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Saturday 31 July 2021

New Series - Wacko Websites - National Geographic!

Go here please, just to see how the once mighty have fallen.

Years ago they were the go to place for geography (which is just so passe' nowadays, isn't it?), anthropology, geology, et al; and I simply adored their folded maps inside every other issue.  Sensational.

Nowadays, they are a disgusting group of woke Nazis, pandering to a base that no doubt, does not exist and will most certainly affect them detrimentally (Ed; What a word!) in the future - good effing riddance.

It was only a year or so ago, where I finally decided to cancel my membership for good, and hope that every one of these m-effers will soon be on the dole, looking for jobs that they could actually do correctly (probably none!). 

This is from their most recent web page as of today, but a casual glance at this rag earlier today in my nearest supermarket, so that the cover referred to the "racism" of people, who happen to live in middle-class areas, where there are trees!  

I did not make that up.  Trees are racist, as the lower classes (who in their opinion are ALWAYS too poor to afford houses where there are trees), who are non-white, will have to contend with global warming without the benefit of trees, to cool down their respective abodes!  Hello something called "air conditioning" - or am I wrong here?

This is simply deluded!  Think of that and not only how it's demented, but just how so condescending it is! 

Couldn't these poor old working class people buy something called "trees" themselves and then actually "plant" them in their neighbourhoods?



Thursday 29 July 2021

It only works one Way - Part 2


Following up from the ridiculousness that I witnessed last week in the Oliver Bonas chain of shops, where you are only allowed to slag off men and "right wingers", but of course, they "don't do politics" - I'll tell you an anecdote, that is loosely based on people I've known in the past.

It would be my attempt to explain just why they are so intolerant, but at the same time, they think that they're "liberal" in their thoughts.

My story . . .

I once had a mate, who seemed to tick ALL the boxes.  They in turn passed as the epitome of the woke leftist, and later, have basically spent their entire life not in the private sector.  Whilst this is happening, they became more and more extreme in their opinions; as if they were a giant box-ticking exercise.

Them and their Ilk:

* Had an Arts Degree

* Entered the non-private sector

* Well thought of, they all loved the person

* Award winning; though not really experienced

* Admired, respected

* Towed the leftist line completely

* They had no dichotomy or difference of thought; ALL THE BOXES WERE TICKED

* et al, ad nauseum

They were quite young when this happened, but as they became older, they became, more and more intolerant.

My point, is it REALLY any wonder why they thought like this, and would think that if ANYONE had a different opinion, they were not only lunatics, but "far right!"?

Of course not.  And therein lies just why they act and think in this far, far left, PC, woke, manner.

This thinking and acting, simply DOES NOT APPLY TO ANY OF US PEASANTS!  Particularly those of us, who have spent our entire working lives in the private-sector.

You can then tell, if any of US, would ever apply to work with one of THEM, we would simply NEVER even receive a thought or interview from them.  Hence, their bigoted, one way of looking at things will continue and continue and continue into the future.

Hence them and their institutions, firms, etc, will ALWAYS stay the same and even become MORE leftist and strident.

It truly only does only work one way.


Monday 26 July 2021

Week Ahead - Various / West of Scotland - Hellhole


For the coming week, will continue to look at the various pieces of awfulness in the world; woke Nazis, inept leftist governments, wacko websites, and various pieces of commentary.

But to begin, we look at the total and complete ineptness of governmental functions in the West of Scotland where we reside.  Check out these articles about the undisciplined, socialist hoards that we have below.

I could easily solve this remnant behaviour of the 60s, where our entire society collapsed on a wave of irresponsibility (though the music rocked!), by having 5 minute trials and public whippings.

And naturally, this would all be outsourced (bless my Libertarian socks!) to YouTube, where for a fiver a shot (£5) or for £25 annually, all the righteous could watch these pieces of shit who are responsible for the parties & violencelitter, and fires; be whipped and flogged.

Who wouldn't enjoy it!


Saturday 24 July 2021

What do the leftist critics / people who don't like us say?

I was recently called a "delusional narcissistic" by some effing fool who was trying to argue with me about the climate change sham.

Why was I called this?  For the simple reason that I had referred to a website, Not a lot of People Know (outstanding by the way) that makes coherent, logical, counter-arguments to MANY of the MSM's prognostications about climate change. 

The actual words were:

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The Ambivalent PS2 Bloke

1 day ago

@Always Right  your account name is "Alwaya right" ... you're obviously a delusional narcissistic. You might want to change your name & attitude if you want intelligent people to engage in discussion with you. Now off you pop to rant at someone else. Bye now👋

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

As you can tell, he's a neurotic, poorly educated hick, full of hate and ignorance towards anyone with an independent brain.

