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Wednesday 30 March 2022

Sports are awful; The MLB deal with more playoffs & uniform advertising. Once again, the rich get richer . . .

A few months ago, I found an old Sports Illustrated mag, that talked about the 1970 Kansas City Chiefs side who were world champions at the time.  There was an interview with one of their players, who noted that at the time, his neighbourhood where he currently resided (at that time in 1970), had a mixture of plumbers, carpenters, him, etc! 

That's right!  Now I DARE anyone to find a player nowadays who could actually say this. And that's the point of this blog post - the gap is wider today, and will continue to increase, much to the chagrin of an equal society.

This is a bit of an old blog entry (2 weeks!), but stresses again, the might of monopoly and oligopoly.

In addition, years ago I read an article in the once great magazine, but sadly now a globalist, rag, The Economist.  The article talked about the Wimbledon tennis championships needing to find a sponsor, in order to generate more revenue and stay competitive - were they wrong!

And this brings me to the recent discussions in baseball, where  MLB came to an agreement with the baseball players union, to end their lockout of the baseball players. The CBS Sports link is here:

It should also be noted, that I am beginning to respect the NFL again, as they are now the ONLY major sports league in America, that does not allow advertising on their uniforms - perhaps they feel that THEY (like Wimbledon) are their own brand?  And quite rightly as well. 

From the report, I wish to highlight below, two new proposals that were agreed to, and naturally, are ONLY about money.  As if there is not enough of that in the sport already.

3. It's now a 12-team postseason

Since the creation of the Wild Card Game in 2012, 10 teams have made the postseason each year except the pandemic-shortened 2020 season. That number will now increase to 12 teams. (The owners had pushed for a 14-team format.)

And this below, which as said above, leaves the NFL as the only league without outside advertising:

In addition to the expanded postseason, the league will be creating a new revenue stream by allowing teams to feature advertisement patches on their jerseys and decals on their helmets, per ESPN.

Both of these will serve only to increase the money in the league, but will also further dilute the sport and grow the gap between the normal man and the millionaire sports stars therein. 

If it was possible, I surely would wish that somehow I could go back to the days of the Chiefs, in 1970.


Tuesday 22 March 2022

Week Ahead - Ah the hyprocrisy . . . the hypocrisy . . .


It's an awful old world, isn't it, so I'll leave you with the above, and who knows, it could be a meme!  Naturally, we hear NOTHING about the top left.

Not that I'm bothered, because even if it was to be reported on, NOTHING would happen about it.

I could go on, but will delve further into this in the coming days, with posts ranging from the DP World golf tour, to the blood money paid to release one "British" prisoner in Iran.

Also, more wit, wisdom and even some culture.


Monday 21 March 2022

The hypocrisy of the Ukraine refugee situation; Someone agrees with me!


Yes, it is bad, and yes, Putin is to blame for it.  

It is also an awful situation that never should have been allowed to happen, but that is a completely different topic / blog post.

But just what of the refugees, and in particular, what of the UK government's plan to take as many as possible, NOT just those who have some connection with the UK.

My own opinion is that it will be another disaster; have these people not learned ANYTHING from Brexit and the enormous levels of immigrants, that we, but particularly the southeast of England, have had to endure the last 20 years?  

Yes, there will be volunteers to take them in and the said volunteers will get their £350 a month, but just WHO will be these volunteers.

Already, some 150,000+ have signed up, God Bless them, but it leaves me with two questions?

1) Who are they?  Because I guarantee it is NOT the young, woke, wank; who lives with their parents and loves their social media accounts FAR more than actually DOING something about their virtual signalling.

Someone here has said this A LOT better than I could ever do so.  And to think that this is an opinion piece.  Credit where it is due. 

2) Just what happens, after a few weeks, months, whatever, when the Ukrainians in your house are either a pain, or think that YOU are a pain in the ass, and they decide to bolt, leave, or demand a new accommodation provider? 

