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Sunday 29 January 2023

The shame & awful predictability of Hollywood; M3GAN is simp7y aw3u7!


Just when you thought that Hollywood couldn't get worse, they not only inflict, this predictable, unrealistic, "fantasy" crap on us.   But they also miss an opportunity.

In what could have been (I say that VERY hesitantly) a fun and interesting take on the future of AI and it's role in the house, particularly with the home office revolution, and the rising levels of dementia; they give us this shite!

It's simply awful!  There is no satire, meaningfulness, application to today or at least, some excitement.   EVERYTHING  is scripted and contained within the Hollywood safe and secure, point-plotted regime.   You simply KNEW what was going to happen.

Unlike the great Robocop, (the original from 1987, NOT the shit from 2014!) that was dripping with satire,  dry humour and relevance, this had nothing to like about it whatsoever; with the audience in my case, actually laughing aloud, particularly in the scenes where wee Megan decides to sing!

Equally, when the predictable, "Megan is her own person schtick comes about", nothing is ever explained why, or why this new found independence turns out to be evil?  Why doesn't Megan become good?

In the end, I could have vomited, but who knows, Megan may have sent it back to me, with a new found skill or system update!

1/5 - Dreadful!


Monday 16 January 2023

The BBC and their Saturday Kitchen with their moaning "South African" guest


I belong to another website, that critiques the BBC here in the UK, and their simply amazing, globalist, woke, leftist slant to ALL things.

This is what I wrote on their board:

Haven’t been here for some time, usually am told off for my language (you lot are simply TOO polite; you can’t be polite with the leftist fascists nowadays), but has anyone watched Saturday Kitchen today?

I came close to hurling the remote at the Panasonic! My “tipping point” was when some token, South African, female, BME from some dancing reality TV show, was talking up South Africa, though naturally she doesn’t live there.

She then claimed that “honky” had been oppressing her people for “thousands and thousands of years”, and they only gots their freedom, 33 years ago.

I was back to my screaming days, until the other half told me off.

Their special, guest "star" in the episode I watched, is above and this is where it gets interesting. . .

Her name is Oti Mabuse, and to be blunt, she's a nobody on the incredibly, awful show, Strictly Come Dancing; on the other hand, there are A LOT of people who like this type of thing, for God knows why.  She was originally one of the troupe of dancers, but with the typical box-ticking, she is now a judge (as is her sister is now, on one of these dreadful shows!?) 

Naturally, the Wikipedia page is a laugh, as they describe her as a "Latin Dance" champion at the beginning in order to give her more standing; but it is only further down the page, that it elaborates that this was actually in South Africa!  Bet there was a lot of competition there!

And her continued "judging" in all things moving, now has someone in her latest show, Dancing on Ice, calling for her to be axed, as she doesn't have ANY experience in the world of ice dancing; even more box-ticking.

This of course, is a swipe at these type of people, who seem to be a new form of clique'ism, as in, if you are meant to be good at one thing,  then it's automatically assumed that you know everything.

What infuriates me, is why is she allowed not only to be in my country, but still claims to be South African, a country she probably knows very little about.  

You'd think that with all these opportunities afforded her here, for very little reason (one of her first shows was in Germany, where she finished dead last!), that she'd be talking about what a great lot we are here in the UK for taking her in; but naturally she chooses to harp on about how "her" country was done so wrong to, and LITTLE IF ANYTHING about the awful current situation there; that is completely of their own making.

These people disgust me.


Thursday 12 January 2023

A look at how climate psychotics think - A YouTube comments section - Unbelievable!

This one is from the whackjob, pychotics at good old PBS and there PBS Terra broadcasts - Never in history, has there been so many people, so wrong about something.

These people are lunatics, but for true madness, have you ever had a look at some of their brainwashed disciples in the comments section of these pieces of propaganda?  They're insane.  So I've done it for you.

This is where they claim that there are 15 "tipping points" before the world is screwed in the climate arena.

A "tipping point" is defined as:

A “tipping point” is when a system, with just a small amount of additional energy, is pushed from one stable state to another suddenly and dramatically. This can be a chair falling backwards. Or it can be a major earth system collapsing."

That is their theory, if one part of it is wrong, then it's not much of a theory.

But their disciples have completely bought in on this sham, for instance. . . :

We have some crackpot called "@lindajonesartist", who apparently believes, that the more water (liquid) in the oceans, the heavier the world will be, and hence the tectonic plates will be fucked! Insanity, but I quote:

". . . rising sea levels changes the weight on the tectonic plates under the oceans, and Greenland and Antarctica would weigh less, which could lead to more powerful earthquakes along the tectonic plates around the rim of the oceans . . . it could result in super volcanoes erupting, leading to an ice age like a nuclear winter around the entire planet. . . . it could change the convection layers in the mantle, destabilizing our planets geomagnetic field.

