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Thursday 29 April 2021

Various - Shouting Fire in Cinema / Blair's Hair

After refusing to listen to "Senile Joe's" incoherent address to a 2/3s empty Senate chamber last night, I bring us back to one of the biggest lies that the fascist, Nazi, Left say about America; that there is no such thing as pure free speech, as you are not allowed to shout "Fire in a crowded Cinema".

Naturally, most people probably don't have a fucking clue who actually said this, and equally, that it is a both a complete fabrication in what Oliver Wendall Holmes actually said in the specific case at the Supreme Court, whilst it has mostly been overturned.

To sum up:

* The case was during World War 1.

* It concerned the legality of speaking against the draft that happened at that time.

* The Court ruled that you could not do this!  As it could hurt the draft / war effort

* He was misquoted.

* He distrusted his own opinion later in his life.

* In 1969, most of the case was overruled. 

Please read the article, even if it does come from those leftist pukes at Wikipedia.

This brings us to the recent re-emergence of Tony Blair himself.  When he came out of the shadows to talk about the lockdown, and spouted some neo-Fascist talk of it being here, more or less, forever! 

Yes, he can fuck himself, but the biggest shock, was his simply ridiculous hair style - being a cross between the King of the Jungle and Richard Branson.  Yes, it was that bad.

This brings me to the 1980 US Presidential election and an article I read, when the author  merely looked at all of the major contenders at that time; Ronald Reagan, Jimmy Carter, Ted Kennedy, et al, and commented & compared their hair styles.

I believe that after going on about Reagan's hair and the "Does he or doesn't he dye it?", he came to Ted Kennedy's hair, and referred to it as a "ferocious mane", then continued by saying that "If elections could be won by hair alone", it would be Kennedy.

Well, in the end, Carter beat Kennedy in the Democratic primary, and was later demolished by Reagan, in one of the biggest landslides in American history.

So who knows, does hair actually matter?


Monday 26 April 2021

Woke Woche - God, it gets worse!

A recent trip to the world of the Internet, looking at the various shops that will soon be allowed to open in Scotland, resulted in me going to the website of my personal fave, "Primark".  

Yes I know, the leftists simply hate it, due to the fact that normal, poor, working class Volk, can finally dress and and dress well, for an incredible low amount of money - all under one roof.

But dearie me, a trip to that said website, resulted in the below!  Horrid!  I didn't know that Olive Oyl was now deemed to have model qualities.

LOOK AT IT!  I've seen better faces at the mortuary!  

This is now, simply and utterly rediculous!


The Week Ahead . . .

Hey, we're back and have to inform, that we will once again look at Health Care, Wokeness and various other horrid things that come to my mind; Economics, Biden, and Scottish Elections!

Tuesday 20 April 2021

European Super League - Some Comments

You would have had to be living under a rock, if you had not heard anything about the impending departure of the main football teams in Europe, to start their own Superleague.  This is a natural extension to the existing Champions League, that was established in 1992.

And naturally, there has been an
uproar by many supporters and non-supporters of the various teams that wish to leave.  But before all of the moral pontification, here are several things that I’d add:

1) It may not actually succeed.  There may be negotiations, or cowardice on some of the team’s behalf, that it is never even set up.

2) Are the FA and EPL, legally entitled to chuck out the teams / players, from their respective competitions.  I believe that they are, but with the money and power that many of these teams have, they (the Teams) have already said that they would take this to court - bring it on!  I would think that the Supreme Court would rule with the FA / EPL.

3) Hey, instead of attacking this; embrace it.  And just like the days of the AFL in the USA in the 1960s or the WFL, in the 1970s; take this situation on or eventually merge with them.  And who knows, have a Superbowl between the two leagues at the end of each season.

4) Who says that the quality of these teams will be any good? If these teams are thrown out by the FA / EPL, and the players are also, what if some of the players decide NOT to play for them anymore?  If this happened, would the teams really be any good?

5) In addition, if the European chiefs of these teams think that they are immune, and will forever rule this new league AND make much more money, what would stop teams from Brazil, China, Russia, the Middle East, from joining them; or from even starting their OWN league?  With these billionaires in the new league, there is a possibility that they could then dwarf the European league, and their teams.


Monday 19 April 2021

The week ahead. . .

