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Saturday 21 October 2023

Why does the Left hate Jews / Israel? They always have, haven't they?

Topol, from Fiddler on the Roof, 1971

When I was a mere tot, I remember being shown the above movie in my elementary school about the pogroms against Jews in early 20th Century Russia, started by the old Russian Tsars, under their Pale of Settlement programs. 

These were continued by the Soviets, in particular, Joseph Stalin, under his Anti-Cosmopolitan campaign.

Equally, before this, there was of course some mad Austrian National Socialist in Germany after World War I, who also had his anti-Jew viewpoints and took them to radical extremes.

Again, a radical leftist, who hated Jews.

In addition, in recent years in the UK, there was the particularly ever-disgusting Jeremy Corbyn (above) of the UK Labour party, who had a disastrous routing by the hands of the Conservative Party in the UK in their most recent UK wide election for their parliament, in 2019.  Part of the reason, was Corbyn was one of the most, left-of-centre, socialist bigots, that the Labour Party had ever had as their leader. 

It was fascinating that he was just so bad, that he got suspended by his very own Labour Party in 2020!

Naturally, in my opinion, he was given a pass by the leftist UK MSM, in particular, the BBC.  Don't start me on them!  But I've started. . .

But this anti-Jew, leftist thing continues to this day, as the BBC openly refused to refer to Hamas as a "terrorist" organisation!  Unbelievable!  This is so bad, that the Israeli President, Isaac Herzog, has actually called them out, and threatened to ban them from broadcasting in Israel!

Again, another radical, leftist group / organisation, who simply hates Jews!


In my opinion, it's the same reason for all of Leftist theology; that being one of hate, envy and spite, particularly against ANYONE who is either of a pale complexion or, who is or has become successful!  And believe me, compared to their horrible, poor neighbours, Israel is minted.

In their completely twisted, evil mindset, if you're a "honky" with some type of white'ish skin, you are automatically an oppressor, and the darker skins around you, are automatically the oppressed.

These oppressed, of course, must need the help of the great white leftist, and hence the socialist will automatically side with them - even if they (the oppressed) are a group of murdering, terrorist bastards like Hamas!

I'll look more into this type of mindset, later in the month as my "philosophy" post for this month (now that I'm trying to blog more).