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Sunday 30 May 2021

Health Care - Supply Side Solutions - Part 1


Interesting, no one ever talks about the supply side of health care in America.  On one side, the radical, fascist Democrats only talk about the federal government and the need for money to be spent, though at present, they actually spend more than ever, but health care costs and availability are still terrible.

On the other side, the Republicans talk of free markets and choice, etc, but have done little if anything to change this, even when they were in power (yes I DO know about the filibuster in the Senate, and about that cock-sucker John McCain coming off his death bed to vote against a PART of the Trump plan in 2018 - Here).  Rather than talking about the Demand for care; whether that being HSAs (Health Saving Accounts), Medicare, et al, why not look at the supply or lack of, healthcare.  This can range from personnel, options, drug availability, etc.

1) Supply of Doctors:

Firstly, the length of time for a person to become a Doctor in the USA is at times, DOUBLE, repeat DOUBLE, what it is in other countries!  Consider that for a moment.  In basic arithmetic, other countries can have double the Doctors, in the same amount of time.  Staggering!

For those wishing to confirm this horrifying fact, please go here: -

As for the length of time being half in the UK when compared to the USA, one thing in that I have personal experience of, is that when a teenager is ready for college in the UK, their standard of education is normally 1 -2 two years more advanced, than a comparable student in the US.  They simply, for those wishing to go to university, have a MUCH higher standard level of basic education, than a similar student does in the States.

2) Levels of “Doctors”:

What I find even more fascinating, is that when a person does indeed not make the grade, or simply drops out of the rigorous educational route to be a Doctor, they are essentially doomed to never go into the Medical field, whatever that may be.  It’s either be a Doctor or you’re out - a no doubt tragic waste of time, money and study.

I could be wrong, but there is not necessarily any way in many of the States in the USA, where someone who has not been successful in their Doctor studies, is able to take on a less senior role / career, and still be a medical professional.  Here in the UK, there is a preponderance of people in the Physician Assistant role, which is comparable in a grade (in the work that they do) to a first or second year Doctor student, and after ONLY a one year course, can thus free many MDs. to do more complicated (and presumably more rewarding) work.

Whilst they can even prescribe, they are NOT medical Doctors, but seem to me to be in a more graded job pattern, that we see in countless other professions, i.e., Clerical Assistant - Clerical Officer - Higher Clerical Officer - Executive Assistant, etc.

More on this and other Supply Side problems in part 2.


Monday 24 May 2021

Week Ahead . . . . / Woke Woche - A "honky" God is bad!

Once again, the week is here, and there is nothing but bad news.  In my own life, certain deadlines have been met and we can now do a lot more on this blog; who knows, maybe a post every other day.  Finally, will finish my healthcare solutions and look at various awful things that are happening in Scotland, the UK and the World'ish.

But first, let's look at our "wokeness" segment, and it concerns the good, old, Church of England and their disgusting book club that is on line - it's a doozy!

Take a look at the above!  Simply unbelievable, and is definitely not an event that I shall be attending!

Not only are these two filthy racists, but  the fact  is, is that Jesus called God his Father, HUNDREDS of times!  Please get over this!

I simply do not know just what planet, people like this reside, and it only goes to show, just why the attendances, at so many leftist, secular humanist churches, is just so low nowadays. 



Saturday 22 May 2021

Israel, the Palestinians and “Free Palestine”

Think about this; Israel is the size of Wales in the United Kingdom, or the state of New Jersey in the USA - Honestly!  The size of effing Wales, and when compared to the rest of the Arab world, it is even MORE minute!

Think about that for a second.  Please.  If we think Wales or New Jersey are insignificant when compared to their countries, then Israel is UTTERLY tiny when compared to the Arab world, that happens to be over 13,000,000 square kilometres, as opposed to Israel’s 20,000!  Please look for yourself:

As you’ll notice, it’s actually quite hard to even SEE Israel on a bloody map!  Yet most people (predominantly the anti-Semitic, Jew-hating Left - Hello Bernie Sanders and Jeremy Corbyn), particularly the morons behind the “Free Palestine” movement, wouldn't even know this.  

Please let that sink in for a moment; and then please try to explain to me, that Israel are a problem or even a threat to anyone?  Please tell me, do tell.

Sorry, but try to convince me that in the past week, before the cease-fire, that if I am a country and another entity fires in over 3,000 rockets / missiles, the size of Cruise missiles at me (that is one EVERY 3 FUCKING MINUTES FOR ONE EFFING WEEK), that I am NOT allowed to defend myself.   You can eff-off if you think I’m not.

