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Thursday 23 May 2024

It's only the extremes nowadays - Part 2 - When Procrastination was Laziness, Trans was X-Dressing. . .


When DEI was equal opportunities, when mental health was well-being, when procrastination with someone being a lazy fucking bastard, and when trannies were men dressed as women.

What's happened to the world?  It seems like the extremes, or in this case, all of the left wing's dreams and cliches have now attempted to be normalised, or at least are normalised by the radical left wing media, who control many sections of the world's opinions.

When Procrastination was someone being a lazy fucking Bastard -

Isn't this the latest trend nowadays? Please see here.

I've seen this over and over again. Maybe I'll use Google research or Google Analytics to see if my hunches are actually correct. 

Here are the results.

As you can tell, since 2010-2011, interest in this topic has exploded; my hunch was correct.

I've seen this non-stop recently, that they're now trying to make this, a mental disease!

So that it is no longer someone being completely lazy; completely and utterly preposterous!

This has nothing to do with mental health. Nothing. And if it does, what's next? What will be the next thing? If they can do that with this topic, they can then do this to anything. And that's the key point, If we're all mentally ill then NO ONE is actually mentally ill. 

Is then being mentally ill, just a natural state of things for human beings. Who knows? The more and more that these geniuses roll with this, the more that they are painting themselves into a corner.  In the end, this line of thinking merely proves that we're all just normal.

When Trans was Men dressed as Women -

I don't particularly mind the discussion about them / this subject.

And you have the right to speak, but I also have the right to express my views and listen to yours. They have every right to state their preferred pronouns, but I ALSO have every right to express what I believe those pronouns are as well. 

This is the significant aspect that many fail to notice. Equally, I still don't understand why I'm not allowed to voice this. It's not meant to be offensive. It's simply my perspective, my opinion, and, in my view it's accurate - and correct grammatically! 

Take for instance, the individual who was once entirely male, with all the traits associated with masculinity. Yet, at the same time, they desire to present themselves as a woman. This is a perplexing contradiction that I've never fully comprehended it.  Do those traits automatically disappear, even WITH hormone therapy?

What exactly does it mean to dress like a woman? 

One of the obvious, ridiculous errors that so many Trans people do, is equate femininity with merely having long hair, and wearing makeup?!

This is outrageous!  Really?

MEN can do this as well!  And, hello, they are STILL men!

For all the younger idiots nowadays, an oldie like myself remembers the early 80s, with the New Romantic pop craze, where the likes of Boy George, Duran Duran, Adam Ant, et al, were loaded with lip gloss, mascara, and all the accessories for the modern woman.

They were all men; they identified as men, they were not Trans!  So, the Trans community seem to be making a mistake, when certain individuals such as that asshole for Bud Light beer in America, are defended.  Don't do this!

I've always been intrigued by androgynous women or those with a more masculine appearance, juxtaposed with the latest trend of transgender women.  For the androgynous, they're playing at it, and at the same time are / can be as horny as hell; but -

They are still women!

It seems to me, that transgenders don't embody womanhood entirely; they merely seem to embrace certain superficial aspects, such as makeup and dresses. Some may have long hair, some may use mascara / face whitener; but they lack the understanding of how to truly embody femininity; as they merely imitate it, but wish to be taken seriously as a different gender.

This is quite different than the picture of Annie Lennox (above).

Whatever that may entail. Let's be realistic. Statistics suggest that only about one out of every 10,000 people may genuinely be Intersex and experience these feelings. Similarly, only about 2,000 individuals each year, to my knowledge prior to the recent surge, have had the courage to undergo gender-affirming surgery. 

There must be SOME effort made here!  Not only in having the "snip", but also not having a beard, etc.  Some of the very recent trends, where not only do they feel that they do NOT need to have surgery, but that they look like your elderly Uncle in drag, after going on a pub crawl, simply must stop.

There needs to be some effort here.


Wednesday 8 May 2024

It's only the Extremes nowadays - Part 1 - When DEI was Equal Opportunities, when Mental Health was Well-Being


When DEI was Equal Opportunities, when Mental Health was Well-being, when Procrastination was someone being a lazy fucking bastard, and when Trannies were men dressed as women.

What's happened to the world?  It seems like, once again, the extremes, or in this case, all the left wing's dreams and cliches have now attempted to be normalised, or at least are normalised by the radical left wing media; who control many sections of the world in at least in what the world thinks.

