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Wednesday 31 March 2021

Biden's Dog - Headlines, stories, absurdities

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse, that’s right, in at #8 in the Top 10 for “news” stories on the good old BBC, is something about the “Senile in Chief’s” dog!  I am NOT MAKING THIS UP! 

Their Top 10 listing, showed up today for me, after finding an uplifting article on a repaired ferry.  The actual dog story, article is here:

And notice how they then lie & lie & lie about this, by showing a link to another “article” about White House pets, as if to say that they have “always” reported on such frivolities!  My fucking ass!  For some reason, one that escapes me, there was a virtual dearth of stories such as this from January 2017 to January 2021.  I STILL don’t know why? ? ? ? ?  Can somebody help me on this!

It just shows you several things:

1) The people are now COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY, a gang of lied to, brainwashed sheep.

2) The MSM are a joke.

There are no ands, ifs or buts about this anymore.  The MSM are who they are (to borrow a Rush Limbaugh term).  Just when you think they can’t get any more absurd, they do!

I will continue to scan occasionally stories like these.  Though the number of them is now beginning to be simply overwhelming!


Saturday 27 March 2021

Woke Woche - Memrise (language learning site)

The very first entry in a new series!

This will look at the various, awful PC / Wokeness, that is now at plaque level proportions!

Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING that we see in the arts, TV, radio, commercials, awards shows, etc, is now about skin colour, “orientation”, disability, or whatever!  Every effing thing is now this way!  I believe the code word is "immutable characteristics".

The articles will entail something from both local, Scottish, British and foreign information sources.  I’ll only publish once a week, but trust me, I’ll be scouring the globe for this type of shite but will primarily look at the English-speaking world.

Number one concerns, a multi-language, learning portal, and their use of, almost exclusively Black faces on their web site.  Really?


This is simply REDICULOUS!  Even if you look at the percentage of populations in the UK or USA, it is on average, less than 10%!  So even if a woke POS knows BASIC arithmetic, there is no way under the Sun that Blacks constitute the majority of language learners!

In fact, according to this link, only from last year, and I quote:

Research on African Americans in world language study (WLS) shows troublingly low rates of participation and advancement when compared with other minoritized counterparts and whites.

Says it all really.


Thursday 18 March 2021

China - Now it isn't just Trump who feels they're a threat - Part 1

Interesting, only after Trump goes, do the same fuckers who hated him, now sound EXACTLY like him!

This is just so typical, isn't it.  As long at there is not an R in front of someone, then everyone is cool with what they say.

It's strange, that Maher absolutely hated Trump, but now is stealing the Orangeman's words, with the Wokists in his audience, simply lapping up every word that he says. 

It's maddening, because there are just so many issues, that there should be broad support on, but the scum in the MSM completely poison the typical person in the middle's opinion.


Wednesday 10 March 2021

Meghan and Harry; Two C-listers looking for that Breakout Role!


They were both pathetic, dishonest, unwilling to listen to criticism, etc, but what was the most galling, was the closing of the wagons by the filth in the mainstream media, to take the obvious, dishonest, PC, woke, take on this - "them old whities and all the UK are racist!"  They virtually mentioned NOTHING else from the interview.

Is it just me, but I eagerly await to see the latest, unbiased poll, that will surely show that not only do the UK public vehemently disagree with Meghan, but also are at loggerheads with the scum in the MSM.  

They (the MSM) are hated!  And deservedly so.  It only confirms what I think about them. 

On a side note, I recently watched a Saturday cooking show, that goes out live on the BBC each Saturday.  Normally, there are some "celebrity" guests, and depending on just how horrid or nice they behave, the UK public votes to have them be cooked, and then to have to eat, their "Food Heaven" or "Food Hell".

Normally, the said guests NEVER have to contend with their hell, but on this recent show some two or three weeks ago, there was a simply, horrific pairing of celebs (Charlie and Naga) from the BBC Breakfast show - that's right, the MSM.  

They were simply ghastly!  Childish.  Snobbish.  Uppity.  Everything that the common man simply hates about the London elite, they went out of their way to prove is true.  And it just wasn't me, see here

In the end, 76% of the public voted them their Food Hell - deservedly so!


Friday 5 March 2021

Wokism is Insane - Non-educated Writers; I kid you not!

At times, it is simply not possible to imagine just how insane the leftist, Fascists are with their wokeness.

I'm actually livid over this post, as whilst I do write myself, I will never nowadays, actually see an advert that I could be allowed to apply for.

Please click here to actually see a post on

Read this for yourselves, when they actually have the nerve to say that “academic qualifications” are not required for these posts! 

Honestly, an illiterate gang of morons, could apply and get these jobs over someone who has read  English at university.  Unbelievable!