Once again, will give a heads up on what pearls will be here this week.

I'll give you my take on the upcoming European Superleague, that is NOT all doom and gloom.  Yes, they can all fuck off, but it's actually an opportunity for the English Premiership.

Also, will continue my prescription for what ails Healthcare in the USA; to be simple, we have always only concentrated on the Demand side, and NOT on the Supply one.


Sunday 18 April 2021

Biden’s "Troop Withdrawal"; the Hypocrisy and Lies!

I remember seeing a report on the BBC in December or January (thought it may have been earlier in 2020, I am simply not sure), that noted that Trump was not a warmongering, neo-con bastard, but that still, Trump’s pull out from both Syrian and Afghanistan, could be “dangerous”! 

I felt to myself immediately about Orwell’s work, that referred to a point in the future when “peace” will be considered “war” - was it correct!

You simply can NOT make this garbage up, as the reports this time around were generally, ass-licking, grovelling, and downright lies.  As this report from Australia says, it was Trump who originally signed this agreement with the Taliban in February 2020, and it is Biden, who is actually both BREAKING AND DELAYING the withdrawal agreement.

This is disgusting, but it also shows the utter level of brainwashed ignorance among the typical ignoramus in society.


Woke Woche - Superdrug, do they mean us?

My God, there is now just SO much competition for this category, where does one even begin. 

I thought that some simply dreadful pieces of wokeness from either Glasgow Council (they’re useless!)  or from the many further “education” (indoctrination) colleges in the West of Scotland would suffice, until I had to go get some toiletries in the West End of Glasgow, at the Superdrug on Byres Road - and then it hit me!  As in straight away, when I was not even INSIDE the effing shop! 

That’s correct.  They even had a standing banner outside the entrance informing all the awful West Endies in Glasgow of their wokeness.  It had some simply ghastly “woke signifying” words / title, as in “Togetherness in your World”, or something equally horrid . . . and just so patronising.   The said banner did not include a single “whitey”.  Forgive me if I’m wrong, but this is the West of Scotland, which is part of the UK, which is part of Europe. Easily, 90%+ of the people here are honkies!  GET THE EFF OVER IT, but I digress.

Interesting, this trend naturally followed inside the shop, with the said portraits on the banner outside, replicated therein, but now on their own.  Fotos attached below, with ALL boxes ticked!  Do inform, if they've missed out any "underprivileged" group.

Even more interesting, whilst inside trying to buy some deo and other things, I’d noticed that there were no longer any Superdrug own brands in the deo department?  Interesting.  It appears that the one time, downmarket and cheap British brand, has now gone completely Globalist, with only brands from fellow Globalist companies (In this case Dove, Mitchum, Brut, Gillette, etc).



Healthcare - Part 1 - Why so expensive?

In America, by all accounts, the cost of healthcare is simply extortionate, and in the second part, we will address that issue with solutions.  But wait, what about an allegory. . .

Example 1 - I need someone or a business, to fix my flat tyre:

In this instance, there is actually quite a fast, efficient service to be used:

1) I find or know of a car repair shop.

2) I take my car there.

3) It's repaired.

4) I pay (and this is important.  I PAY, not my insurance, not the state, but I PAY.  Please note this, as there is NO intermediary between myself and the business)

Example 2 - I have broken my finger, and need it repaired:

1) I go to the one clinic / hospital emergency room in the area, as there is so little choice or competition.

2) And now it gets interesting; I will then go to Registration, to register myself as a Customer.

3) I then go Admissions, to be admitted.

4) Then there is the Insurance problem, as in the previous two stages, there will naturally be questions about how or what I will pay with.  Normally, it is NOT myself, but my insurance company or the government.

5) I now, will FINALLY go to the correct Department, presumably the ER to have my finger looked at.

6) It will not be just anyone there that I will see, but a Doctor; not a Nurse, Nursing Assistant, etc.  Correct, I will have to be diagnosed by someone, who will be doing something FAR below their pay grade, in order for my poxy finger to be looked at.

7) The bill will be paid.

Have you noticed something?  Of course.  As probably there is no other economic transaction, even when you buy a house, that will be as complicated as something that should be so effing simple as getting my finger fixed.

In Part 2, we will look at this problem in far more detail.


