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Tuesday 23 April 2024

Who are the Freaks - No Tech for Apartheid

It's interesting that there are just, so many different groups (NGOs, Non-Profits, etc) nowadays.  These radically left-wing groups, as well as their entities on social media, makes you wonder: who supports them, and just where do they get their financial backing?

The above is one of them, and its very interesting to look at their website!   It's a troop of leftist freaks and supporters (see below).


I didn't think it was possible to be endorsed (presumably financed by) by THIS many whack jobs!?

So, this is the start of a new theme for this blog. Let's call it "Freaks of the Month" or for the week, if I find out that there is more than one group per month that merits being here. 

No Tech for Apartheid:

This particular group is very interesting, and at the same time,  also very cliched.  It is once again, a typical, highly middle class, privileged, and so precious a group of pukes, who not only run it and finance it, but also (presumably) take part in their demonstrations.

According to this ignorant group of anti-Semites:

As the Israeli Occupation Forces bombed homes,  clinics, and schools in Gaza and threatened to push Palestinian families from their homes in Jerusalem May 2021, Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud executives signed a $1.22 billion contract to provide cloud technology to the Israeli government and military. By doing business with Israeli apartheid, Amazon and Google will make it easier for the Israeli government to surveil Palestinians and force them off their land.

Surveil?  They use it a lot (see below)

NTFA gained a pathetic notoriety last week, when a group of them took over sections of Google's Sunnyvale, California offices.

This resulted in several dozen being terminated.  Bravo!

But, subsequently, thank God!, many of these "warriors", including in the link below wee Emaan Haseem (ah, bless her and her outrageously, arrogant look)

were also fired today due to the above demonstrations.  It takes the toll to about 50.  50 less pieces of shit in the corporate world.  

Who knows, maybe sanity is finally returning to Big Business.  Perhaps a post-Woke world is amongst us . . . at last!

On their site, it is still possible to sign a petition to demand that Google disinvests from Israel.  And I have to report, that as of today, close to 100,000 lunatics have indeed signed up to the below (edited):

Dear Amazon and Google Executives Andy Jassy, Adam Selipsky, Sundar Pichai, and Thomas Kurian,

I’m writing to you with urgency and in solidarity with the hundreds of Amazon and Google workers bravely calling for Google and Amazon to immediately cancel your $1.2 billion contract for Project Nimbus and stop doing business with the Israeli apartheid government and military, . . .

In addition and "naturally", they are down for the struggle against BME / BIPOC oppression, with this:

Amazon helps power ICE’s deportation-detention machine, and partners with over 2,000 U.S. police departments to surveil and criminalize Black and brown communities through its doorbell camera Ring. 

As always, they somehow link Gaza / Israel to Black Lives Matter?  A combination that any sane person would think was crazy; but don't these groups always do this?

They then try to make this personal by having several students from Gaza, presumably the University of Gaza, give personal statements:

That's right, the University of Gaza, based in Gaza City; which happens to have its very own Sharia Law department!

You can't make it up.