When DEI was Equal Opportunities -

Years ago, I worked for a trade union involved in all types of HR-related matters. While these endeavours often seemed commendable on paper, they could be quite useless in practice. It's fascinating because on one side, the Unions strive to portray themselves as good, heroic, and decent. Yet, on the other side, they can be just as manipulative and controlling as the managers they were meant to regulate.

Even then, there were individuals then, who took issue with this type of thing. I recall hearing many of my fellow employees attempt to minimize the extent of discrimination or mistreatment, suggesting that it only occurred for a brief period or affected only certain groups. The idea that if you were straight and white, you had it easy was utter nonsense in their opinion!

It was also striking that, in my capacity within HR, I would regularly attend several committees focused on discrimination against protected groups. However, we often found ourselves with literally NOTHING to do or discuss when attending these meetings. Either this type of discrimination simply didn't exist, or it was never brought to our attention. 

One is left to ponder why these issues seem to have intensified in recent times?  If we ARE more progressive in our thoughts, why do we seem to have more of these types of problems?

When Mental Health was Well-Being - 

Please don't tell me that we only have to talk; my US experience tells me that you're talking shite if you believe this.  I remember when I was very young, I heard this all the time when I was at elementary school and then later junior high - that all you have to do is talk, talk, talk and everything will be fine in your life, and your mental health will be perfect!  

What rot!  We did talk as Americans can do, and guess what? 

Everything isn't fine. Currently, over half of the American adult population are on some form of prescription medication. And half of those are taking drugs for their mental health. 

Talking doesn't fucking work.  

Slippery slope - Now, here in the UK, particularly in England, we are meant to follow this pearl of wisdom.  In fact, there was even a televised football special as Prince William met with footballers from the English Premier League and even from the English national football team, who were talking about their mental health - poor, rich souls.

I could have vomited. 

They are once again, making the same fucking mistakes America made 40 to 50 years ago. And of course, nothing will be resolved and nothing will change. And guess what? Everyone will start to get drugged up here as well.  

You only have to look at recent NHS stats, about the increase of prescriptions for “mental illness”.

It's all we hear!  Let's talk, Samaritans, Well Being, Mental Health!, Let's talk! This is all we have to effing listen to.  And all I can say is if you use America, as long-term study sample; it simply, doesn't work!


Tuesday 23 April 2024

Who are the Freaks - No Tech for Apartheid

It's interesting that there are just, so many different groups (NGOs, Non-Profits, etc) nowadays.  These radically left-wing groups, as well as their entities on social media, makes you wonder: who supports them, and just where do they get their financial backing?

The above is one of them, and its very interesting to look at their website!   It's a troop of leftist freaks and supporters (see below).


I didn't think it was possible to be endorsed (presumably financed by) by THIS many whack jobs!?

So, this is the start of a new theme for this blog. Let's call it "Freaks of the Month" or for the week, if I find out that there is more than one group per month that merits being here. 

No Tech for Apartheid:

This particular group is very interesting, and at the same time,  also very cliched.  It is once again, a typical, highly middle class, privileged, and so precious a group of pukes, who not only run it and finance it, but also (presumably) take part in their demonstrations.

According to this ignorant group of anti-Semites:

As the Israeli Occupation Forces bombed homes,  clinics, and schools in Gaza and threatened to push Palestinian families from their homes in Jerusalem May 2021, Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud executives signed a $1.22 billion contract to provide cloud technology to the Israeli government and military. By doing business with Israeli apartheid, Amazon and Google will make it easier for the Israeli government to surveil Palestinians and force them off their land.

Surveil?  They use it a lot (see below)

NTFA gained a pathetic notoriety last week, when a group of them took over sections of Google's Sunnyvale, California offices.

This resulted in several dozen being terminated.  Bravo!

But, subsequently, thank God!, many of these "warriors", including in the link below wee Emaan Haseem (ah, bless her and her outrageously, arrogant look)

were also fired today due to the above demonstrations.  It takes the toll to about 50.  50 less pieces of shit in the corporate world.  

Who knows, maybe sanity is finally returning to Big Business.  Perhaps a post-Woke world is amongst us . . . at last!

