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Monday 30 August 2021

The Week Ahead / So they're going after Notre Dame now!

Regrettably, the wokist losers around have now turned their attention to the mascot of Notre Dame university, in a very easy case of "I told you So", as many people online had noted over the last few years that they would indeed, demand that ND calls a halt to this frivolous, fun, character.

This just reiterates the fact, that NOTHING is sacred to these filthy fascist losers, they will go after ANYTHING that they disagree with.

But in this case, there's a happy ending.  Notre Dame have told them to blow them!  They've said to "get lost"!  Hooray!

See, it CAN happen.

For the rest of the week, will look at other "wokist" insanity, some economics / politics (from the continent), culture and a look at other "right wing" bloggers. 



Thursday 26 August 2021

Freak of the Fortnight; Matt Damon / St Jacinta of New Zealand- It has to be Damon!

Firstly, is hate unhealthy?  A good question, but for this guy, I've a borderline hatred cuz he's such a caricature of the leftist, middle-class globalist, sanctimonious, do-gooding snob, that it's as if he just got back from a central casting workshop, in order to play this role.

Equally, he has the complete audacity to star as an oil worker, in deepest red Oklahoma, in his latest movie; that apparently is a subject of a possible lawsuit already  - You can NOT make that up!

Let's look at him in detail now, where he shows both his utter ignorance on basic facts, and shows his bluer than blue snobbery, when he insinuates that the reporter is not properly educated (or at least not as much as his "educator" mother).

You have to go here, for his infamous interview with Libertarian magazine Reason, ten years ago.

What is even more maddening, is he actually talks about tenure here, when his own mother either actually works in a private school / OR he sends his kids there; where tenure is nowhere near as much used as in the public sector, thereby contradicting himself.

POS to the max our Matt.


Monday 23 August 2021

The Week Ahead - Can it get any Worse?


It's all one way and it ain't going to get any better . . . but wait, the Australians are demonstrating, a new poll says Trump would win (Good God; I would hope that after the first six months of this train wreck, that a trained ape would defeat Demented Joe), and it seems like the Nord Stream 2 pipeline project, where those just so "Green" European nations will start to have even MORE natural gas to use, is almost finished.  Hoorah!

For this week, we will continue to look at various things;

* Including our Freak of the Fortnight; (who should it be, Saint Jacinta or Matt Damon - his new movie is outrageous as apparently he thinks he's an oil rig worker in Oklahoma!); 

* More cultural commentary on how certain people "feel" that they are better than others, and

* A look at other bloggers, who I love, but who I try to differentiate myself from

Of course, there will be the usual look at wokeness, and things political.


Wednesday 18 August 2021

Goodbye Afghanistan and good riddance! An intelligence nightmare once again!

We should NEVER have been there, should never have even considered putting boots on the ground, never given them the money for this, never, never, never!


Why don't people EVER learn?

Years ago I was happening to be in Seoul, South Korea at the airport where I was drinking with 2 "suits" who weren't wearing suits, and I just KNEW that they were both DIA or CIA, with the young, hick, redneck from the latter, going on about how he hated slit eyes and that the Koreans smelled!  I kid you not!

I thought to myself, is this the standard (sic) of person that these dicks running the agencies are now recruiting?  It was simply unbelievable to see these two in action, though to be fair, the former agent, who seemed more military, was both older and slightly embarrassed by the ignorance of the CIA clown. 

This led me to remember several things:

The infamous murder of an innocent Brazilian in a London Tube carriage, by a group of buffoons in our very own intelligence services in 2005, and also wondered just how BAD these murderous pieces of shit were - arrogant, incompetent and lazy. 

Finally, I also tend to remember that Bin Laden himself, managed (rumoured to have) to escape the lunatics who ran the American military in Afghanistan all those years ago, by merely getting on a motorcycle and riding away!  Morons!

Please go here to see Fox News' Tucker Carlson go off on just how bad things in governments are run today.  He NAILS IT!  And I just couldn't say it any better. 

My point here, is that things are simply always wrong and fucked up by this group of fucking imbeciles!   But who hires them?  Why do they get away with their continuing shocking levels of performance?  Why are they NEVER held accountable for their actions!

For me, I blame the intelligence agencies full stop.  I listened to the great Dan Bongino last week, where he recalled that the differences between the American and British security details, were that the Americans tended to be in your face and in public view, while the British security forces tended to be of an undercover type of nature.  He didn't say either was better; just different.  

But the British way surely must be better, which is why I would prefer the undercover type of thing; but this still asks the question of where exactly is the training and intelligence aspect in all of this?  

