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Tuesday 20 February 2024

Glasgow, Scotland - An incompetent, leftist, hellhole! We still have Christmas trees in the street.

Glasgow, Scotland, we love you, and we hate you also.  

The city government has always tried to portray the city as above.  Old buildings, greens spaces, clean air, environment, friendly people, ad nauseum.

But only a few hundred yards from the above, was this:

That's right; those are Christmas trees, and they are STILL lying on the ground in our beloved Kelvingrove Park.

Making it look like a cesspit!

I've just been travelling to and fro the USA, and I couldn't recall seeing ANY Christmas trees lying in the streets over there?  And why the effing hell would I?  It's been close to 2 months since the Christmas holidays and we're now closer to March, and have already started the Lent period!

You can't make this up!

This seems to always happen here.  The last few years, apparently due to COVID(!), they can barely empty our fucking bins!

It seems that they, the Left, are incapable of doing ANYTHING right.

And this is in Glasgow, with one of the highest council taxes (UK local government tax) in the UK.

Sick of it!


Saturday 17 February 2024

The Superbowl - More Popular than Ever? No! More expensive than ever.

It's interesting that the first Super Bowl took place on January 15, 1967. It was legendary coach Vincent Lombardi's last playoff game, and he was victorious. It's also the only Super Bowl to have been covered by more than one network—NBC and CBS, with CBS covering the NFL and NBC covering the AFL during the season. One notable fact is that a player participated in both Super Bowl I and Super Bowl II, the great, Hall-of-Famer Forrest Gregg, who would later coach the Cincinnati Bengals during the 1981/82 season, and lead them to the Superbowl that year.  This Superbowl, SBXVI, remains the most popular Super Bowl to this day, commanding a market share of 49.1% in the USA, with about 37% of the US population watching it.

It's worth noting, however, that while the recent Super Bowl was watched by an estimated 120 million people, making it heralded as the most popular ever, this claim is questionable. Back when Super Bowl I took place, the United States had a population of only about 195 million, and around 50 million people watched the game; and considering this was the very first Super Bowl, it is understandable that ONLY 50 million watched it on TV.  Additionally, Super Bowl I wasn't necessarily watched by many people as it was a novelty and not expected to be a close game, which it wasn't, thus people weren't as interested, with empty seats in the LA Colosseum.      

Now, with nearly 335 million people in the US, about 121.5 million supposedly watched the recent Super Bowl. Therefore, the increase in viewership isn't as significant as it may seem, and what is very interesting is that just a few years ago, less than 100 million were watching the game, which was only about 28% of the US population. 

Contrarily, the Super Bowl of the 1981-1982 season, Super Bowl 16 (with the great Joe Montana [above]) was far more popular. Despite what people may claim, the games prior to the mid-1990s were almost always more popular than they are today; with Household Share almost always in the 40s (Unlike just recently where this share number had fallen into the 30s!). 

It's intriguing to note that despite their decreased popularity, there's more money involved now than ever!  This can ONLY be attributed to the lack of competition, leading to oligopoly and monopoly in the market.

By money, I refer not to player's salaries, etc, but to the cost of a half-minute commercial.  I watched some of these this year for the first time in ages - as I watched the US broadcast networks screening.  And I can only say that some were simply dreadful!  $7 million for these?!  Let THAT sit in for a moment.

This is a significant statistic.  Initially, an advert for Super Bowl I only cost about $37,000 to $42,000 (per 1/2 minute). However, for the recent Super Bowl, it was between $6.5 and $7 million. Adjusted for inflation, this would have been equivalent to about $325,000 for a half-minute spot for the original Super Bowl. 

This indicates that while the Super Bowl may not be 20 times more popular now than it was in 1967, it's significantly more expensive. This trend reflects the broader state of the US economy; where it seems that the rich get richer, and the poor, . . . you know how that ends.


Wednesday 20 December 2023

The Scottish Nationalist Party (SNP)and their (future) immigration policy on refugees are a complete and total disaster.

Take a look at this thing named Kirsty Blackman. She's absolutely shocking once again, a career politician, never a real job in her fucking life, and then straight into politics after she had got out of university - she also happens to be a complete, and UTTER, third-rate whack job.

I say she is shocking again, as a few years ago, this Nazi actually wanted to forbid Donald Trump from entering the UK!

Honestly!  Look at her, LOOK AT HER!  She is a complete, fucking idiot!

She was actually on a show recently,  where she's openly said that she favoured unlimited, uncontrolled, immigration to Scotland!

This is a fact!  She's an idiot; a complete fucking nutjob! 

There's so many reasons to disagree with her, you almost cannot make this up. But she at least shows you what a complete fucking moron she is. 

I always have wanted to know, just how that would in reality work; this type of immigration "plan"?  Would everyone, presumably, just hop on the next Ryanair or Third World Airline, equipped with as many bags as possible, and literally just "show up" in the waiting arms of the SNP?  Because it seems to me after what this lunatic said this last week, that is EXACTLY what they mean, and would inevitably happen!

Honestly, would it be a hundred or a thousand a day, pouring into both Glasgow and Edinburgh airports, presumably applying to stay, as in they wouldn't even need to fill-out their bogus asylum applications, or even pretend to be a "refugee"? 