But listening to the anti-Semitic, Jew-hating, Leftist media the last week, it’s easy to understand WHY the typical idiot in the street thinks that it’s ACTUALLY Israel who is the bad guy in this story.

As for the “Free Palestine” movement, let’s see just what they believe in.  If one does indeed look at one of the “movements” websites, not only is it rather appallingly put together, but anyone with a brain will see that is it largely middle-class, whities, that are behind this shower of bigots.  Their mission statement is fairly ridiculous:

The purpose of Free Palestine Movement is to defend and advocate for the human rights of all Palestinians. We propose to support these rights by defying barriers imposed by Israeli and international authorities upon travel and trade to, from and within Palestine for Palestinians and persons invited by Palestinians, such as visitors, human rights observers, humanitarian aid workers, journalists, merchants or others, and to impose pressure and sanctions upon any parties that deny such rights.

I.e. it says NOTHING about just how Hamas are buying all the rockets that they use constantly against Israel, and PLEASE don’t tell me that they can not afford / or even to import medication for the “children” as this is a dam lie.

The biggest lie is that Palestine is a state!  THERE HAS NEVER BEEN A NATION CALLED PALESTINE!  Please try to educate yourselves on this.  As even before the 1948 UN resolution and the British Mandate, it was actually a part of Jordan; though most of the filthy, anti-Jew “protestors” in London today, know little if ANYTHING about this fact.


Sunday 16 May 2021

The week ahead. . .

For the week coming, we'll increase our production and naturally look at politics, morals, and various other things.

To be specific, will finally do the ending of my "supply side" health care solutions, and also look at the present, awful situation in the post-Trump Middle East - Yes, it hasn't taken that long until the new Jimmy Carter has screwed things up in this part of the world,  Specifically, will investigate the "Free Palestine" movement?  

Just what does or do they mean by that?


Saturday 15 May 2021

Woke Woche - It gets Worse!

Literally, with each passing second, wokeness become crazier, and I DO mean this, in Scotland and the UK.

The last few months, I've included several shots of the numerous street signs / billboards that we have to tolerate in our woke city of Glasgow.  This foto surely say it all:

If you look at the current statistics on ethnicity in Scotland, it shows that we are approximately, a 97% honky infested state - ever so sorry you globalist, woke, PC, pieces of garbage!

So when you have to contend with this type of shite on almost every fucking street in Scotland, it's completely and utterly insane!  We are NOT 60% black here!

In addition, we do NOT have a population that consists of 20% surfers! 

This is preposterous, and I feel that the worst is yet to come.


Friday 14 May 2021

Philosophy - The leftist’s 3-way circle of Thought

What infuriates me constantly, is when I see the thought process (sic) of the typical, leftist-Fascist, authoritarian.  Whilst not really being like the diagram, it is still a circular mentality, that usually is something like this:

1) I hate Trump because he’s a war-mongerer.

2) But Trump pulled the troops out from many places, and had the UAE, Morocco, Sudan and Bahrain sign peace deals with Israel.

3) I still hate him because he MAY start a war and the deals were not done by Trump.

This is utter idiocy!  But the leftist psychotics also have another form, that is even MORE sociopathic & unhinged, when they attempt (ever so falsely) to be fair and open-minded with something like this:

1) We also believe in controlling our borders.  But you know, does that mean we need a wall and a border patrol?  Seems we need to look at this.

2) Well, we’ve looked into this, and it seems there’s different policy options.  We can look at these and maybe there are different ways of “controlling” our border.  Maybe we could let some in?

3) Yea, we did it! We let all the illegals into the country!  What are you going to do about it!  Our ends justify our means!


It’s utterly maddening!  And it just shows that as in the words of the great, late, Rush Limbaugh; “They are who they are.  They will NOT change”.


Sunday 9 May 2021

The week ahead . . . Elections and Leftist Fascists


My take on the recent UK  Elections, predominantly the English and Scottish ones - ie, the Conservatives are rocking in England, but the SNP in Scotland are up to their usual, aggrieved tricks.

In addition, will finally finish my piece on supply side health care and a look at both all things "woke" and the mentality of a leftist / fascist / authoritarian; which I refer to as a 3 way thought circle, ie, they deny things, say they are then open minded, and finally come to the conclusion that you KNEW that they had all the time.


