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Tuesday 23 February 2021

Rush Limbaugh - RIP - A review of his obituaries


I think that one of the best things that I could do now, after Rush Limbaugh’s death, is to show just how much the left, fascists, RINOs, etc hated the guy, by looking at the various obituaries that were written on him.

We start with the scum from the Guardian:

A perfectly, nameless, cliched rant on all things Limbaugh - that would be expected of an O-Level Journalism class; with uses of “right wing” to “controversial” and never, still!, never understanding Limbaugh’s cheek, irony and humour. - 1 /10

Then it’s Deadline’s turn:

Probably, as in EASILY, the best, with uses of “influential” and noted his almost 30 millions listeners a week, and how he often would court “controversy” knowing full well that there was not anything controversial about his views - particularly to his “Ditto Head” followers; solid journalism. - 9 /10

Good Lord, the New York slimes:

Keeping it classy, with the title’s use of “Turned Talk Radio Into a Right-Wing Attack Machine“ and showing just so plainly, that they either never listened to him, or were simply incapable of escaping, their hard left, fascist prison.  Though to be fair, they do note his charity and OTT style.  Probably the most in-depth of these reviewed.  Downright embarrassing, even for the “slimes”. - 3 /10

From bad to “badder”, it’s CNN’s time:

It starts well, with the use of “conservative media icon”, then immediately followed up (in the video) with “polarizing”!  How two-faced can you get.   It’s all downhill from there, ending with a New York slimes editorial on him, at the time his discovered he had terminal cancer and after his presentation of the Presidential Medal of Freedom in January 2020 from President Trump, from that piece of shit, David Remnick; “"Empathy is due to anyone who is suffering. But not high honors, not a celebration of a life's work devoted to the mockery and derision of the Other," . . . "For the President of the United States to bestow one of the nation's highest laurels on Limbaugh is a morally corrosive and politically cynical act."

They can fuck themselves!  - 0 / 10

And finally, a “mainstream” one, from legacy medias, NBC:

This is more of an opinion piece, not only positive, but stating the obvious on Rush’s humour, style, ratings, and why leftists could simply not only always hate him, but never have the basic intelligence to understand him. - 8.5 / 10


Wednesday 17 February 2021

Crime and Punishment - 2021

As anyone should know, certain types of crime, particularly in the inner cities, are spiralling out of control.  Yet, even in these liberal hell-holes, the old, leftist attitudes prevail.

links to these crimes, for those of you who actually want to read.

The second one, about the car jackers, had a Jewish victim named Amy Blumenthal.  And as Marx said all those years ago, “they’d hang themselves with the rope that they made”, you should actually read some of her comments on her attackers - comical and tragic, I quote:

"That made it sadder and scarier because teenagers' ability to control their impulses and to think logically is so much less (than adults)”

Oh, poor teenagers, and secondly:

“A plea deal is in the works and Blumenthal says she asked if she could have a conversation with them virtually.”

That’s right Amy, we need to talk with these young, pieces of shit.


Wednesday 10 February 2021

The current sham impeachment, complete with a non-attendance of a Judge from the Supreme Court, is as big a farce, and kangaroo court, as I’ve ever seen.  Why?  Do you even have to ask:

1) As this link plainly shows:

As it plainly states, Trump is gone, he CAN NOT be removed!  He is not in Office!

2) Insurrection?  Really?  Did Trump lead an armed force, to perform a coup d'├ętat?  I only saw a gang of yahoos, who were LET into the capital building.  Who were led by a man with bullhorns, or a Viking hat on.  Please keep in mind, as this video shows, there have been many other things similar to this recently and no one was impeached, or the filth in the MSM didn’t say a fucking word about it!

3) Evidence has come to the fore, that this was all pre-planned, weeks before Trump spoke at the rally, thus to blame him is nothing, but pure hatred, from scum like Eric Swallwell, Jamie Raskin, etc.  Two filthy pieces of shit!.

4) The actual letting in of these people, had started BEFORE Trump had talked.

5) Trump reiterates that they were to go protest “in peace”.  Please go to YouTube, if you wish to find the clip on this.

6) There are numerous videos on the net, that clearly show AOC, the female Congresswoman with the James Brown hair, Senator Chuckie Schumer, etc, all heaving hate on Trump and ALSO encouraging people to fight or riot, yet they’ve been given a pass.  Once again, search YouTube for this, as I cannot be fucking bothered.

7) Finally, for that stinking, piece of shit, Jamie Raskin (boo hoo Raskin and your late son!), here is one clip, showing many types of dissention to Trump’s election in the Senate in 2017, with Old Joe Biden in the chair, where they challenge and tried to overrule the Electoral College for the election of 2016 - one of them is you Raskin, you hypocritical piece of trash - And then you have the gall to insinuate that Trump had NO right to do this, this time?  Suck my cock dry!

8) The “Removal Clause” in the Constitution, assumes that:

1) The President is immune from all crimes, so it is THEIR duty (The Congress) to do this, but ONLY when he is in office.

2) AFTER he leaves, then it is NOT their duty, and it is then hence, a civil / criminal matter for the normal procedures - if at all!  Schumer and the lot, know this, and thence, not that there will NEVER be any criminal charges against Trump.


Sunday 7 February 2021

As anyone should know, the current buffoon in chief has been in politics since the great flood and Noah, but at one time, Biden was the Chairmen of the Senate Judiciary committee (believe it or not!). A very powerful committee that the Democrats controlled at this time in the 1980s.

