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Thursday, 16 March 2023

Part 1 - It does indeed, pay to be a "minority"! Woke / Multi-"Cultural" Art in Scotland - What a Racket!

 *** Vomit Inducting Alert *** 

Have you ever wondered, why it seems to me (and to any thinking person), why EVERYONE and their dog seems to be either identifying as a "minority" (Ed; whatever that means?), or are bragging about their "miniority'ness".

It's a simple fact, isn't it.

So obviously I've missed something here; in that we don't have downtrodden "minorities", but that it actually is a blessing to BE one; isn't it?

I prefer to call this "Minority Rule", and that is EXACTLY what is going on now.  You know that, as well as I do.

The below links are quite simply nauseating, as it involves a "race artist" who whilst born in Scotland, simply doesn't care about this country who took her parents in, and in a bizarre way (and quite racist) identifies as Iraqi - no doubt a country she knows fuck-all about.   

And good God, she's made quite a racket out of duping stupid, Guardian reading liberals by the look of it, with her third rate, pre-Six Form "art".

Check these links out, I could start throwing things.


HANEEN HADIY - Bing images

Meet the team-Document Scotland

Haneen Hadiy - Dewar Awards

Hey, with the below link, she even does movies!


And in the below link, she rather disgustingly dons the Hijab.  BTW, please read the utter tosh that she writes in it as well; it's a fucking embarrassment.


Hahnemühle Student Award: nominees announced - Photo London

Hey, we're a Libertarian, and if these stupid honkies wish to spend their money on an ungrateful, talentless bigot, with little if any ideas or artisticness; let them!  

That's not the point.  Many of this is actually public money, given (according to her) to foreigners at the expense of native (predominantly white male) talent. And we both know, NOTHING will ever become of this filthy bigot, wee Haneen, will there. 

But it merely confirms my point, that it simply is a fact, that in modern Britain and Scotland, it pays to be a minority.

Part 2 will follow soon, with a look at all the "fake" minorities that we have these days.


Friday, 10 March 2023

MI5, MI6 - I thought the spy agencies had a problem Recruiting? Really! They're woke as hell!


This piece of woke propaganda showed up on my delightful, warm, Facebook page this week.  You only have to have a quick glance to know that they're woke as fuck there nowadays, which goes to explain, that NOTHING is safe from the Wokist fascists nowadays - they will even put our national security on the line as well!  Putin and Xi are laughing.

Well at least they take Gingers!

This was of interest to me this week, because on the same day, or at least I thought, I was listening to GB News where they were having a discussion about the inability of our surveillance agencies (for example MI5 and MI6) to recruit quality people - well I have your answer!

Years ago, I actually made various paper sifts and was called for a 2 hour quiz for our beloved Foreign Service.  Naturally I failed it, but what I saw was simply astounding - It was literally only Oxbridge graduates doing the test with me that day.  It was almost that I have wandered into an academic exercise for the elite.

Hey, they need the elite for these type of jobs, so I'm for this, but that's my point about "diversity".  The two females in the picture above are also not diverse in any way, shape or form as well; one merely has orange hair, the other light brown skin.  Besides that, there is NO difference whatsoever between them.  They are both probably; middle-class, privileged, boring as hell, called Emily or Rebecca, and have First Classes in some arts subject.

Which tends to prove that "diversity" nowadays, is PURELY based on skin colour. 

For those interested, please go here:

I despair.


Monday, 27 February 2023

British policy meant for the British ("Levelling Up"); will be used for Refugees! I'm back and ready to blog!


Please read this utter piece of nonsense, in a "you can't make it up" manner!  Interesting, that I haven't seen anything on this (though the last 10 days I've been out of the country) in the MSM, and must rely on a Cambridge website?

Levelling Up, is a conservative party / government policy, that recently handed out billions to deprived areas, predominantly in the north part of the UK, as they have both recently and always have, suffered in economic terms when compared to the affluent South & London.

Since late 2021, it has given £3.8 billion to these areas.   A more specific link can be found here, where the areas and projects where the money is going, is detailed. 

So when I, by chance, bumped into the above Cambridgeshire link, I was simply disgusted and was screaming at the internet!

New homes specifically for Ukrainian and Afghan refugees are due to be built in Cambridge. Cambridge City Council has agreed to spend over £11.3million on either buying or building a minimum of 30 new homes for refugees in the city.