Has anybody thought about that?   Many of our hotels in the UK are already packed with other "refugees" - Just WHERE would these new ones actually go?


Wednesday 16 March 2022

The Week Ahead - More Netflix wokeness, you can't make it up - Nauseating!

Coming off the revolting, leftist, lovies who polluted the British Academy Awards show on Sunday, comes news of that so authentic Victorian drama, the ever so shit, Bridgerton.  I just happened to see this in the Radio Times, at my nearest Tesco.

Yes, I know; they look JUST like the Victorians!  Don't they?  With this being just one big "Eff You" to the British non-Black public, who have their nose rubbed in it - as a myriad of white actors and actresses are literally given no chance of ever playing these parts.

Equally, it's always a good thing to see the unwashed in their views, particularly when they like garbage like this.  For example, below was a comment from a racist, black reviewer, who naturally, mentions their get-out-of-jail card (from being a racist) - "diversity"

Romance, drama, comedy, and scandal....this show has it all. I enjoyed the show more than the book, which is a first for me.  I love the added characters and diversity.  The music was great as well. 

I just know, that this filthy racist would be up in arms if the recent portrayal of Richard Williams, in King Richard, and the simply dreadful performance by Will Smith, would have been portrayed by a white person!  

The cries of racist would be able to be heard from Saturn or Jupiter.

This simply infuriates me!


Sunday 13 March 2022

For those who don't live in the UK or Scotland, check this out!

 Ah, our beloved Nationalist, Socialist Government with SUCH priorities.  

And once again, I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP!

Our fearless leader, "Wee Nicky" Sturgeon, Scotland's First Minister, decided this week to look at one of the most pressing needs that we who live in Scotland wished to be addressed, witches from 400 years ago!

See this link, and please remember, that this is true.

This is bonkers!  I mean, ANYBODY with an ounce of sense, knows full well that not only is this insane, but also that there are, I believe???, more important needs and issues nowadays that should be on her agenda.

But wait, there are, and she did not even bother to show up at the hearings / debates.

But naturally, not only will this (her not looking at the Care Home situation) not be reported, but even if it was, the typical, knuckle-dragging bigot, who supports the Scottish Nationalist Party, will brush it aside, and call you a "Tory" or deflect by mentioning Boris Johnson!

Completely believable.

This week, we will be showing you guys & girls out there, some of my favourite SNP supporting comments in blogs & online, that I've read the past few weeks, in order to show you just how brainwashed these bigots are.


Tuesday 8 March 2022

The Week Ahead - Puppets, Sheep, War Propaganda, but first, CBS Sports - A woke rag of a Website!


Everything is so bad and probably about to get worse nowadays, hello gas and energy prices, but first some culture and just how everything and everybody tries to be so woke.  

This concerns the recent retirement of Carli Lloyd from the USA's female football team. 

Even with her stature in the game, Lloyd has been a polarizing player. She declined to take a knee before the Bronze medal match of the Olympics in August of 2021.  Her reluctance to speak out about social issues during a time when the team became notable for taking a front-footed approach on a myriad of issues certainly could be part of the rift.

I've noticed that everything, even sports sites (or rags) as in the case of CBS Sports, now have lost ALL objectivity trying to reach that nirvana on the woke summit.  

That's right, because Lloyd refused to take a knee, like that piece of shit Megan Rapinoe, that she is now somehow, "polarizing"?

You can't make it up, but I just had to report on this, as I feel that just so many blogs will only look at shite inside the Beltway, or in Ukraine at the present moment.

This week, more comments about various things, in addition, to an opinion piece on just WHY our utterly useless politicians seem to ALWAYS wait until something horrendous happens, until they finally decide to do something.


Monday 7 March 2022

More hypocrisy about Ukraine . . . and the obvious elephant in the room, ie. civilian deaths in war

With all the noise now about holding Putin to account for his actions, isn't there an elephant in the room?  Isn't there?