If he would have liked to take part in the conversation, I would have told him that as a kid, I would collect rubbish / and other recyclables, as a way of making money and of cleaning up my home town.  

I would also like to tell him, that not only does he know little, if any thing on this whole climate change spiel, but also, that he never actually tried to rebut any of my arguments, but purely tried to attack me personally.

In addition, since we always want some kind of dialogue with these people, though I do realise that this is now simply impossible with them, as they are both deranged and have a great many paranoias that they simply MUST do something about - is that I was fully on-board the whole climate change thing, UNTIL I read a summary of that original report in the mid-2000s, where it was stated by the IPPC that China and India would be exempt from it!

Any one with a brain, would then tell you that this whole thing was political.  I then started to read up on it, from an opposing, scientific side, and realised it was a con, and had nothing to do with science.

I despair!   There is simply NO debate or common ground with these nuts. 


Thursday 22 July 2021

It only EVER works one way - Oliver Bonas

I was recently in our dreadful branch of Oliver Bonas here in Glasgow.  If you have not ever had the need to go into one of these - please don't.  They are the epitome of the PC retail outlet, for the middle-class, woke, 25+, female, who is stridently leftist, and genuflects on a daily basis to the Guardian.

What I loved about these group of effing hypocrites, was the woke, pro-female garbage aligning their shelfs - we're all equal!  We all love one another!  Everyone ELSE is a hater. BUT, they then have virulent, anti-male literature right next to it.

Fuck 'em!  What hypocritical POSs, and the irony of what they represent is simply lost on their pitiful IQs.  

As  usual, it only works one way.  Pathetic.


Wednesday 21 July 2021

A delve into UK culture . . . The English fight and fight and fight, ad nauseum

This was the Charleroi riots of 2000, during the 2000 European football championships. 

If memory serves me correct, I believe that a few hundred English fans "took on" several thousand cops . . .  and came out the winner!  Read that again, please.  They were outnumbered 10 to 1 and did NOT lose, besides fighting the opposing German fans.

As I wrote last week about the then, appalling behaviour of English fans in "storming" Wembley and taking other people's seats that they had not paid for - It's a sign of invincibility or I would prefer to call it, "unconquerability" - if that word even exists!

In addition, there were also the UEFA Cup Riots (or battle!) in 2000, that even has its own Wikipedia article; laid out as if it was a battle during World War I or II - Astounding!

But this simply ALWAYS happens with the British, or I would say, predominantly with the English, of all shapes, sizes and colours.  Look at this from earlier this week.  Where a mixed lot of combatants, tore into one another.  Tally Ho!

But also, this is earlier this year, in the same delightful English town of Luton.

I would ask, if this happens in a single country, anywhere else in the world?  

My "cure" for  this is very simple, and will come to that later in the week.


Tuesday 20 July 2021

The Week Ahead - So much to write about . . .


We finally have "Freedom Day", 19 July, here in the UK and even in Scotland (even with a fascist government), though how long this is to remain is another question?

You know as well as I, that they are itching to bring the lockdown back; the scum in the MSM have invested in this heavily the last few weeks.  In particular, there is a new "reporter" POS for the Beeb who simply thinks the world of himself, and criticizes literally EVERYTHING that the "conservative" government tries - his name escapes me, but in the future we will be starting a new column here, about individual members of the media, whom I detest!

Please remember that this piece of garbage, along with the other MSM are the ones who said that it would be a disaster to ever leave Europe, and subsequently will not even say a single word about the success of the UK's vaccination program, which I believe was the best for ANY civilised country on Earth, but I digress. 

This week, will include more comments on the "crisis", look at the wayward Economist magazine, and look at certain pieces of economics, including the upcoming Olympics in Japan - that'll be something!


Sunday 18 July 2021

Mea Culpa - I'm a foreigner, should we all just eff off from Blighty for Good?

Enoch Powell was a hated figure by the mainstream media all those years ago in the 1960s, who eventually in the mid-80s lost his seat in Northern Ireland and drifted away from British life.  He also happened to be a genius, fluent in numerous languages, both European AND from abroad.  Naturally, the press will NEVER tell you this.

He was "notorious", at least according to the filthy MSM, for his Rivers of Blood speech in the 60s, that was condemned by the liberal elites, but was adored overwhelmingly by the general public. 

And we all know, he no doubt was correct, as years later, the doors were more or less closed to many potential Commonwealth entries.

He naturally had a point, in this case, his speech was specifically aimed at potential discrimination in renting legislation - a fact lost or deliberately hidden by the scum in the press. 

