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Monday 22 November 2021

Week Ahead / and a "Man" drove his car into people in Wisconsin!


Correct, a "man" drove into a crowd in Wisconsin and killed 5 people, injuring others - I just KNEW that it would not be a honky or whitey, or else THEY WOULD HAVE SAID SO!

That is why is just SO refreshing to use REAL news sites, such as the link directs to.  In this case it is the always reliable aggregation site;

Incidentally, as I recall this morning, the "man" description was used by GB News (who I thought were meant to be different?), though I can not be sure - I forgot the channel I was on due to my anger.

His actual photo is here:

And you can now clearly know why the filth in the MSM used the term "man".

How much more do we have to take of this; until we have had enough, with the least that this "conservative" government could do, would be to strip the BBC licence fee away from that lot in Manchester (or are they still in London?)

A bit ill right now, but will strive to put one or two more postings here, and try to do another Economics post.


Friday 19 November 2021

Local Governments again; Glasgow are Terrible!

Despite all the shi*e about Westminster, and the dreadful Natzis who control the Scottish Parliament, Glasgow is probably the  worst!

Look here, at our £30,000,000 bridge of only a few hundred metres!

And even an MSP from the SNP (Scottish National Party) said that he was "astounded” that the cost of the  “this fairly basic pedestrian swing bridge” has risen from £2m to £30m.

Utterly and indescribably awful!  Why does this happen?  You know as well as I, if I were to plan that my garden needs £1200 to repair, it just doesn't go up to £3,000 unless something is completely off base.

As the MSP said again, the bridge was "fairly basic"!.  

These type of things should be IMMEDIATELY investigated, but you know as well as I, they will not, or never be!


PS - More on these type of things tomorrow

Thursday 18 November 2021

Is this how the Globlist, Wokes actually Think? Mandatory to eat Local Food!

 Please take a look at this photo, it is simply indescribably awful:

In an utterly contemptuous manner, that smacks of pure hypocrisy; it states that the hip and woke with their filthy, privileged lives, should think about all the third world and other spots where they have either been, or had food from; whilst simultaneously only eating local produce?

I know this restaurant, and have not been in it for about three years - the prices are completely ridiculous - with only the middle-class Guardianista having the ability to afford it!

In addition, it's thoroughly ignorant and hypocritical to expect us to eat "local", when it is the disgusting, leftist wokist, who simply LOVES to brag about all the "world" foods that they've eaten; "OOOOHhhhh, have you had the latest lo-karb, veg, pastry yet, at that multicultural Asian fusion popup yet?"

Equally, if you are to only eat local, say at either the Artisan cafĂ© or farmer's market in your neighbourhood, you will probably be alone, as most people will never be able to afford this type of food choice - it's outrageously expensive.

These people disgust me!


Wednesday 17 November 2021

The Week Ahead - Woke as f*ck Google / Old school skills

As I am still recuperating from a surgery, I'm only partially on-board here; but trying to update this site as much as possible, but first, the above photo is from Google (Holland)!  

Yes, not a single honky face about.  This is shear madness, and I'm slowly weaning myself off of any Google products that I can.

But I say, please go into this link:

Who knows, maybe there is hope after all, but I say, that this is a very small college, where wokeness, professional amateurs and leftism are probably in scarce supply.

This week, more ideas, sense and comments on our current state, both in the UK and the World.


Thursday 11 November 2021

Glasgow - A leftist dump but hosting the COP26 - You can't make this shite up!

Please keep in mind that the SNP are in charge, or partly in charge, of Glasgow City Council; (GCC) they're as bad as old Labour, and STILL their panting, hate filled, Natzi supporters will vote for them.

Even when we have a garbage workers strike, during COP26, these morons will still vote for the Leftists; still!  

To add insult to injury, that bloody idiot, stooge, Greta, called for "solidarity" with the strikers; you can not make this up.

The Executive Council is even  worse, with only 2 Tories of the 23 spots; ie; it's 90% leftist puke run!  A staggering number.

This is a short entry, but at times I simply love going into local media sources, to show that things "on the ground" are every bit as shit as they are at Westminster.

Get a load of this; and please go into the comments, as it will show the utter corruption that exists here!  A few years ago, these ardent leftists here basically sold the libraries and recreational facilities to an outside company, that calls itself Glasgow Life. This was probably owing to the morons and their huge pensions that they have at GCC, but I digress.

As a libertarian, at times, I'm at odds with the panacea like approach of outsourcing, as often, it costs more than you think in the long run, and sorry, I believe these public services deserve to be run by the city government.

And since that momentous day, many of the pools, libraries, and even public halls and museums have either fallen by the way side, or are in a horrible state of neglect.

Think of that for a moment.  We've had these wonderful facilities through thick and thin, but only after a few years being run by the scum at Glasgow Life, their state is disgusting.