Hyprocrisy knows no end when it comes to the current Ukrainian situation, and I've written before about hypocrisy in general amongst the political class, if I might add, in my brilliant link from above quoting the great Milton Friedman's article from 40 years ago.

And this is once again, where we find ourselves now, just a few weeks into the Russian invasion.  Where we have a myriad of "experts" such as Keir Starmer, Labour Leader in the UK, who naturally wants to try Vlad as a "war criminal"?  

Starmer's argument is that "aggression" is now a crime! 

Really?  How come we have never heard a peep from the likes of these chattering classes of both Starmer and others about the civilian deaths in the Arab world since 2001?  

A number that is probably fast approaching 400,000, with the main perpetrators being both the USA and the UK (primarily in Afghanistan and Iraq).

Equally, there are now some nutters equating Israel with Putin's Russia!   Believe it or not!

You can read the utter wackjobs' arguments here, when they somehow claim its equivalent! 

I cannot counter it any better, so please go here (written by the great,  Alan Dershowitz).  In it, it's easy to see and to accept his arguments, that there is simply NO comparison between the two countries, with one attacking the other, without itself (Russia) ever being attacked by Ukraine. 

This is of course, a far cry from the CONSTANT attacks by the Palestinians against Israel and vice-versa.   How can  anybody DISPUTE this?


Saturday 5 March 2022

Urkraine and Cancellations - Cats & Dogs even hate Putin, is Chekov next?

Unless you've been under a rock the last week, the hypocrisy and "cancellations" with anything REMOTELY concerning Russia or Russians, are now in a rampant stage.  

The mind wonders of anyone (anything) else who could possibly be cancelled?  Even poor old Lieutenant Pavel Chekov of Star Trek fame?  Don't bet against it!  Though to be perfectly honest, with that haircut, he should've been banned decades ago!

With the banning of Russian cats and trainers from cat shows (Ed; Is that what they're called?) decided this week, nothing Russian is now out of the realm.

But what I haven't seen, and after some very swift Internet searches, is that, obviously, the dog brigade have now followed suit!  Unbelievable!

Crufts which is  possibly the most prestigious show in the world, announced this week that those evil Russians are now also banned from their shindig, which is due to take place in the week coming.

Can it get any crazier?


Tuesday 1 March 2022

The Week Ahead & Ukraine - There HAS to be an escape route for Putin

Also, please stick your blue and yellow flags on Facebook up your arse; there's adults in the room now.  But what this route is, giving him the East side of Ukraine, pressuring him to accept the fact that we have noticed him, etc - I haven't a clue.  But he MUST be allowed to save face; no matter how galling that is. 

Years ago, I met some Ukrainians at a sports event, before that, I didn't even know how to pronounce it!  Is it "Ukraine" or "The Ukraine"?  Still don't know!

But what I do know from my private sector and Left-wing past, is that bullies / strongmen will take advantage of everything in their midst, if they perceive that (rightly or wrongly) you are weak.

They can think that you are strong incorrectly, and STILL take you seriously.  It's all about perception. 

Equally, we surely need to look at how the CIA, might have started the 2014 revolution that disposed of the Russian speaking leader of Ukraine, the subsequent votes for independence by the 2 breakaway, Russian speaking areas and the assurances given to Yeltsin 30 years ago that NATO would not expand.

As for the refugees:

We think that it will be about 5 million now ... and naturally many ALREADY wish to come to the UK!  Of course!  And you just know, they ain't gonna go back; don't you?

How many times does someone have to say this!  When seeking refuge, you can NOT choose which country you wish to go to!  Now IF, a particular country wishes to evacuate you to their country, then naturally, that's allowed.   My own opinion, sorry, we're full!  It will be yet more people, who don't speak English, who will IMMEDIATELY go on the public dole, and will be taking money / resources, that should go to our own!

Sorry, but only in EXTREME circumstances and for a temporary basis, should we even think about admitting ANY of these people.

This week, more on this, and in particular, some of the comments that I've seen / received from some utter "geniuses" out there, after I've commented on Ukraine, on various outlets.