As for me, as a FOREIGNER, he definitely was correct - to be blunt, Britain would have been (and would be nowadays) inundated by people who would simply LOVE to come here and live.

My proposition would be for ALL of us foreigners to leave right now.  Really, have we been SO vital to this country?  I don't think that we have.  

A recent Twitter posting, by that racist, bigot, mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, 

What this filthy bigot doesn't understand, is that England won the World Cup in 1966,   BEFORE the mass immigration occurred, that Powell was talking about.

What POS Khan ALSO doesn't understand, is that Italy, who happened to kick England's ass, have had very LITTLE immigration and are more or less, an all  white team, and now are European Champions.  I.e. they didn't need immigration to win it, and once again, are we any better in this country, with all this immigration?  And if all of us foreigners were told to leave / or left, would life in Blighty really be that bad?


Tuesday 13 July 2021

Spanish wackos! Intersectionality in the 15th Century!

You heard that right, check this out:

This is not only insane, and crazy, but it also shows that this lot are utterly & completely psychotic in their thinking. 

But let us say "Oh, what a good idea"?  What is that "good idea" about this and what does it actually do for us in these modern times?  Nothing!

But the largest point, is that this merely proves that we have ALWAYS been not only diverse, but also have had a variety of sexualities.   Which goes completely against their thinking that we are all just a group of bigots, and were even worse in the past.

When I was young, I remember a character, and he was(!), called Liberace.  His behaviour was OTT, and wonderful!  But also, nobody gave a shit about his sexuality - and that was some 40 years ago!  

This only shows up these lunatic, fascists, to be completely out of touch with not only how people behave and what they believe today, but also, what they believed / behaved years ago.

They can screw themselves.


Monday 12 July 2021

The week ahead / About last night . . . what a mess in the Euros


This week, will start to look at this thing called "English Culture", and will start off by looking at last night's disastrous (in more ways than one) show in the finals of Euro 2020 (European Football Championships).

Along with that, will continue to comment on all things "woke", look at the new ruling class, the Media and other things. 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

That we are the last truly British people you'll ever know - Morrissey (from 'We'll Let You Know')

The Euros:

You would have had to have been living under a rock in Europe or the UK, to not have realised that the final was taking place this week, in London as well. 

Firstly, England played all their games except one, the quarterfinal defeat of Ukraine (that power house of European sports!); it was staged in Rome.  This was interesting to say the least, as other teams, most notably the Welsh, who incidentally made the semi-finals in 2016, were treated like shit and had to travel an enormous amount in comparison.   Though this is not really the purpose of this blog, it is just interesting to note how the smaller countries are treated, in comparison with the larger ones.

Again, while not a part of this blog, it's again interesting to note, that there were many "conspiracy" theories in the Italian press, as to how easy England had it, and how easy their draw was in playing both the Ukrainians and then the Danes, in order to make the final, while they themselves (Italy), had to play Spain in their semi-final - Night in day!

The point here is not to denigrate the achievements of the English eleven, but to cut through the haze of the adoration of the British MSM the last month - who had their usual, PC, slobbering take on their beloved national side, as the expense of both the Scottish and Welsh teams.

The commentating by both the BBC and ITV was nauseating, during the championship and after the final - they simply NEVER admitted that Sterling dived in order to get the penalty, that ended up defeating the Danes - though you could tell, by their sheepish behaviour, that it simply wasn't right.  At last some honesty.

My own opinion, I'm glad they lost!  From the BLM supporting dicks on the team, to the "outrage" over a few dozen moronic, bigots, attacking the 3 black players who missed their penalties, whilst at the same time, ignoring the fighting and horrific behaviour by a sizeable portion of their support.


I myself just KNEW, that the extra time applied to the Italy match would result in penalties, and that the English would lose.  I knew it would happen, as if they had a script, that they were begging to follow.  A cliché, a role - that had to be conformed to (as the Morrissey song alludes to).

Equally, I knew that the behaviour of a sizeable portion of the English fans would be both appalling and comical - there has ALWAYS been a bit of both, almost knowing that the powers that be would be expecting such.  They (and I) were not disappointed. 

From the lunatic, with a stick of TNT up his arse:

To some nutter, dancing in a rather un-camp manner, resplendent with his George's Cross flag as accompaniment - on top of some motor:

To the ticketless fans invading Wembley and causing havoc

To the scummy pieces of shit, who attacked the Italian fans in Wembley - it was magnificent and SO . . . English. 

England, a country that can simply, never be conquered.


Saturday 10 July 2021

Charities - Part 3 - My solutions for this Racket


As you know, I've stated before, that I have never knowingly appealed to a charity for them to give me "something", so that I can then enjoy something free; be it food, clothes, money, etc, - Not Once!