Tuesday 13 April 2021

Good Lord, she's back. . .

Just when you thought it was safe, that annoying, illiterate Swedish fascist, is now returning to our screens on the BBC (paid for by yours truly, and the other license fee payers).

I’ve heard more and more from this revolting, arrogant, ignorant hater, and that she would be partnering up with that other sanctimonious, POS, David Attenborough;  no doubt on some form of nature or natural world type of propaganda hit piece by the BBC, where lecturing and looking down on us, plain mortals, will reach pandemic proportions.

My own opinion, can be found on the simply BRILLIANT blog, “Not a Lot of People Know”:

But it’s more than that, I simply think that the parents and the MSM (the scum that they are), are perpetuating a form of child abuse on this poor, doltish, clown.   I thought that we wouldn’t see her, until post-scamdemic, so being on the cover of this week’s Radio Times (the go to mag, for all things Aunty), made my weekly trip to Lidl, quite nauseous. 

I despair!


Sunday 11 April 2021

The Week Ahead - BAFTAs! / Why is Healthcare so Expensive / More Wokeness

This week, we will once again look at some of the awfulness in the world and in particular, here in old Blighty.  

We'll start the week looking at the acting profession, and their VSing at their annual, rigged award shows.  The below quote from Salma Hayek, says it all really.  Simple unbelievable!

The BAFTAS are once again with us, and following on the dreadfully, woke, racist, Royal Television awards, they're trying to outdo them - if this is even possible.

The second thing for the coming seven days, is our new, monthly "thesis" on all things political or economic (Editor: "Don't you have an Economics degree?).  It will look at why the price of private healthcare is just so high (predominantly in the US), and our solution (part) to the problem.  We'll look at it from a micro-economic model; as many have NOT done before.   Please await our genius!

Finally, move insane pieces of fascist, racist wokeness. 


Saturday 10 April 2021

Prince Phillip - RIP - Some comments

Unless you are not of this world, you no doubt would have heard of the Duke of Edinburgh’s death yesterday at the age of 99. I would have loved for him to have made 100; he seemed just so cantankerous, lively, etc, that this milestone would surely be met.  On the other hand, his recent illnesses made this announcement almost a foregone conclusion.  But hell, he should have made it!

Saying this, I noted that through all of the no doubt, pre-written epitaphs, one thing did stick out, no doubt to many; is that being an environmentalist (that he was) is NOT a recent, woke, hipster lead career!  The Duke had been doing it for well on 50 years!

This point is almost ALWAYS lost on your neighbourhood, woke moron.  Who comes complete with their vegan attitude, smart phone permanently attached to their skyward facing palm, and a TOTAL ignorance about history, and even recent history.

If I were to tell them that the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency in the USA, signed into law by the Republican President, Richard Nixon) was set up 50 years ago, something that no doubt their teachers or MSM have not told them; they’d look at me as I I’d exposed myself to them!  Their ignorance of anything outside of their narrow, bigoted worldview, literally flies over them.  So in reality, I should not be that surprised to realise, that if they know fuck all about anything recent, that there is no way in hell that they would ever be able to fathom what occurred in the early 70s.

Please note this interview, and in particular, the sheer surprise of the Duke, when he mentions that most idiots care more about zoo animals (or animals, being FORCED to be in zoos!), than about the real problems of endangered species in the wild.  Downright unbelievable!


Saturday 3 April 2021

Woke Woche - BAMERS in Classical Music. . .


Yes, ever since Hazza and Megs (that loathsome pair) decided to have a black token, play some classical chunes at their wedding (Or was it their wedding? Didn't Megz say they were married three days earlier? - Editor), it seems that there has been an abundance of BAMERs in classical music!  

Or at least in the adverts for it.  Astounding!  Every time that I’ve attended one of these recitals, there are none; either in the audience or on stage.  I must have missed something...!

Really, this is now ridiculous patronising and lecturing, that is completely vomit inducing.  It’s strange, the same MSM or BBC, who have constantly been telling us that there is a dearth of BAMER classical musicians, must NOT have been paying attention to all the adverts, billboards, or concert program covers! 

It boggles!

I for one, will NEVER attend one of the SCO's (Scottish Chamber Orchestra) or SSO's (Scottish Symphony Orchestra) concerts again.