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Sunday 26 June 2022

This week - Ukraine, part of the EU? Really? They've just banned opposition parties!

Ah, so we want Ukraine to be part of the EU now; really?

So much so, that we even invited Zelensky to speak to the hoards of leftist vegans at the Glastonbury Festival this weekend; but unknownst to this collection, of ignorant millennials, him and his cronies have finalised their banning of 11 political parties in Ukraine.

And not only that, they've seized their assets as well!   I quote:

In addition to legally banning the party’s activities, the court also stated that the party’s property and assets will be confiscated by the State Treasury. 

What about the basic tenets that a country should follow in order to be part of this beloved (sic) organisation?  Look here:

The European Union's fundamental values are respect for human dignity and human rights, freedom, democracy, equality and the rule of law. 

I thought one of them was the basic right of political address and free speech?  Boy was I wrong!

And I bet that not only have you not heard about this from the MSM, but also, if you were to point this out, you would no doubt be called a Fascist, Putin-Lover, et al.

I despair again, and could vomit!


Thursday 23 June 2022

This Week - In Espana, will be back, but what is it about trashy footballers & their cars?


More English footballers in the news the last week, for having some car problems!

Yes, it seems that this just so intelligent athletes, just can not either have their "motor" licensed, insured, or what ever, but the problem, is the wrist slapping that they recieve.

Take this for instance.

All this double-barrelled surname got, was a 1,500 quid fine!  Unbelievable.

You only have to troll the internet, and find more of this utter scumbags to find that they are laughing at us.


This reminds me of what happens in Germany, when these types of offences are committed, believe me it IS different.

Please go here!  Correct, they fined him almost HALF A FUCKING MILLION EUROS!

As this fucking idiot said; 

"Bild" reported that Reus did attend driving lessons when he turned 18 but never completed a driving test. Instead, he apparently took to the streets without a valid license. "I decided, back then, to go down this path," he told the newspaper. "I can't really understand the reasons myself, in hindsight."

The Reason? The fines are based on the amount that the perp earns.  In this case, his club fought like hell, not to divulge just how much Marco actually made, until the judge ordered them to.

Why can't we bring this in here into the UK?


Friday 17 June 2022

Scottish National Party supporters - Responses to Idiots - I despair


A recent Facebook discussion, just shows that there are no rational supporters of the SNP or for Scottish Independence.  It went something like this:

1) A sitting SNP MP wrote, that Brexit is the reason why we have expensive Petrol (They actually said this!)

Brexit, according to them, caused the exchange rate of the pound to dollar to fall, thus resulting in oil / gas being more expensive to import.  And they actually had the dishonest nerve, to talk about the $2.00 exchange rate in 2008!????   Implying that before Brexit,  this was the rate of exchange!

2) I wrote, with a link here, that this is utter bullshit.  That the rate of the pound v dollar, has stayed in the range of $1.25 - $1.40 since 2016/17, 3 YEARS BEFORE BREXIT! 

3) Then, there was a pile on, with one moron, talking about Balance of Payments, Trade, etc, in an effort to sound intelligent - NOTHING WHATSOEVER to do with the exchange rate!  

Isn't that interesting, these geniuses did not have a clue about the actual Exchange Rates of the last several years, but you know, who cares?!  But this MP's argument was ONLY about the Exchange Rate!

4) I naturally responded that I too, have an Honours Degree in Economics, but "who cares" if I do.  A 5 year old could look up the rate of exchange at the time of Brexit, and come to the conclusion that our current Rate of Exchange is more or less, the same!

As with all cases in a Facebook "debate", I chose to only have one rebuttal, as the old adage, that the more you argue with idiots, the more you sound like one.

If I wanted to say more, I would have said something to this effect:

The price of petrol has NOTHING to do with either the exchange rate or Brexit; what part don’t you understand?  Currently, there is a worldwide increase in petrol prices, America, Germany, everywhere is suffering from this, unless you’re implying that Brexit caused this as well?  If so, that is borderline psychotic thinking. 


Thursday 16 June 2022

Firebombing Pro-Life clinics & Abortion Laws - They should be local, and left to the States

That's right, they (somebody) are firebombing / torching Pro-Life buildings, with not a hint on this from the MSM.

In total, it's about two dozen so far, with again, scant attention being paid to this, by the MSM.

Whether it is because they don’t give a toss, or whether it is an obvious attempt to not let people know about this, remains to be seen, but the fact is, is that if this was an archetypal “Right Winger”, this would be in the news cycle 24/7 for an eternity.

On another point, as any day now, the Supremes will make their decision on Roe v Wade, and the betting is that this will throw this back to the States.  I say hurray, as it was ALWAYS the separate states who in the past had varying legislation on this topic. 

A few years ago, whilst in the once-again, great state of Virginia (after the last state elections!), I was horrified to have to shop for my liquor, in a government run store.  It was something like queuing for bread in the old Soviet Union.  The racks were bare, there was minimal advertising, and there existed a general air of blandness and lack of empathy for the customer. 

These ABC stores exist in a multitude of states, and were abhorrent to my childhood in a state where this type of thing did NOT exist. 

But that's the point; if I didn't like this, I could move / live in another state that is nearby - voting with my feet.

And this is how it is, and should be.  Many different things are legal / illegal in various states; with those states having their own traditions, cultures and products, that are controlled by their respective state governments.  Growing up in a "purple" state, where gambling and prostitution were legal, I naturally wouldn't agree with Virginia and the other states who control the alcohol of their residents, but at the same time, in a best / worst case, I would NEVER wish for the federal lunatics to do it!

The same for abortion. 