On their site, it is still possible to sign a petition to demand that Google disinvests from Israel.  And I have to report, that as of today, close to 100,000 lunatics have indeed signed up to the below (edited):

Dear Amazon and Google Executives Andy Jassy, Adam Selipsky, Sundar Pichai, and Thomas Kurian,

I’m writing to you with urgency and in solidarity with the hundreds of Amazon and Google workers bravely calling for Google and Amazon to immediately cancel your $1.2 billion contract for Project Nimbus and stop doing business with the Israeli apartheid government and military, . . .

In addition and "naturally", they are down for the struggle against BME / BIPOC oppression, with this:

Amazon helps power ICE’s deportation-detention machine, and partners with over 2,000 U.S. police departments to surveil and criminalize Black and brown communities through its doorbell camera Ring. 

As always, they somehow link Gaza / Israel to Black Lives Matter?  A combination that any sane person would think was crazy; but don't these groups always do this?

They then try to make this personal by having several students from Gaza, presumably the University of Gaza, give personal statements:

That's right, the University of Gaza, based in Gaza City; which happens to have its very own Sharia Law department!

You can't make it up.


Thursday 28 March 2024

The present use of English is as shocking as Orwell said -

Have you noticed recently? It seems like everything has an 's' at the end of it. That's right, everything is plural now. 

When I was young, certain words weren't plural. As I currently train people to use different forms of language, it's evident to me that the fact is accommodation is merely an uncountable noun; not a plural noun. There is absolutely no need to put an 's' on the end of it, yet people do this again and again these days.

I've noticed different new plural forms emerging just in the past year or six months. It makes me want to throw up because they're not words. They never were words, they aren't words, and they never will be words, but it almost seems like if you are an intelligent left-wing writer — that's an oxymoron — you automatically put an 's' on the end of the word. 

Some of these are simply shocking!  Another one that I've heard recently is insurances

It's not a fucking word!

This is exactly like accommodations.

What is even worse, is the use of the word behaviours!  No such fucking word!  Behaviour is all that you need!

I was actually in China recently, and they use the word harms, as in harms and benefits; although it's forgivable as it's not the native language, but still, another horrible use of a non-plural word becoming plural!

But the above, from the well-heeled people of Singapore, is the prize winner.  So far, I've been unable to find the original article, though this link:

gives more information, about some mini-Tyrant from the USA.


Surely this is personnel, or the very simple, non-S word - Staff!

I've seen other examples of appalling English, which I've detailed with links, etc.

But I would really like to get into the psychology of this. Is it snobbery? Is it downright ignorance? Or is it, once again, doing everything possible to influence somebody as if to say, Look how intelligent I am?

In this, we once again footnote the great George Orwell.

Some of you people here keep going on in articles about Orwell, and literally the only thing you say is, besides '1984,' is that people who erase history and use the standard quote 

Please do some reading. This was the least of his worries. He was very shocked at the time in the 1930s and '40s, about the state of the English language, and it should be mandatory reading to actually read his Politics and the English Language. In that, he gives several rules for writing (above). 

It seems like nothing has changed.


PS - As of earlier today, for some reason Twitter has blocked my for the next week.  No idea why?

Thursday 29 February 2024

More on how crap Glasgow, Scotland is; The Disastrous Willy Wonka Experience:

Following up on my previous article about Glasgow's ongoing struggles, including the failure to remove Christmas trees from two months ago, there's a recent debacle that deserves attention—the Willy Wonka Experience.

Promoted as a whimsical adventure for children, it turned out to be yet another disappointing rip-off, epitomizing some of Glasgow's less-than-stellar attributes. And what's even more interesting, is that it appears to have garnered world-wide attention; thus tarring Glasgow's reputation even more (deservedly)! A simple search (above) resulted in oodles of different, world press photos.

Let's delve into the details. The event was delightfully skewered by GB News Headliners program of 27 February, with headlines exposing the organizer, one Billy Coull, as a repeat offender in the realm of a previous terrible Christmas experience, several years ago, that resulted in him having to cancel a Christmas event. This time, the venue was a large warehouse just south of the river Clyde, but the outcome was no different—it was a complete disaster. Apparently, after the angry parents confronted Coull, he did a runner before having the shite kicked out of him!

Attendees were met with shoddy decorations, inadequate refreshments, and laughable attempts at entertainment. The actors struggled with poorly written scripts generated by AI, while children were left disappointed with minimal sweets and lackluster graphics. Despite the outcry from disgruntled patrons, Coull seems to have evaded consequences once again, with promises of refunds being the only silver lining.