A certified nut! The fact is, that a thousand years ago when the Vikings were farming in Greenland, with very little snow, the plates were simply fine you idiot! In addition, I was always told, that a gallon of water, will weigh the same, even if the gallon freezes, but what does basic science mean to these utter nutters?

OR, what about the true genius, someone called "@mrchefcheck" who states the stunning piece of logic, by saying:

"When your own body temperature raises 2-3 degrees you're already feverish and feel uncomfortable. Imagine that with Earth."

As said before, the world was 1.5 degrees a thousand years ago, and we were simply fine. Although, many of this lot have tried to make this basic fact, disappear recently.

I despair at such stupidity.


Monday 9 January 2023

My 2 biggest stories that the MSM won't report - EU Corruption and Artificial Gasoline - Both yuge!

Its staggering to think, that at the same time where we as humans, have more information / data at our fingertips at any time in human history, the MSM and the Sheeple have combined to propagandize themselves, into being the most ignorant humans in our history.

I am simply amazed, but slowly not anymore, as to the sheer "dumbfuckniss" of people who I meet on a regular basis - when with after a simple, 30 second web search, all the lies of the MSM can be quite easily disproved; at the same time as educating the dolts who wish to be so educated. 

Take for example, the two stories below.   Yes, that's right, you've probably never heard about artificial gasoline!  Have you.  Yet it's raring to go RIGHT NOW.

I'm not making that up!  

And this leads me to finally convince myself, about the utter fraud of not only "climate change", but of electric cars as well.  Here is a complete solution, that will not only be ramped up, but will also become cheaper and cheaper, but we all know, that is NOT what "they" want.  Do they.  This is a complete game changer, and is also carbon neutral.

But anyone with a brain should now know, that the climate scam has NEVER been about the environment.  Never!

It's always been about control.  Of us, our living standards, our freedom, etc.


And naturally, the second story that no one in the scummy MSM wishes to report, is the ever evolving case of corruption, with the EU.  It concerns now, about 50 to 100 apparatichiks in Euro land, and with Qatari money involved, you'd think that it would be the go to story on all things corrupt?  But alas, we know that the MSM thinks the sun shines from the cumulative asses of the EU, so not a word on this. 

EU Corruption:

I will keep you posted on both of these. 


Thursday 5 January 2023

The press and the "hit" on Damar Hamlin - They politicize everything!


No sooner than Hamlin was literally dying on the field in Cincinnati, did the MSM try to seize control of the narrative, referring to the "hit" that had caused his heart to stop.

Firstly, I must say, the other "side" has as well, once again, regurgitating their lists of various young people who have "mysteriously" died of similar heart problems since the start of the COVID, self-inflicted crisis.  Yes, there have been deaths, but I have yet to see a comparison between their lists, and the death rates before COVID and the vaccines?  If they exist, please tell me because I too have severe doubts as to the safety of the, in particular, MRNA vaccine.  I for one, did NOT feel well for several days after it; and it wasn't just a  case of a cold or flu - it was very strange the way I was feeling, and hard to describe.

I knew that this would happen, in fact, it was only after an hour or perhaps less, that both sides were at it!

And they continue to be, for example this article (below) on that rag of a website,, that only appeared today, and naturally, mentions the "hit".

I can only say, that if it was the "hit" that caused this (he was NOT hit, he did the tackling), then there'll be players dropping like flies in every, single NFL game - but this simply has NOT happened!

Equally, the other thing that was predictable in our present, awful, woke days; was a "pile on" on ANYONE who would say something differently than the pre-set narrative.  And lo and behold this has indeed happened to the hapless Skip Bayless, who at present is co-host of Skip and Shannon; Undisputed, on Fox Sports 1. 

He actually tweeted 3 times, and it was only the final one, that it seems that the morally "oppressed" take issue with.  In it, he stated the perfectly honest and reasonable opinion about what is to happen with this game in the future; as this is imperative and simply MUST occur.

But that hasn't stopped them, has it.  In fact now, some want him to be fired and then, presumably, tarred & feathered?

What these geniuses don't realize, is that this exact case has happened before, only last year in fact, at the European Football Championships, when the Dane, Christian Eriksen  collapsed, and had to be revived on the field.  Did they stop or postpone the match?  Did they hell!

In addition, there are also a plethora of "geniuses" who weren't around at the time, when Chuck Hughes, of the Detroit Lions, dropped dead at Tiger Stadium in 1971, in a game against the Bears.  

The iconic shot in my opinion (above) features Dick Butkus, a certified animal, looking down at the lifeless body of Hughes - that's right, they continued the game as well.