It makes the blood boil.


Tuesday 9 November 2021

The week ahead - Maybe some positiveness?

It's simply awful from the left, fascist, Nazi, authoritarians - but who knows, after the mid-term state elections last week in the USA, where the Democrats took a hammering, maybe right will win in the end. 

Recently, I had to go to hospital after a recent surgery .  Yes,  the NHS is shite at some things, but very good at others - maybe we as a species only remember bad things.  

I have to say, the follow-up appointment ran late, but when do they EVER run on time.  And after a fascinating talk with my surgeon, I was off, on the road to recovery.

It was only then, where I saw the shite things about not only the NHS, but Britain, the West of Scotland, and the great "working class", that I simply detest!

After leaving the hospital entrance, I noticed 3 "engineers" or maintenance lads, naturally, one of them had a can of Special Brew in their hands - whilst on shift!  Can't make it up.

I then passed two Glasgow "beauties" heading into the hospital, with mouths like the sewer, effing this, fuucking that, et al.  Disgusting.

And finally, as the photos show, there were a bevvy of double-parked cars - a complete and utter lack of following the rules and being disciplined.

God help us if we are ever independent!

This week more on this and various other topics.


Sunday 7 November 2021

Wokeness & TV of the Week - The Hairy Bikers - Awful and downright Embarassing

I've tried to watch the latest instalments of the Hairy Biker's TV career; this time they were "back" in their native North of England - Please remember that!  They are meant to be in the NORTH OF ENGLAND, looking at NORTH OF ENGLAND COOKING. 

Was I wrong!

Years ago when I saw them during one of their roadshow appearances here in Scotland, the tall one, Sy King, was ranting about the Health & Safety rules, that forbid him from eating his own cooking!

He's changed! 

Now, they are just one, big, cuddly woke show.  Get this, during the two shows of their series, we had Syrians making cheese!

And Cameroonians, making African food.

And they then had the nerve, to make that quintessential "northern" delicacy; the Cornish Pasty!

I despair.  Utterly diabolical!

0 /5


Thursday 4 November 2021

COP26 - Update! Extinction Rebellion are here!

Hey, just did a stroll in woke central, along a place called Byres Road, in the pretentious, woke, vegan-friendly West End (near Glasgow University) and lo and behold, a plethora of posters were seen.  Many were even glued quite badly, and laying on the pavement - It looked a mess!

Maybe they did not use the correct, plant-based glue, to permanently fix these third rate pieces of lying propaganda - but who really knows!

Will also report tomorrow, from something horribly called, "Fridays for Future" - Apparently a fascist march through the centre of Glasgow.  Most of which, incidentally, will be walked on tarmac streets.  Streets that are delightfully made from beautiful, lovely, fossil fuels!


Wednesday 3 November 2021

COP26 here in Glasgow - It's simply unbelievable!


Greta, Krankie and a BME Activist - How "Girl Power" has morphed into something Insane

As I actually live in Glasgow, Scotland, I have a first hand account of some of the utter nonsense that is now occurring here; one being the meeting of the minds of Greta and Sturgeon.  Where Thunberg pulled up Krankie sanctimoniously about the oil / gas that Scotland possesses in the North Sea.

But please look at this picture!  Honestly!  Is this the world that we are actually being governed by now - 2 teenage girls, neither of which have done an effing thing in their lives, dictating how they wish the world - THAT IS YOU AND ME - should live.  

Please think of that for a moment! This is complete insanity!

Equally, every wacko, splinter group, malcontent, leech, hanger on, fascist, globalist, parasite has also now arrived in Glasgow, to ALSO, lecture us on our evil ways. This is outrageous and I'll try to provide info on these many splinter (but now MAINSTREAM) groups currently here in attendance..

For example, look at these.  Only a few years ago, they would be on the margins of society (and still are in everyone's opinion), but now are treated as "normal" by the fuc*ing scum in the MSM:

Unbelievable!  China and Russia are laughing at us.


Monday 1 November 2021

The Week Ahead - BTW, COP26 is here in Glasgow! Dreadful!

This week, in case you live under a rock (which might be a good thing), the annual COP26 shindig, of radical, Nazi leftist fascists begins here in Glasgow.

And yes, they're already queueing up with their private jets!  Disgusting!

In addition, I'll end my short review of the housing crisis, which is bound to crash and take us down with it; have some more entries on the COP26 nonsense; and finally will do some "Woke Woche", another "freak of the week" and a critique of other "right" people  / blogs.

But to end, just have a look at the empty expressways here in Glasgow.  These shots are from a few days ago (correct, they closed various streets, express ways and even cycle paths(the irony!),  Apparently, they closed all of these, due to a perceived terrorist threat! Ha!