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Sunday 27 February 2022

Ukraine later, but first, "Racist" robots!


Yes again, I'm not making this up, but then again, it is not something new.

Just do a quick Internet search for this topic, to see that it has been around for the past few years.

But first, the point is NOT about Robots being racist, it's the fact that whoever is actually writing the script for the programs / AI that the Robots use, who would be racist.

But this is completely wrong, because the algorithms are based on both stats and probabilities, which are simply objective numbers, with nothing racially based to begin with!

What is equally valid, is that it is quite easy to be racist and biased with IT, but this is not one of them, as the various applications that are said to be racist, are merely holding up a mirror to the individual who is using them, regardless of what they look like. 


Wednesday 23 February 2022

Liberal rewriting of History - Belfast the Movie and the Coen Brother's "True Grit"

Apparently, in Kenneth Branagh's new "Belfast" movie, about the start of the "Troubles" in Northern Ireland in 1969, there is a proliferation of minorities - which is simply crazy! 

Also, Branagh in an interview with Eamon Holmes on GB News, had to confess that there would have been no financing, if it wasn't for the tokens in his movie.

This makes my blood boil, but has an almost fate like result, that the woke scum in London now demand.

But what is actually worse, is the left's attitude to the past.  For example, I've recently come across some reviews of True Grit, both the original masterpiece with John Wayne & Glen Campbell, and the utter dreck, from the Coen Brothers in 2010 - Simply no comparison!

I remember when the latter came out, when there was a plethora (Ed; What a word!) of grovelling, I'm on my knees, reviews concerning the film, and in particular both the performances and the theme.

Naturally, the leftist critics absolutely loved saying that it was superior to the original classic, as they could finally have a good kick at Wayne - they've wanted to do this for years, and waited until the Duke had been dead for decades.

But the second, fawning thing, was that the latter, unlike the original, was more in tune with the book, as it was more about the 14 year old girl, and not about the drunken, belligerent, Federal Marshall played by Wayne.  Certain reviews were highly critical of this and tried to say that there had been a capture of the book by both Wayne and Henry Hathaway (the Director of the 1969 film) for their evil, "right wing" ways.

This was apparently done, almost as if to say that Wayne knew this, but decided to use his privilege and his paternacide or whatever, to relegate the Kim Derby character and to steal the theme onto himself by making it a male movie, and not about an heroic, sisters can do it!, type of movie.

Well, as usual with the leftist, fascist brigade, nothing could be less true about the original.

First of all, the Mattie Ross character is an incredibly strong woman (girl).  She has Wayne's complete respect and is accepted in the end as his equal.

Secondly, after Charles Portis wrote the book, although it is from the female's perspective, he actually had Wayne in mind to play the Marshall Rooster Cogburn character.

Finally, Wayne optioned the novel less than a year after the book was published, ie, if it wasn't for Wayne, NO ONE  would give a shit about this book nowadays - let's cut the crap here!

But to the leftist, and their filthy twisted world, this is ALL untrue, and FINALLY, the good old, left-wing Coens have finally set the record straight.  If you don't believe me, for a laugh, go to the Wikipedia page (Good God!) for the book, and see the citations at the bottom, all from only the last few, woke, years.  

For example, "A Radical Tale"!:

Further reading[edit]

Where, like a wet dream, they just can NOT get enough of this woke love-in, about an heroic, female character (albeit, a girl, who looks like she just stepped out of the makeup room, in some Hollywood set!).

I despair.


Friday 18 February 2022

This week (a bit late) - Black "Inventions", and Travel in this "extreme" weather Days

Hey All!  Guess what, EVERYTHING that has ever been invented, was invented by a Black American!

If you don't believe me, just do an online search.  Ah, the joys of Black History Month!

And even the colour PC monitor, apparently, according to an email I received from Animoto (an online, video, creation service), was also a Black invention.  And then there's me, who knows that Africa, is just SUCH an enlightened, rich continent!

Equally, I've had to put up with 30 years of UK propaganda, telling me that it was some "limey"  who had invented the Internet (actually, the WWW / http  Protocol).  When after all, it just had to be a Black American. Right?

For the actual TRUTH on this BS, please go here.

