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Thursday, 11 August 2022

Socialist, paradise of Glasgow, Scotland - More ripoff Car Parking Prices


That's right, the prices have "ONLY" gone up from £85 to £98, a mere 15+%.

Yet, it was only a few years ago, I believe 2015, when Glasgow District Council introduced these charges, that the price was £50 per year.

So, in my ever so crude, simple calculations, they've risen 96%, which amounts to almost 16% a year, for seven consecutive years!

What a rip off, as at the time, GDC promised us of more bike lanes, more areas for motorcycles, more enforcement of who actually parks in the older, West End neighbourhoods, etc, etc, - NONE of this has actually happened.

On my street, the parking lines / double parking lines look like something out the Third World!

Equally, if you do go into the link above, to the Council's simply awful website, you can note that they are STILL mentioning a fire that affected Garnethill residents!  This was actually referring to a fire in the nearby Glasgow School of Art.

Please go here to the BBC's summary, that shows the timeline about the School of Art's multiple fires; the last being in 2018!  Hey, that's 4 damn years ago!

Glasgow, please update your effing website; you simple suck!


Thursday, 4 August 2022

All this talk about China. Have you tried their online news? A look at "Global Times"


I've looked at this before and having been to China several times, I was always, particularly in Hong Kong, struck by the accuracy and relevance of their news.

When I was there a few years ago, I was surprised by all of the bikes and bike rental firms (with corresponding Apps) that were literally littering the streets.  A year later, I saw a report, that the Authorities there, had had enough, and would clear the streets of these bikes and seek a different method of bike rentals to the populace in Beijing!  Bang, it was solved, but more importantly, it was FACTUALLY reported on their news.  News that was non-elitist and for the general public; no spin, no opinion - News!

Whatever your opinion is about this authoritarian state (we have one as well here in the UK as well as in Biden's America), their press seems to be much better at printing facts, particularly when they are aimed at local problems, that have national consequences.

Look below for an example:


This is from the official news of the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) and is a fact-laden piece, that is now, a rarity in the USA and  UK.  At the same time, the current rage for the Chinese people to have convenience food seems natural, and I bet, that Pot Noodle, doesn't have anything on the Chinese version!

How far we have slipped.


Monday, 1 August 2022

More Right posts this week, but 1st, Microsoft's attitude to those poor Yakima women


Take a look at this nonsense, from my start-up page with Windows 10, this morning.

Two shots here, one the "broad picture", the other is the text I wish to show you.

You can't make it up! This is how low and woke that they ALL are nowadays, and leads me to believe, that all right-minded people really MUST drop out from the mainstream, NWO thing, and ONLY do business in a completely, separate world or economy.

What do they even mean by this?  "Women in Yakima"?  

Yes, there are women who exist there, in fact, the population is just under 100k, with a metro area of nearly a quarter of a million; with 50.7% being indeed female.

So just what is Microsoft's point here? You mean to tell me, that those (approximately) 50,000+ women, have never had an opportunity until 2022, to tell their "stories"?  


Have you ever heard of books, talking, the phone, the internet (that is well over 30 years of age), etc, etc, etc.

Good God, I must've missed something here.  I didn't really think that these women are cave-dwellers, and have had to wait until some White Messiah from Microsoft, in order to be saved, so that they can communicate their stories.

Utterly shameful message.


Wednesday, 27 July 2022

British Defeatism - "World" Gin Day & Orwell's critique

We do this so well in the UK, that is bashing our own, never saying a single decent word about the country we live in, ALWAYS deferring to foreigners, etc, etc, etc.


This leads me to a book, or pamphlet should I say, by George Orwell entitled Notes on Nationalism (Ed; Recommended Reading!).  Where it states that the English, left-wing, intelligentsia of the 1930s and 1940s, would simply NEVER say anything good about our country; whilst the European ones would (as in saying something positive about their own country).

They would draw on experiences and positive points from EVERY SINGLE COUNTRY IN THE WORLD, but would have no time whatsoever about the works of genius just down the block!

This brings us to the the good old BBC again, and the normally reliable Saturday Kitchen show; broadcast every Saturday from 10.00 to 11.30.  I try to watch it every Saturday, or at least keep up with it via the iPlayer application.

And yet again, they did not let me down; with their internationalist, self-loathing view of the UK.

Apparently, it was World Gin Dayor something to do with Gin, which by chance the UK LEADS THE WORLD IN!  It is not even very close.  We either have more Ginneries(?) or drink more, or export more, than any other country in the world.  


Why not celebrate it?

So when they had their "expert" on Gin on the show, they naturally showed either an Irish person or an American; who is no doubt based in London.

What was even more galling, was that the expert, some wokesterin called Carmen O'Neal (who was naturally foreign, and owns a London-based (of course!) gin factory called 58 & Co.), decided to highlight ONLY(!) non-British gins!  

I despair!   Why?  We know, or at least should know, that we in the UK in all four corners, have been doing Gin better than anyone in the world (as said before), the last few years.  BUT NOT A SINGLE UK GIN WAS ON OFFER on this show.

After all, even in 2017, the UK was the biggest exporter in the world, but let's not celebrate this fact, but let's talk about shite Gins from around the world!  

You can't make this up, but to an ignorant Canadian, who probably has only ever lived in Central London with her Gin company, why should she celebrate us and our land. I could vomit!


Thursday, 21 July 2022

Michele Obama's new book? Already half-price; BEFORE it hits the Shops!


Just received an email this morning, and lo and behold, this simply horrible human being has decided to infect the world again, with her horrid woke, world-view.  In the words of Waterstones in the UK (my emphasis in bold):

In 2018, Michelle Obama’s global bestseller Becoming recounted the former First Lady’s inspirational journey from her Chicago childhood through a successful career as a US attorney and on to her years in the White House.

Now, four years later, Michelle demonstrates how readers can utilise the lessons she has learned from her eventful life to build meaningful relationships, find community within difference and navigate change with confidence and kindness. Most of all, she describes how when we ‘light up’ for others, we illuminate the world around us with understanding, insight and love.

Written with good humour, candour and grace by one of the world’s most widely respected public figures, The Light We Carry is the perfect book of comfort and reassurance for uncertain times and an ideal gift for those you hold closest in your heart.

A truly unmissable literary event, The Light We Carry is published on Tuesday 15 November and is available to pre-order now at half price.

And I can now, simply vomit!  This is simply unbelievable but OTOH, it is completely believable, considering the unwashed morons who were bamboozled by her utter contempt for them, for whitey, for tradition, etc, etc. 

I am never for burning books, but I've now discovered some half-price kindling that I can use in my chimney this winter.

Already an early contender for my Worst of the Year awards!