For those of you interested, there's a Just Giving page, where so far they've raised nearly 8,000 of their £10,000 goal.

Or if you wish to see what they do, their Facebook page is below:

and for more info on this scandal, please see below:

I would fully expect a climbdown by our utterly useless city government, with some sort of exemption status or extension given to charities; but then again, with Glasgow, I'm not so sure.


Tuesday 2 May 2023

Part 3 - It pays to be a Minority - Models nowadays - Simply Incredible!

I had recent visit to a Primark here in Glasgow; what a revelation.  I had always assumed that Glasgow was almost an entirely white city; boy was I wrong!  EVERY effing photo (above, below) there to advertise their goods was filled with black people!?  EVERY one that I could see!  I am not lying. Maybe, if I could actually get an appointment, I should go see my GP and have my eyes tested! 

This is particularly strange, as at the last census in 2011, only 0.68% of people in Scotland were black.  Absolutely amazing!

Hey, I'm also a sports and tennis fan, so whilst the latest Madrid Masters tennis tournament is happening just now and is on the television, I decided to see if this latest piece of blatant discrimination against honkey is confined only to us bigots here on these islands?  Actually, no.

I looked at various Madrid modelling websites, and was flabbergasted by the fact, that Spain also must be a black country!  The above is from Unomodels, I'm not making this up, and as you can see, Spain must've moved to the African continent?  Ah, my geography class was just SO wrong.

I tried several other modelling agencies there in Madrid, and the others were every bit as bad.  This is also in the various magazine racks at Sainsburys or Tesco's and is simply another piece of blatant and obvious racial discrimination against cracker.

So. . . ; I decided to try an experiment, and see what the models look like, for example, in a black country, say, Nigeria.

I did this, and guess what, the models there are from the majority of the population, ie, they're black! 

The above very basic search showed me that the powers that be in Lagos, Nigeria, are quite proud of what the majority of the population look like, and are simply NOT pandering to wokeness / PC by showing white models; good on them!

My God, why can't we behave the same here in the West.

We'll hang ourselves with the rope that we made.


Tuesday 18 April 2023

Potholes in the UK, another local government failure. Perhaps Arnold has a solution?

My Lord, look at the size of the damn thing!  Who knows, maybe it will find its way onto Google Maps as a new loch in Scotland!?

Oh, btw, Glasgow Scotland, being run by a radical group of socialists, had over 15,000 reported potholes in 2022 alone.  

That equates to about 400 every single effing day!  

Simply unbelievable.

But like all good leftists, instead of looking for a thing called a solution, they think of excuses OR, take it with a degree of humour.  In this case, it is almost a new industry, filed under the Comedy sub-section.

There is even a Facebook group called "Potholes make Glasgow", a piss take on Glasgow's slogan of "People make Glasgow".

But, perhaps Mr Schwarzenegger has a point, see below:

That's right, he decided to be a non-lazy Leftist and return to his Libertarian / Conservative, hard-working roots (he can handle a shovel no problem!) and repair the fucking thing himself.

Please go to the link, and his previous Twitter posting, that shows him repairing it before the local LA government blatantly lied, by saying that they had purposefully left the pothole there, as they were coming later to repair it!  

Lying POSs, as the above link proves.

Why can't we outsource every bit of local government?


Monday 10 April 2023

So Easter is now Christmas Part 2? What a horrid, awful lot we are!


I first must say, is that I'm not a fundamentalist (whatever that means?).  I've always been on a more "higher" church ground, though I have attended the full spectrum of Christendom in my life; and even went to a Presbyterian service on Easter Day.

But you would have had to have been living under a rock NOT have noticed the barrage of "Easter" ads, with little to NO relevance to its original message, and it is my opinion that "they" (along with an ignorant, moronic, gullible general public!) are trying to once again, turn this religious holiday into a disgusting, shallow secular festivity - it makes my blood boil

I have noticed in my life though, particularly when I travelled to Europe, that when it is Easter "season" there, a "celebration" about Easter could involve an Easter "tree".  But it is different.  It seemed that the people and their trees definitely knew the true sense of Easter; and that having a tree or bush (many times self-produced with twigs, etc) had little to do with commercialism.  OTOH, the disgusting, pagan UK public have now seized on this.

I predict that in the coming years, it will be mandatory to have an "Easter Tree", no doubt with presents and not just dreadfully sweet chocolate or cute little Easter bunnies underneath.  I could vomit!