Monday 13 June 2022

Week Ahead - Golf wokeness (today), and various


Did anyone see this report, about an alleged "victory" of a woman over men, in a golf tournament in Sweden (as part of the European Tour (DP Tour).

To be blunt, this is simply NOT what happened, but of course the MSM were going out of their way to celebrate the fact.

It took me just a few minutes to find out what in reality actually occurred, by way of a post from New Zealand! 

Yes, it was a golf tournament, with both men and women competing, but with a few, very important differences:

1) It was a handicapped event!  They DID NOT PLAY THE SAME FUCKING GOLF COURSE!

The course that was  played, was hundreds, if not a few thousand yards SHORTER for the women to play!

Again, via the above CBS report, there was no mention of this!

2) Only the female winner, actually was close!

The other female participants were NOWHERE near to the eventual winner.  This is despite the fact that the course they played (from Women's Tees) was very much shorter.  

In addition, the eventual "winner", Linn Grant, was not only Swedish, but also very familiar with the course itself.

The fact that the course was much shorter for her (ie, the men would have destroyed her if they used the Women's Tees!), was lost on her, as she said later:

“I just hope people recognise women's golf more now, . . . that more sponsors go to the LET (Ladies European Tour) than to the men's tour, and hopefully this pumps up the women's game a little bit more.''

I despair!

More this week on many topics, keep the faith.


Thursday 9 June 2022

The EU - 2 things this week that should worry you!

Please go here to see the first one, what an amazing short-sighted law.

You say, hey Recht, that will stop Apple, won't it!  Yes, it will; from innovating, from spending ANY money on something new or interesting, as now, if all of its competitors don't have the same pieces of kit, they can get the good ole EU to ban it.  Right?

But let's take this to another level.  If in the future when everything has to be standardised, who actually agrees to what is the standard? 

Say for example, Apple and Microsoft, as they are the big players, basically think that Apple's Lightning charger (which is what this law is aimed at), decide that Lightning is the new standard, and that USB-C or USB-D (presumably) are inferior; who makes this decision? 

And if this decision is taken, surely we will ALL have to shell out for a new & very expensive Lightning connector -  This could and probably WILL happen.

Be careful what you wish for . . .

On another Euro thing, and one that has probably NOT been reported on (Hat Tip to the great, Mahyar Tousi from England), there will possibly be a Vote of Confidence (not another for Boris Johnson!) on the present President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, who has held this post since 2019.

Apparently, the Belgium born Kraut, has been a bad girl, and the apparatchiks in Brussels who wish for an even more European super state, want her "raus"!

It appears that, with her assistance, a huge amount of Geld was sent to Poland, despite the Poles not completely playing ball with the EC and some of its laws / rules; with one of the three signatories to the vote, being the despicable former Belgian Prime Minister, Guy Verhofstadt.(above).  

Another revolting pos lawyer, who for the last 40 years, has never really had a job, and is to the left of Chairman Mao.

This will certainly be interesting on just who votes For and Against.

Stay tuned.


Wednesday 8 June 2022

Back this week, and Wee Nicky was in America just before I was there! Can't make it up! Scotland's far-left government is horrible!

After surgeries, holidays and recuperation, think I can finally start to blog a little bit more, and lo and behold, our beloved leader of Scotland, Wee Nicky (Nicola Sturgeon) had left the country!  Again!

There she was in Washington D.C., pretending to be of significance, while making a fool of herself - apologies for the foto, it's nauseating!

This wonderful piece of "insight" and intelligence (sic), was at the Brookings Institute, a far-left, borderline authoritarian "think-tank", of little if any significance.  

But she had her junket.  Disgusting!

Why do these people do this?  Because they can!  They are utterly out of touch, that while her government has been completely corrupt on SO many facets, the recent one being shipping contracts being given to her SNP cronies, that has received little if any media coverage.

These scandals are:

1) The Prestwick Airport affair, where after spending money like water and taking it over for a pound, her government had to concede that they didn't know what they were doing; and a few years later, the unwanted airport, was on sale again!

Though I can not find the exact figures as to how much of the taxpayer's money was spent here, I have heard or read before, that it was at least £100,000,000, but cannot state that exactly.

BTW, if you've ever been to Prestwick or want to go from there, please be advised that it's a toilet, with very little choice of departures (almost all go to Spain), and with every Ned in the world in residence herein - a filthy, drunken, dump!

2) The Passenger Ship
scandal, which is still occurring, where her disgusting government handed out these contracts to a lackie of the SNP (Scottish Nationalist Party), under a cover of secrecy.  The ships are 5 years behind schedule, and MYSTERIOUSLY, the documents that noted just WHO gave the order to do this, have apparently disappeared.

As the BBC says (as of March 23 2022), "
The cost of the work has risen to about £240m, more than double the original fixed price cost, and despite some controversial loans totalling £45m from the Scottish government the shipyard went bust in the summer of 2019."

In addition:

A recent report from Audit Scotland also found multiple failings - but said one key mistake was the government's awarding of the contract to Ferguson, against the advice of CMAL, despite it being unable to provide normal refund guarantees should something go wrong.

Laughable, shocking and corrupt!

3) The latest, concerning our nationalised railroad, Scottish Rail, who are a travesty now, with strikes galore, but Wee Nicky has ordered that there will be NO negotiations for the time being!?

Simply awful, but they will STILL be voted in, as they were in the recent local elections.

Moral of the Story:

Governments don't know an effing thing about the private sector, and should steer well clear of these type of grossly incompetent decisions.

More this week on:

* Random headlines (many local) that will make you furious!

* More "fun" with crime.

* Thoughts from my American voyage.

* And more!