Which exposes the naked, blatant racism of people who actually have the fucking balls to put out these lies.  Hey, I blame that truly AWFUL bit of revisionist history, from the film, Hidden Figures, that actually said that it was black American women, who put the first man on the moon!

They must have been right!  Just look at this picture, and the complete absence of honky!:

Good God!  When will this fucking shite end!?

This week, more nonsense and various bits that you no doubt will enjoy.  At present, I'm in Germany and will blog once or twice  on the awfulness here as well.


Tuesday 15 February 2022

More "Extreme" Weather (according to Microsoft!)

 Check this piece of propaganda out!

That's right, a wind velocity of 23mph is now considered extreme . . . in Glasgow, Scotland

WTF! I've played golf in double that amount and came off unscathed.  This is such the utter lies that we must contend with in this day and age.  It makes me want to vomit!

And here, is what they actually have the balls to say:


There is an increased likelihood of bad weather affecting you, which could potentially disrupt your plans and possibly cause travel delays, road and rail closures, interruption to power and the potential risk to life and property. Amber means you need to be prepared to change your plans and protect you, your family and community from the impacts of the severe weather based on the forecast from the Met Office.

In addition, even the truly awful ScotRail have gotten in on the act, and I quote:

We know the impact that the earlier withdrawal of services will have on customers but it’s a necessary step to ensure the safety of our staff and customers due to the severe weather. The strength of the winds expected could damage infrastructure, blowing debris and trees onto tracks and damaging equipment such as overhead electric power lines and signals.

This is completely mad!  For years, I've been here in Scotland, and believe me, I've survived just fine in their version of "extreme" weather.

We all KNOW that this is a con, and is a desperate attempt to scare the unwashed, particularly the moronic Millennial class, into buying into the Climate Emergency scam.

Don't believe it!


Sunday 13 February 2022

Truly awful! A conversation I was forced to listen to on an Airplane - Revolting Leftists

Have you ever been forced to listen to two leftist, wackjobs, with NO plan of escape!  It happened to me yesterday on my flight to Europe for a peaceful week - they just KNEW people around them were listening, as their arrogant tone was on full display.

It went something like this:


After a few minutes of polite chit-chat, SHORT HAIRED KAREN  (SHK); tall, overweight, nerdy, na├»ve, who just SO wishes to be cool but at 50+, that wish is forlorn; talks to a MIDDLE CLASS BLACK MAN (MCBM) to her left; snobby, defo NOT from the ghetto, but SO wishes that he was, as he is reading a "woke" basketball book.

(slightly nervous & patronising)
. . . and, I don't want to bring it up, but this has happened only after . . . orange hair man came to power?

(trying to be intelligent)
I agree.  To cause division on purpose is evil, and he encouraged this and encourages his supporters to be like this!

Yes, the far right! I have a sister who all of a sudden, became far right!  But her children are liberal.  So there's hope.


And EVERY minute portion of his life (Barack Obama) was looked at under the microscope by the media.  EVERY BIT

It was sick!

And they made fun of his truly beautiful and unique wife, Michelle, as well

They just can't accept an intelligent and stylish black woman!


And they say you can work your way out of poverty?

(laughing and interrupting)
Yes, you can't do that . . . it's a myth!



But there are some of them (Republicans) who are okay, Colin Powell.


And Condoleezza Rice.  I don't care for her politics but she was alright.


Ad nauseum. . . !

My God!  To think that there are actually people like this in our day and age.  Literally, EVERYTHING that they said was wrong, bigoted, hate filled, etc.

I chose to go to sleep.



Friday 11 February 2022

Leftists - Do they ever change, or go away?

Went for a lovely Friday afternoon walk in Glasgow, and was struck by two horrid posters; yes we were in the university area, but was still amazed that the Socialists and Communists must still be alive and well inside the young mind.

The above one, is by a "new" leftist group, whose intentions seem fine, but then again they will once again, put out the same, fascist, authoritarian "solutions" to it.  Hey, you piss and shite just like me, there is NOTHING different about you.

This one is the same old hackneyed, crap!  Years ago I actually attended one of their Q & As here at Glasgow University - I was amazed at the level of ignorance and lack of history amongst them; yet they always used  that same old nugget - "That wasn't true Communism" - Yes, whatever!