It further illustrates the great British public's ignorance, that I saw one of these simply awful daytime talk shows, where they had to explain that:

Eggs – About fertility

Rabbits – the same

Tulips – Seasonal flowers, arriving near Easter time

Hot Cross buns – Christian bread

all had a Christian theme to them, that involved new life as in Jesus rising from the dead. 


It would be fun, to actually ask the hicks in the UK if they knew that already?  My feeling is that very few of them would actually know these basic facts.

I hear some of you saying, oh, but it's harmless.  Yes, it is, but it is once again a death by a thousand cuts attack on a culture that has stood the test of time for nearly 2,000 years. Surely, there are other things that they should attack before basic Christian tenets.  As again, it is an easy way out to do this.  That is cheap, commercial, tacky, vain, selfish – horrid!

What is even more atrocious, if that can actually occur, is the sheer ridiculousness of “celebrities” with rabbit ears on!

I leave you to either gawk over, or feel incredibly sorry for Heidi Klum (above).

She looks terrible!


Friday 31 March 2023

Part 2 - It pays to be a "minority" in the UK - British Advertisements on TV - They're a laugh!

I've noticed this for a LONG time, probably the last 5 years, when I started to again watch British TV.

I at times subscribe to another YouTuber, who recently had something on this, and came to the figure that blacks are in 94% of UK TV adverts!  

Think of that for a minute!  Blacks are at most, 4% of the UK population, but are in 94% of our bloody adverts (Brit Speak for "TV commercials")!  

94%!!!!!  WTF!

In fact, they are simply EVERYWHERE!  For ANY product, ANY TV series, ANY service, no matter the popularity or size of the market.

Hell, if you advertise hamster food nowadays in the United Kingdom, you simply MUST have a brother or sister in your advert!  And I am not lying.  Please see below for some simply, laughable examples:

Ah, the Post Office and private health care providers; just where SO many blacks also shop!

The above is preposterous, as the level  of self-published Blacks is extremely low!

And this is the classic case, perhaps the MOST classic case of Virtual Signalling by the radical, leftist, Guardian reading, UK establishment, to feel guilt free.

But PLEASE tell me, how does this actually assists or helps the, at times, dreadful state of Black Britain?

Will it stop the black on black crime or knife murders in London; where quote:

The figures showed that 13% of murder suspects were black compared to 3% of the population of the United Kingdom (as of the 2010s), and in London 48% of murder suspects compared to 13% of the population.?  

Fuck no!

Will it help the wealth gap shrink between Black and Non-black Brits?  No.

This is maddening and should be IMMEDIATELY investigated by not only our "Conservative" government, but also the Equality & Human Rights Commission, as well as by the Advertising Standards Authority.

I give up.



Thursday 16 March 2023

Part 1 - It does indeed, pay to be a "minority"! Woke / Multi-"Cultural" Art in Scotland - What a Racket!

 *** Vomit Inducting Alert *** 

Have you ever wondered, why it seems to me (and to any thinking person), why EVERYONE and their dog seems to be either identifying as a "minority" (Ed; whatever that means?), or are bragging about their "miniority'ness".

It's a simple fact, isn't it.

So obviously I've missed something here; in that we don't have downtrodden "minorities", but that it actually is a blessing to BE one; isn't it?

I prefer to call this "Minority Rule", and that is EXACTLY what is going on now.  You know that, as well as I do.

The below links are quite simply nauseating, as it involves a "race artist" who whilst born in Scotland, simply doesn't care about this country who took her parents in, and in a bizarre way (and quite racist) identifies as Iraqi - no doubt a country she knows fuck-all about.   

And good God, she's made quite a racket out of duping stupid, Guardian reading liberals by the look of it, with her third rate, pre-Six Form "art".

Check these links out, I could start throwing things.


HANEEN HADIY - Bing images

Meet the team-Document Scotland

Haneen Hadiy - Dewar Awards

Hey, with the below link, she even does movies!


And in the below link, she rather disgustingly dons the Hijab.  BTW, please read the utter tosh that she writes in it as well; it's a fucking embarrassment.


Hahnemühle Student Award: nominees announced - Photo London

Hey, we're a Libertarian, and if these stupid honkies wish to spend their money on an ungrateful, talentless bigot, with little if any ideas or artisticness; let them!  

That's not the point.  Many of this is actually public money, given (according to her) to foreigners at the expense of native (predominantly white male) talent. And we both know, NOTHING will ever become of this filthy bigot, wee Haneen, will there. 

But it merely confirms my point, that it simply is a fact, that in modern Britain and Scotland, it pays to be a minority.

Part 2 will follow soon, with a look at all the "fake" minorities that we have these days.