Thursday 6 May 2021

The Scottish Elections. . .

It should go without question, that both in the UK and particularly in Scotland, that the electable choice of parties / candidates is next to non-existent, due to the bigoted, ignorant mentality of the sheep that we have as citizens.

On one side, we’ve the filthy, bigoted, nationalist socialists in the SNP, whilst on the other, we’ve the Conservative & Unionist party (Why are they still called this?).  And it is simply a matter of picking them, as the only party that isn’t as bad as the others.  One only has to look at the policies of either the Greens, the Natzis (SNP) or the Lib Dems, to see that NONE of these horrendous parties, EVER talk about growth, jobs, productivity; but only have individual shopping lists to bribe the voters.

PLEASE go to these links and add the costs up yourselves!  The policies are simply and utterly unbelievable, that can both never work or be paid for, and range from Transformative Plans for Childcare, to a A Green Infrastructure Investment Plan; where the Greens wish to spend over $10 billion bucks, to allegedly change everything from the trains, roads and probably even the weather, in Scotland.  Please read these, as they are simply borderline psychotic!  Honestly, they’re utterly crazy!

What we also have in Scotland, are two ballot papers, where we vote for the candidate of choice for your constituency and the second ballot, where you choose the party that you like on the “list”.  But here comes the problem; in the horrid place where I reside, it seems that even Labour are too “right wing”!  I kid you not.  Whilst I have not seen many SNP and Green signs as before, it could well be a shootout between these two radical, borderline Fascist parties, as to who will win in my constituency.

It’s disgusting considering one of the parties, the SNP, basically have a
liar who is running them, and who no doubt knew that their ex-leader, Alex Salmond, could probably have been assaulting and molesting innocent office women in the Scottish Office, yet did little if anything to solve it.  

On the other hand, the Greens basically have NO green policies, but have put themselves as even MORE leftist than the SNP and have also promised a return to Europe (when in reality, this will simply NEVER happen, as it would only take one veto, say from Spain, to block this!).  I despair!

Hence, I will probably vote Labour, just to block either of these parties.  Though the temptation is to vote for George Galloway’s new party (Galloway himself, has already been threatened on line by the way), as to see “Gorgeous George” in the Scottish parliament, having a field day with Wee Krankie herself (Nicola Sturgeon, our “esteemed” First Minister), would be a sight to behold.


Wednesday 5 May 2021

Woke Woche - Wimbledon's new Middle Sunday / Magazine Covers


I recently read an email, that was sent to a tennis fan who is in receipt of the latest Wimbledon news, referring to the upcoming championships, and to the 2022 championship.

It is more utter clap-trap, racist, woke, bollocks, about the cancellation of Wimbledon last year, and what will happen in 2022, specifically mentioning that Middle Sunday, will now feature matches, and not be a day off for rest.  And I quote:

. . . The reasons for this are many. It has never been more important for sports events to be proactively taking steps to enhance their accessibility, in order to reach broader and more diverse audiences. Introducing an extra day to our schedule, on a Sunday, will enable us to do this at this important time.

I can only think in horror, as to what this actually means in terms of wokeness and just what or who, will be able to get their hands on these newfound, Middle Sunday tickets?  Honestly!  Are they going to have a "Black Sunday", where the usual array of honkies, and whities, will not be allowed?  Will they force the players to take a knee?  Really, you can not make this fucking shite up!  And just what the hell do they mean by "at this important time."?

Eff them!

And speaking about filthy, effing bigots, look at this piece of shit adorning the cover of this month's Men's Fitness.

What an inbred, racist, piece of filth, talking arrogantly and filled with hate against whitey whilst talking about his Black Cyclist Club!  Fuck him!  Honestly, eff this racist piece of filth and if he likes these stereotypical red, yellow and green colours, please tell him that he's welcome to go to a country with these colours on their flag, and to never return here to Blighty.  Piece of garbage!

I would have thought that his "club", is contrary to UK law?  If not, then it SHOULD be, because I am just so sick and tired of pukes like this denigrating it all the time.  

Yet another magazine that I shall never buy again.


Monday 3 May 2021

The Week Ahead. . .


Another week, and another one where I have not updated the blog enough.  This week I will and plan to continue on:

* Health Care - Solutions - Looking at the Supply and NOT the Demand

* Woke Woche - More horror shows, this time it's Wimbledon's new Sunday playing

* Greta has Competitors! According to the Great, Sky News Australia

* Etc