Levelling Up, was always meant to help BRITISH people, NOT anyone else.  By British, I mean us lot, who are here living, struggling, working, paying taxes, etc!

It was NEVER meant to fund fucking refugees who are recent to our country!  Not now, not ever!  And I say this as a person who was not born in the UK, but who has happily lived here, and integrated myself here, over the last decades.

There are people waiting for new housing EVERYWHERE in this country, and although Cambridge Council claim this is only temporary; with the number of "refugees" pouring into the UK each week, they know that they are lying to us.

Equally, to spend 11.1 million pounds on 30 houses (£370,000 per house!!!), is simply obscene!

This should be immediately investigated by the Levelling Up Secretary, Michael Gove.

I despair!


Saturday, 18 February 2023

The witch is deed! Nicola Sturgeon and the politics of hatred in Scotland


In the end, the SNP's law on gender, where they were warned and warned and warned, that it could lead to men being in women's prisons, got her.  Deservedly so!

This is after repeatedly saying that you had to be a "right-winger" for this ever to happen!  With even senior officials, not being told that this had happened!  Even though a clown,  such as Keith Brown (the SNP's deputy leader), assured the Scottish Parliament that this would not be the case (from the above link):

Keith Brown’s statement to MSPs on Tuesday afternoon (31 January) followed his announcement on Sunday that no transgender prisoner with a history of violence against women will be accommodated in a women’s prison. 

An idiot or blind man without a cane knew this would happen, but just like her idol, the thoroughly revolting Saint Jacinda of New Zealand, she had to fall on her own sword.

Sturgeon, who had at the time of her resignation, been in charge of the radical leftist nationalist government in Scotland for 8 years, was still her usual arrogant and dishonest self - never actually saying that this situation was the cause in her resignation speech!

Now naturally, there will be a review about the law (the above link), but that is again, not the point.

She thoroughly deserves to go, what, with scandal and ineptness by the dozen here in Scotland, but it once again shows how not only does power goes to so many politician's heads, even when they are third rate as Sturgeon (with never a private sector job!), but also to the absolute haters who vote for the SNP, and who will continue to vote for them, regardless of what happens to their country.  

This can also apply to the inept, lying buffoon Joe Biden, who has recently shot down a $12 dollar toy balloon, and then stayed silent, as if to say; "It was a UFO!".

You can NEVER get rid of these people!  Largely due to a moronic, left-wing votership; who I have first hand experience of, particularly here in Scotland.  This people have always fallen to the SNP's propaganda, that EVERYTHING is the English Tories fault, that this is the reason why Scotland is in such a terrible state, even though Scotland has one of the most devolved governments in the world. 

But that won't stop them or their fawning friends in the leftist,  ignorant press, as this article in Forbes proves, from continuing!  Where the idiot of an ignoramus writer who wrote this tripe, the delightfully named "Josie" Cox, apparently has NO IDEA WHATSOEVER about Sturgeon or Scotland, and actually PRAISES her for stepping down, due to her "mental health"!?

I despair!


Sunday, 29 January 2023

The shame & awful predictability of Hollywood; M3GAN is simp7y aw3u7!


Just when you thought that Hollywood couldn't get worse, they not only inflict, this predictable, unrealistic, "fantasy" crap on us.   But they also miss an opportunity.

In what could have been (I say that VERY hesitantly) a fun and interesting take on the future of AI and it's role in the house, particularly with the home office revolution, and the rising levels of dementia; they give us this shite!

It's simply awful!  There is no satire, meaningfulness, application to today or at least, some excitement.   EVERYTHING  is scripted and contained within the Hollywood safe and secure, point-plotted regime.   You simply KNEW what was going to happen.

Unlike the great Robocop, (the original from 1987, NOT the shit from 2014!) that was dripping with satire,  dry humour and relevance, this had nothing to like about it whatsoever; with the audience in my case, actually laughing aloud, particularly in the scenes where wee Megan decides to sing!

Equally, when the predictable, "Megan is her own person schtick comes about", nothing is ever explained why, or why this new found independence turns out to be evil?  Why doesn't Megan become good?

In the end, I could have vomited, but who knows, Megan may have sent it back to me, with a new found skill or system update!

1/5 - Dreadful!