And believe me, we've had some rather poor times in our life.

But you'd ask, what can be done about this?  I'd say several things:

1) Have a limit to their often, exorbitant salaries. One way of doing this, would be to simply force them to have a similar structure and remuneration policy that is the same (or very similar) to the limit on salaries in the government sector.  If they will not agree to this; take away their charitable status.

2) Have a commission, to go through EVERY single Charity, and see if they ARE actually a charity.  If not, they lose their charitable status.

3) Finally, bring all of the governance and structures of these charities, to be performed by the central, UK government.  Once again, they can opt out of this, as I feel ANY organisation can do - but once again, if they choose this avenue, they lose their charitable status. 


Thursday 8 July 2021

The 3rd Sector; charities, giving and their statistics & aims - Part 2

In this section, we'll continue to look at the voluntary sector in the UK and note several links, under the broad heading of "What do they Actually Do?".  


We begin with the:

National Council of Voluntary Organisations:

A good link as it describes the function of this VO Overlord.  They seem to be quite transparent, and it's interesting to note, that fellow VOs have to pay subscriptions to them each year, in order to belong.  In addition, it shows that their "boss" in 20/21 was only making just over £100k a year, that in comparison with other "charities" is actually quite small.


Channel 4 report from 2017:

This is the latest report that I could find, that is blunt and completely un-romantic in their look at this sector; and naturally leads off with the simply unbelievable:

Derbyshire charity – the National Hereditary Breast Cancer Helpline – after it emerged that the organisation spent just 3 per cent (around £27,000) of its total expenditure on charitable activities in 2014-15. Over £800,000 – went on “fundraising and other expenses”.


It also states, according to the Third Sector website:

The average boss of the UK’s top 100 charities is paid £255,000 a year, according to analysis by Third Sector. Fourteen of those charities paid their highest earners more than £300,000.

But a report by the National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO) found that of all registered charities, 91 per cent have no paid staff at all and are run by volunteers. The remaining 9% provide jobs for 800,000 people. Fewer than 1% of charities employ a member of staff earning £60,000 or more.

I find the last bit particularly interesting, noting that the sports club that I do belong to, is also a charity, and believe me that there is no one earning anything like that type of dosh.


Wednesday 7 July 2021

Week Ahead - Various


The week ahead will see us continue on many themes such as wokeness, economics and culture. 

But first, the UK (at least England to start), will end their lockdown on 19th July.

We can only say that it's about time, but what is REALLY going on here?  Just what do they REALLY want?  The globalists, fascists, radical left?  Several things are obvious:

1) This hole thing was farcical, they were itching to close us down and at the same time, to have a majority of people favour it!  That's correct, all polls in the UK since this thing has started have indicated a majority favouring a hard lock down.

2) They now have a template and a precedent, they can now do this again in the future, for WHATEVER reason they can think of.  While this may not be of the hard variety, a "soft" type, due to Climate Change is now on the cards - And the sheeple will believe them.

BELIEVE ME on this.


Sunday 4 July 2021

The BBC - Why we simply detest you! - Part 2

In our examination of the BBC, you will not believe (though you probably will) this!

Take a look at this web article:

This is how far the once great BBC has sunk to; a picture of a filthy racist, who insists on only going walking with someone of her own skin colour!  And this is one of the lead articles in their US / Canada section!

Wokeness is simply EVERYTHING to them now, just look at the side articles, black, diversity, black, black and black!

Defund them immediately!


Friday 2 July 2021

The BBC - Why we simply detest you!

Please find this link below, and for those not from the UK, please try to use a vpn so that you can go into it.  But if not, see the photos below. This concerns the by-election last night in the Batley and Spen constituency, where Labour's Kim Leadbeater won, with a majority of only 323 votes (from a total of 37,786 votes cast!).

The first one;

Is a downright embarrassing shot of Leadbetter, getting jiggy with it, with Labour's Clown in Chief, SIR Keir Starmer (Yes, Keir is his actual name!!!!)

The second:

Is the political "opinion" (radically leftist and deranged!), by Iain Watson, the Beeb's go-to lunatic on all things politics.

If you see, it's in the 4th line, where the Beeb FINALLY admits, that Labour lost 3% of their vote to the Tories, and that if this is replicated across the country (please remember that this is a Labour stronghold), there will be another 11 Member of Parliament swing to the Conservatives.

Correct!  In the previous TWENTY LINES, the filth at the BBC refused to print this basic fact.  It's downright propaganda, and it goes against the grain what any real news service will do / ask - what's the swing?

I.e., Labour are in trouble, big time.