This leads us to this person below; my Lord(!), there seems to be a never-ending amount of these parasites, just itching to get in where the white man is the majority, aren't there?

She's a filthy Third World mooch. She's not a refugee in any way, shape or form, is she? 

Well, she can fuck herself and go back to the first port of call. She came from Africa, went through Italy, where she's meant to claim that she is refugee. But even then, she should actually have done this in the nearest country in Africa!

Sorry, you cannot say where you want to be a refugee at. She then came over the Mediterranean, and went all the way through Europe, then came over on another boat to the UK.  And now, she wants to bring the rest of her family over here. The fucking pig.

Ah, but according to this rag of an article, by the filth in the MSM, she's "desperate".  They can fuck themselves as well!

She's apparently a devout church goer in the south of Glasgow, in the Gorbals.  Take a look at these utter nutjobs!, and in particular, their leaders!  Is it any wonder that no one goes to the Christian, liberal churches anymore!

What is deeply offensive, is the one idiot who actually has the audacity to be wearing a head covering!  Yeah, she's down there with it; down for the struggle!

No doubt Christ is actually rolling in his grave looking at these pieces of shit. Do they have any idea about the world and that their beliefs run contrary to normal people, at the same time, not knowing just how damaging, fundamentalist Islam IS?


Friday 1 December 2023

Cultural Appropriations - The Saxophone - Played by minorities, invented by a Honky!


That's right, take a look at the honky above, this cracker is the whitey who invented the saxophone, that WELL known African American jazz instrument!  

Hello, please tell me y'all knew that!  Please do tell. . .

We say this, because as of right now, Nigel Farage, his greatness, is actually stuck in the jungle in Australia, taking part in ITV's, I'm a Celebrity, Get me Out of Here

And has been in debates the last week about "cultural appropriation", that seems to be, if a white man invents ANYTHING, the entire world is allowed to use it! - I have NO problem whatsoever with that.

BUT, if it is the other way around, then whitey is NOT allowed to use it.

As part Hispanic, if you wish to do anything "Hispanic", go right ahead!  It then proves, that "us people" are valued and have "made it"!

And that brings us back to Exhibit A, Sax's instrument, that I've never really cared for, with the exception of two songs:

1) Moving in Stereo, The Cars, 1978 - The ending is sensational, with a sax lead, played by Greg Hawks.

2) Maneater, Hall and Oates, 1982 - Both the intro and rest of the song, is one of the ONLY times I've felt the Sax was used properly.

And that returns us back to the Saxophone.

It appears, to have never really taken off in classical music, perhaps the first and best known piece when the sax was actually used, was Rossini's "Robert Bruce"; what a coincidence, as I presently reside in Scotland and am classified as a "new Scot"!

Later, after it was not gaining too much favour in the classical music world, Wikipedia states:

While the saxophone remained marginal and regarded mainly as a novelty instrument in the classical music world, many new musical niches were established for it during the early decades of the twentieth century.

Its early use in vaudeville and ragtime bands around the turn of the century laid the groundwork for its use in dance orchestras and eventually jazz.

So this beggars the question, why are these Jazzmen still allowed to use it?


Saturday 21 October 2023

Why does the Left hate Jews / Israel? They always have, haven't they?

Topol, from Fiddler on the Roof, 1971

When I was a mere tot, I remember being shown the above movie in my elementary school about the pogroms against Jews in early 20th Century Russia, started by the old Russian Tsars, under their Pale of Settlement programs. 

These were continued by the Soviets, in particular, Joseph Stalin, under his Anti-Cosmopolitan campaign.

Equally, before this, there was of course some mad Austrian National Socialist in Germany after World War I, who also had his anti-Jew viewpoints and took them to radical extremes.

Again, a radical leftist, who hated Jews.

In addition, in recent years in the UK, there was the particularly ever-disgusting Jeremy Corbyn (above) of the UK Labour party, who had a disastrous routing by the hands of the Conservative Party in the UK in their most recent UK wide election for their parliament, in 2019.  Part of the reason, was Corbyn was one of the most, left-of-centre, socialist bigots, that the Labour Party had ever had as their leader. 

It was fascinating that he was just so bad, that he got suspended by his very own Labour Party in 2020!

Naturally, in my opinion, he was given a pass by the leftist UK MSM, in particular, the BBC.  Don't start me on them!  But I've started. . .

But this anti-Jew, leftist thing continues to this day, as the BBC openly refused to refer to Hamas as a "terrorist" organisation!  Unbelievable!  This is so bad, that the Israeli President, Isaac Herzog, has actually called them out, and threatened to ban them from broadcasting in Israel!

Again, another radical, leftist group / organisation, who simply hates Jews!


In my opinion, it's the same reason for all of Leftist theology; that being one of hate, envy and spite, particularly against ANYONE who is either of a pale complexion or, who is or has become successful!  And believe me, compared to their horrible, poor neighbours, Israel is minted.

In their completely twisted, evil mindset, if you're a "honky" with some type of white'ish skin, you are automatically an oppressor, and the darker skins around you, are automatically the oppressed.

These oppressed, of course, must need the help of the great white leftist, and hence the socialist will automatically side with them - even if they (the oppressed) are a group of murdering, terrorist bastards like Hamas!

I'll look more into this type of mindset, later in the month as my "philosophy" post for this month (now that I'm trying to blog more).