My point, is not that these are / were well attended, but just how could ANYBODY actually get off from this, when you know that they will NOT give any solutions whatsoever, but will merely critique the very worst parts of modern mixed-economies.  But at the same time, they will have amnesia about the average way of life in the old USSR, or in modern day North Korea, etc.


Tuesday 8 February 2022

The Week Ahead - Can you trust or believe ANYONE?


At a recent dreadful dinner I attended, some geniuses (leftists) were trying to tell me just how "warm" it had been this winter, and I begged to disagree.

Later, I did a very SIMPLE search with the incredibly biased MS Weather application on my desktop, that would help me look at the next ten days and the corresponding High temperatures for each day.  

Using something called "arithmetic", I noted that the average temperature for those next 10 days would work out as 7.1 degrees.  Hardly "warm".

But if you were to compare this to the average February temperature for Glasgow, it is EXACTLY where  it should be; as the average is 7.0 degrees for this time of year.

So please tell me how the two geniuses could possibly think that is was "one of the warmest winters on record!?"  We ALL know the answer - they ONLY listen to the MSM.

I despair!

This week, more on our weather, and other things that should irritate, anger, etc, any sane person.


Sunday 6 February 2022

Alternative Websites / Blogs - The White Rose

 Look at this sticker that I saw on a bus stop wall here in Scotland.

There website can be found here:

And has a list of people and followers who have legitimate problems with what has been going down the last (almost) two years.  They range from doctors to politicians and is an interesting, robust site of news and critiques.  BUT, according to that bastion of fairness and enlightenment, Wikipedia, they are a "disinformation group"!   

Honestly, look at this hilarious, ignorant, propaganda hit piece about White Rose on their wiki:

They lie, and lie and lie, don't they.

On one of their videos, they note a recent demonstration in Washington, that contained none other than Dr Robert Monroe, the founder of the MRNA technology, along with other doctors, who have serious reservations about the use of vaccines. 

But wait, some fucking puke, in their mother's basement labels this group "disinformation".

Please go to their website and judge for yourself.

Recommended - 5/5


Friday 4 February 2022

Oligopoly - The Elites, & why are they NEVER satisfied - Greg Norman's new Golf League


So, Greg Norman, a one-time, all-time great in the game of golf, now wants to set-up shop in that bastion of human rights, Saudi Arabia, and try to have (poach) the biggest golf players in the world to up sticks, and move from the various leagues (PGA tour in America, the European Tour in Europe & the World, et al), in order to play for $300 million in 2022/23 in his new league.  

This comes AFTER assured payments to various golfers to entice them to join up; which may be up to $135 million (to the likes of Bryson Dechambeau) for certain players!  Though Bryson denies this amount.

Equally, Phil Mickelson has gone on a tirade yesterday about just how horrible golf and the PGA Tour have been to him over the years (After all, he's only made $100 million from them in the last several decades.).  

To which Brooks Koepka, has condemned him
for.  Good on ya Brooks!

Please try to read some of these links, as it once again shows that even when you are a rich, elite, you apparently STILL want more - more money, more fame, more what ever!

We salute you Brooks Koepka for speaking out about this, and will continue to follow this further as it plays out this year.


Tuesday 1 February 2022

Week Ahead - Several things . . . - There is always Hope? Mandatory Breast Exams!? What to do with the Elites - This week's "Solution"!

There'll be a time soon I believe, when there's a coming reckoning, where right-minded people will finally get up off their arses and do something, and things will finally be better.

Speaking of which, NO MORE MANDATES here in the UK - Whether Bojo did that to escape his troubles, or because he finally is doing what he believed all along, we will wait in see.

But a win is a win.

We'll look at the "elites" this week, but in a different way, by looking at oligopoly (competition amongst the few), that has infected literally everything; from politics, to sports, to music - and ask the question, why if you have everything, you STILL want more?

Equally, after the farce of this year's Australian Open tennis (between an "evil" Russian, and a Spaniard with a long history of drugging allegations), why does it seem that the elites and whatever they control, appear to be corrupt?

As I said last week, in that I try to look at alternative news reports, add a little culture and also look at solutions / economics; please check this out below!  Unbelievable!

You mean to tell me, now that the fascist, do-gooding left had us forcibly get the vaccine, they now want to haul women (biological - you pricks!) in front of a doctor, to have their breasts examined!?

Outrageous - these people will NEVER let up, take my word for that.