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Saturday 31 December 2022

End of the Year Awards - Interview - Morrissey - Diversity is Conformity

He absolutely nails this, and looks, again, to come up with a practical example to back his claims up.

He is exactly right!  I do not want to go to Germany, and find Italian culture; and vice-versa.

And it makes you wonder just what the end game is, with all this "diversity"?

Because, like Moz, they (the Diversity gamers) are simply ALWAYS the same; in thought, action, attitude, political philosophy, etc.  ALWAYS THE SAME.



End of the Year Awards - Philosophy / Speech - Neil Oliver - 29th October - GB News - They locked us down & spent billions - Don't forget!

Category - Best Speech / Philosophy

When it comes to absolutely nailing the effects of the utterly useless response of shutting us down and spending hundreds of billions of pounds during COVID, I believe it is this opening monologue from late October that was simply superlative.  

I heard this live, and believe, as many of Neil's monologues are similar, it was this one I loved.  Pay particular attention to the part at 16:40, with his reference to Orwell's "memory holing".

Beg, borrow or steal, to see all of Neil's opening monologues on GB News from the UK.

It's rare when I agree with someone 1000%, but with Neil, this is normally the rule.

He's right.  They should be begging for our forgiveness, but simply do not give a damn about us, as if they ever have done. 


Tuesday 27 December 2022

Gary Neville - And the problem of Footballers not paying PAYE in the UK

Neville is just such a POS, who if like other present day footballers, is no doubt paying himself via bonuses or dividends; definitely NOT with PAYE, though this is merely a hunch.

In addition, when he tried his hand at managing in Spain, I seem to remember that he said one or two borderline racist things about the Spanish as a whole; but of course he got a pass on that as well. This was such a far cry from his brother, who at least became quite fluent with the Spanish language.

So you'd think that with this track record, the MSM would avoid him like the plague, but alas no, he's one of them, so they are happy to be in bed together; both during the regular football season, and at the recently completed World Cup.

There, he quite simply embarrassed him, having an on air rant, which I thought violated television ethics and codes, about just how bad the UK was under the current Conservative government - even comparing it to how people are treated in Qatar! Simple ridiculous.

He is just such a hypocrite, that even the normally unbiased websites are calling him out about his Qatar contract straight from the Qatari government, that they've had enough of him as well.

Paupers we Are

Now, it's been found out, that this piece of shit only pays basic, minimum wages at his hotels.  That's right, the same hotels that charge in the 1,000s for bottles of wine.

Hey, it's his hotel, but once again it's the hypocrisy and arrogance of the millionaire liberal / fascist that makes us "paupers" so furious.

But what is even more outrageous, is that his long held beliefs, have never really been financed by him and his champagne socialist chums - in particular, his fellow footballers.

If, and I do mean IF, a football player was a normal, PAYE taxee, a good article to read is here:

They basically say, that a Harry Kane type of player who earns about 20 million a year, will give HMRC 10 million of it!  A heap of money!

This doesn't happen, as it treats him as a man with one, playing contract.  

What actually occurs, is for a player of his standing is to have 2 contracts, explained here:

1) Playing contract
2) Image Rights contract

And it is normally the second part, where the taxman is usually screwed over.  Hey, I'm a Libertarian, the less tax the better, but hello, we should all be treated the same!  And you and I both know, that if I were to ask my HR department to re-employ as a Contractor; I'd be told where to go and where to stick that idea.

So when in 2019, Frenchman N'Golo Kante, decided that he was all for paying; we could finally see just how much these millionaires screw our beloved country out of tax each year.  The figures are astounding!

It looks like he paid about 10 million quid each year to the tax authorities!  

Please also remember, that in the EPL (English Premier League), the average salary is about 3 million pounds a year, and with 20 teams and with about 30 players therein - this resulted in a wage bill of about £1.62 billion in 2019,

From this, you can now see just how much extra tax the UK could receive if there ever was a fairer tax system in this country.

But please don't expect Neville to start talking about how this anytime soon.



Friday 23 December 2022

This month's - "Why I hate the BBC" - Part infinity . . .


This is simply an outrageous article, about last nights' incident in Brixton, at a rap (or whatever it's called) concert.

And Joseph Lee the author, should be ashamed of himself / herself.  But you and I both know, they won't be. 

It's also a perfect example, of the inherent, "soft" bias that the leftists / fascists or BBC have, that must be said, is very effective in influencing the great, ignorant, un-washed that we have in the world.  The type, who after scanning this article in a few seconds, would immediately surmise that, them evil police officers started this by sicking their dogs on a group of black people!

Brixton Academy

It is about that above concert, in such a "lovely" part of London, with the usual suspects involved.  What is outrageous from the very beginning of the crap, is that apparently, before the concert, Brixton Academy announced that people should not show up, without tickets?! Duh!

I've been to a good many concerts in my life, and have NEVER heard / seen / listened to this type of announcement before.  But then again, myself and my mates who did go to the concerts, are not the type to cause "trouble".

There is more about this, from the scum at the Independent.

And you want to know why so many people detest the MSM.


Friday 16 December 2022

Psychotic Leftist "Journalist" of the Month - The Guardian's Gaby Hinsliff - She's a Lunatic and a Cliche'


I've seen her before somewhere over the years, and she was simply barking!

As in insane and naturally, just SO privileged, middle-class, spoiled, third-rate, and OF COURSE from Oxbridge!

She is simply one big effing cliché!  Every thing, as in EVERYTHING, that any sane, normal person would suspect about someone such as our Gaby, is completely true.  

But somehow, she thinks that she's different, with her wacko opinion pieces.

Her latest piece of writing, is in some way, her piece de resistance, attempting to summarise 2022, and naturally becomes an embarrassing synopsis that merely attacks her pet hates in the world of politics - Most of which / who are American?

Naturally, she hates Trump and Musk - no doubt this is a new found belief, as before he purchased Twitter, she was no doubt a huge fan with aspirations of owning a Tesla!   But now, alas, with his purchase, he is the go to hate object for the leftist fascists - merely because he wishes to have something called free speech on Twitter. 

What her recent piece DOESN'T say, is that Sam Bankman-Fried, the head of the recently collapsed FTX currency exchange, was the second biggest donator to her beloved Democratic Party in the USA!  This is not mentioned in her story, and is quite simply scandalous!  And who knows, many a person would say, completely dishonest.

What more?  Her father is an actor, at one time in Coronation Street, and to round off the book of cliché's, she's married to a former press secretary to a Labour Defence Secretary, under the Blair and Brown governments in the UK.

These creatures, are simply always the same.

I could vomit!


Tuesday 13 December 2022

Season's Greetings! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


That's right!  It's called "Christmas" and you can shove your "Happy Holidays" up your jacksie! 

I simply love that term "jacksie", used so much by the British.  Look it up!

But while this post talks of nothing really new, it does show that the Church of Woke, is now fucking everywhere!  

So much, that a German Institute here in the UK, are now reinterpreting, and simply making a mess of the German language, by coming up with a literal translation of "Happy Holidays" into German! 

The normal German for this time of year is Happy Christmas - "Frohe Weihnachten" - I have never before heard of their now "woke" fucking BS, of translating Happy Holidays straight German, with the term - "Frohe Feirertage"!

It makes me want to vomit!

Check it out here, to see a preponderance of minorities and facemasks!  Still!

I'm back after many trips, illnesses and the World Cup.

I'll start blogging much more, asap.