What's truly baffling is Coull's track record of failed events, yet no meaningful action has been taken against him. It's high time for authorities to step in and hold him accountable for his fraudulent practices. This pattern of repeat offenders going unpunished is indicative of a larger issue plaguing both Scotland and our country, where those who exploit others seem to operate with impunity.

The Willy Wonka Experience may have been a flop, but its aftermath sheds light on systemic failures that need urgent attention. Please go into the above links or search yourself - it is really THAT bad!. It's not just a stain on Glasgow's reputation; it's emblematic of a broader problem that demands swift action.


Tuesday 20 February 2024

Glasgow, Scotland - An incompetent, leftist, hellhole! We still have Christmas trees in the street.

Glasgow, Scotland, we love you, and we hate you also.  

The city government has always tried to portray the city as above.  Old buildings, greens spaces, clean air, environment, friendly people, ad nauseum.

But only a few hundred yards from the above, was this:

That's right; those are Christmas trees, and they are STILL lying on the ground in our beloved Kelvingrove Park.

Making it look like a cesspit!

I've just been travelling to and fro the USA, and I couldn't recall seeing ANY Christmas trees lying in the streets over there?  And why the effing hell would I?  It's been close to 2 months since the Christmas holidays and we're now closer to March, and have already started the Lent period!

You can't make this up!

This seems to always happen here.  The last few years, apparently due to COVID(!), they can barely empty our fucking bins!

It seems that they, the Left, are incapable of doing ANYTHING right.

And this is in Glasgow, with one of the highest council taxes (UK local government tax) in the UK.

Sick of it!


Saturday 17 February 2024

The Superbowl - More Popular than Ever? No! More expensive than ever.

It's interesting that the first Super Bowl took place on January 15, 1967. It was legendary coach Vincent Lombardi's last playoff game, and he was victorious. It's also the only Super Bowl to have been covered by more than one network—NBC and CBS, with CBS covering the NFL and NBC covering the AFL during the season. One notable fact is that a player participated in both Super Bowl I and Super Bowl II, the great, Hall-of-Famer Forrest Gregg, who would later coach the Cincinnati Bengals during the 1981/82 season, and lead them to the Superbowl that year.  This Superbowl, SBXVI, remains the most popular Super Bowl to this day, commanding a market share of 49.1% in the USA, with about 37% of the US population watching it.

It's worth noting, however, that while the recent Super Bowl was watched by an estimated 120 million people, making it heralded as the most popular ever, this claim is questionable. Back when Super Bowl I took place, the United States had a population of only about 195 million, and around 50 million people watched the game; and considering this was the very first Super Bowl, it is understandable that ONLY 50 million watched it on TV.  Additionally, Super Bowl I wasn't necessarily watched by many people as it was a novelty and not expected to be a close game, which it wasn't, thus people weren't as interested, with empty seats in the LA Colosseum.      

Now, with nearly 335 million people in the US, about 121.5 million supposedly watched the recent Super Bowl. Therefore, the increase in viewership isn't as significant as it may seem, and what is very interesting is that just a few years ago, less than 100 million were watching the game, which was only about 28% of the US population. 

Contrarily, the Super Bowl of the 1981-1982 season, Super Bowl 16 (with the great Joe Montana [above]) was far more popular. Despite what people may claim, the games prior to the mid-1990s were almost always more popular than they are today; with Household Share almost always in the 40s (Unlike just recently where this share number had fallen into the 30s!). 

It's intriguing to note that despite their decreased popularity, there's more money involved now than ever!  This can ONLY be attributed to the lack of competition, leading to oligopoly and monopoly in the market.

By money, I refer not to player's salaries, etc, but to the cost of a half-minute commercial.  I watched some of these this year for the first time in ages - as I watched the US broadcast networks screening.  And I can only say that some were simply dreadful!  $7 million for these?!  Let THAT sit in for a moment.

This is a significant statistic.  Initially, an advert for Super Bowl I only cost about $37,000 to $42,000 (per 1/2 minute). However, for the recent Super Bowl, it was between $6.5 and $7 million. Adjusted for inflation, this would have been equivalent to about $325,000 for a half-minute spot for the original Super Bowl. 

This indicates that while the Super Bowl may not be 20 times more popular now than it was in 1967, it's significantly more expensive. This trend reflects the broader state of the US economy; where it seems that the rich get richer, and the poor, . . . you know how that ends.