During this decade, in the Reagan administration days, the fascist Democrats started doing what they do best, they made politics about EVERYTHING, and in this instance it included blocking Ronald Reagan's Supreme Court nominee, Robert Bork, with the cocksucker Biden instigating this.  Up to this time, it had been VERY rare for the Senate to block a President's Supreme Court picks.

But just to see first hand, both Biden's ignorance and utter third-rateness, please watch this short clip, when he actually tries to trip up the GREAT, Thomas Sowell, during the committee's questioning.  One can tell, that when Biden knows that he's simply no match for Sowell, he only questions, without commenting or attempting to argue, ie, hiding his complete ignorance and stupidity. 

Good Lord, little did I know, that years later this fucking clown would be President.  Recht.

Tuesday 2 February 2021

First things first, while the horrid little beastie, Nicola Sturgeon, is called a variety of terms, we prefer in this blog the name Wee Nickie.  We believe it encapsulates the very essence of this hateful Nat, similar to a gnat that is very small.  At times, this may be abbreviated simply to “WN”, though we will soon publish, a list of the abbreviations that we do indeed use on this blog.

Equally, anybody with a half brain (though this probably doesn’t apply to many north of the border at times, and in particular to the West of Scotland), should have heard about the various infighting that is currently taking place as regards, who said what, or who knew what, about the various Alec Salmon allegations.  It will come out in the end, rest assured, with the SNP probably finding a fall guy, or eating themselves (as so many leftists do).

This post is really about the talk of the referendum, the future of the SNP and what we think should happen.

Firstly, the one thing that the typical, trashy, chip-on-the-shoulder Scots person believes in, is that they are NEVER listened to. When in reality, for such a small part of the UK, it seems to anyone with an IQ of a pet dog, that at times the press are ONLY talking about this and that in Scotland.  It more than punches above its weight when it comes to press coverage.  This is true, but to the typical, knuckle dragging hoards here; Old Firm flag in one hand, and a cheap can of Tennent’s in the other; they will feel that until there exists a second referendum, all of their insecure and ignorant bigotries are correct. 

Secondly, Bojo must call the second referendum immediately...BUT, with a few caveats:

1) It’s a once and for all Referendum - There won’t be a third.  Not now, not in a century; this is it!  Understand?

2) Use a higher percentage of the Vote - As with Brexit, with the 52% outvoting the 48%; please change the rules so that a 55% Yes vote is the only way for it to win - this will then offset, for both sides might I add, that there is then a large enough majority, so that the winning side can claim a legal and moral victory. 

This is a like or lump it plan, and throw this back at the Nats, using both the Brexit argument and the 55/45 argument in the last referendum, i.e. they’ve ALWAYS said that even though it was 55%, it was by no means a definitive vote of the country.  Shove this in their face at every conceivable time when it is possible to do so.  If 55% wasn’t enough, then it should be easy to get this percentage of people to vote yes, in the referendum.

3) What next if the Nats win then?  What happens to the SNP after a successful vote, because if you think for one moment, that they’ll simply go away, you’re insane!  I had a discussion with a high echelon soul in the SNP years ago, when they had the nerve to tell me that all in this despicable gang, would pack their bags and go home, if they were to ever win!  My effing arse!  They will stay, and presumably, infiltrate the other Scottish parties, or even start their own.

The latter I feel would be a disaster, where only a completely out of touch group of politicos could believe, ie; - you’re hated just like the rest of the politicians here in Scotland, but you’re in the SNP!  No one likes you, cares for your policies or likes your F├╝hrerin, but they vote for you on this occasion. You’re a one-issue party.

Believe me on this, in the future of an independent Scotland, their horrid present leader would aim to keep her face as leader of the Labour party, or of something new.  Like a bad rash, she would simply not go away - what else can she do?

4) Alternative Referendums - Bojo should do this referendum, but insist on two things;

1) Local democracy for those who wish to stay -

The local democracy rule would be very simple to handle; merely look at the specific voting zones (counties for example) or islands / areas - the Borders or Shetland & Orkney (who traditionally vote Lib Dem), who want nothing to do with the decision, and apply certain rules to these areas. 

They should either have their vote against (if so) independence be honoured.  Which will enable them to stay in the UK, or they should then have a new referendum about staying in the new, independent Scottish nation.

2) Cancellation of ALL UK passports by non-UK based Scots -

This is probably the biggest grudge that I have against the SNPers - in my opinion, most of them either don’t give a shit about Scotland or will run off to the UK (particularly England) as soon as they can (or when the economy tanks), AFTER they vote FOR Independence!  This simply makes my blood boil.  This should not be allowed to stand!

A very simple way to combat this, and something that should be announced before the vote, is that all UK passports for resident Scots will be null and void, after the vote if it is for independence.  It’s that simple.  Most of the other UK people should not have to put up with these plastic Scots, who just SO love their country, but will run off to take the jobs of the other peoples in UK at the drop of a hat.  NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!

As for the existing Scots, who at the time of the referendum, live in the other parts of the UK, I’m fine with them.  I’d even grant them the right to have a dual-citizenship on this.  But in no way would I let the Scots who do not live in the rest of the UK the ability to do so, after the referendum’s yes vote.

This is of course does not rule against those, who can meet the immigration points test, if they in fact do find a job in the UK, after a successful referendum.

Whilst this might seem severe, it isn’t.  One only has to look at the present conditions for a Czech passport, for Slovaks, who do not live in the Czech Republic.  To my knowledge, they are not entitled to a Czech passport, unless they are still living there, or were living there, at the time of the split in the 1990s.