To be blunt, I could do a better job!  And I am definitely not joking here. I've been a foreigner in this UK of ours for several decades and have always felt that I can not only go incognito, but at the same time, have been able to always "fit in" as well.


We need a fundamental re-think of both our intelligence agencies and the HR element to them!   This would look at a both a long and short term strategy as to what the West's goals and influence should be.

But then again, it will never happen, I'm just dreaming!


Monday 16 August 2021

The week ahead / The Taliban and their "blue mask" policy?


We are on holiday in Europeland right now, but the philosophy here is even crazier at times than in Blighty. and I'll be sharing my insights and look at some of the simply insane political parties that I've seen so far in Germany.  In addition, will have Woke Woche" and do some more on various ideologies, viewpoints, etc. 

But first!  I am still waiting on the first CNN propagandist, who will simply ignore the future atrocities that the Taliban will commit, but instead will pivot to ask or condemn them on any perceived lack of a lockdown strategy, or non-requirement to wear masks!

You simply KNOW that this is coming!  I had this idea, BEFORE I saw this report on Zerohedge, which is simply unconscionable!  There they are, already Nijabbed up, bowing to the Taliban.  Surely, they will not only take them seriously (they should), but will then treat them just as any other government in the world; complete with their wokeness and woke questions - watch for it!


Thursday 12 August 2021

They're all at it! Even the Churches are Woketards!

Is it any wonder why that so many churches nowadays stand for literally nothing, and then expect people to be sat on their pews; with the result being that people simply have no desire to attend these "religious" services?  

If you look at some of the graphs in the above link, it's easy to tell that in a few years no one will be going to church.  In addition, as an interesting side note the only churches that are growing tend to be the non-woke "New Churches" (usually, heavily Evangelical), Pentecostal and Orthodox ones.

Attendances are shocking now, but to be perfectly honest they deserve to be.  I don't think I go to a church to be lectured by some leftist, woke, holier-than-thou twat; I go to hear about the grace of God, and how I am a fallen sinner but with grace will become the person Christ wishes me to be.

Take a look at this book of the week please. 

I'd say that it has little if anything to do with what I think a church should be, and hence the people like Robinson-Brown (I just LOVE all the double barrel surnames amongst certain BMEs nowadays - more on this later) are utterly meaningless to me and my beliefs.  

In it, he attempts to be profound, with the simply ridiculous paraphrasing in the description, about people "like him":

who directly suffer from the perpetual ecclesial terrorism of the Christian community through its speech and its silence.

You can't make this stuff up!  I thought I'd heard of him, and naturally was correct.

This newly converted Methodist, to the Anglican Communion, is also the piece of shit, who condemned the clapping for Captain Sir Tom Moore in the last year.  And as with all racist, bigots, Brown doesn't think he's one, as I quote:

He is committed to a Church which truly includes all of God’s people, offers embrace and welcome to everyone without reserve,



Wednesday 11 August 2021

New Category; "Freak of the Fortnight"!

I've been meaning to do this for some time.  There are simply some of the leftist, fascist, globalist, woketards - which ever term you wish to use - who are simply so dreadful, that they must be brought to everyone's attention.  If you have any suggestions, please fire them to me for a mention!

My first choice, is none other than the State Governor of the once great state in the USA of Oregon - something called a "Kate Brown"; the name says it all doesn't it!

When I first heard about this gruesome creature, I IMMEDIATELY thought several things:

1) Never a private sector job in her life.

2) Privileged background.

3) Lawyer.

And my Lord, was I correct.  Just what IS it about these people, that they go out of their way to prove old cliché's about themselves?

According to her Wikipedia entry (I know, they lie and lie about people but seldom about their own fellow leftist / fascist / globalist):

* She's born in Spain, to a Doctor father.

* Grew up very privileged in Minnesota and transplanted to Oregon (Keep in mind Oregon at one time, had Republicans serving in the Federal Senate in Washington D.C. - Why is it that these disgusting Leftists, leave sinking, Blue states, only to go to the red or purple ones?).

* Entered "public service" at least 30+ years ago.  I simply LOVE that term, "public service".

* Belatedly got a JD to tick that "I'm a Lawyer" box.

And you only have to do a simple search, in a search engine of your choice, to find out that she is a borderline psychopath in her beliefs - try this for one (simply unbelievable!)

What is also very interesting, is that many people are finally waking up to revolting POSs like this, as she barely received half the vote in the most recent election to the governorship in Oregon.  I don't know if they have term limits there, but surely she could lose in the next state wide race.


Tuesday 10 August 2021

The Week Ahead, just so much nonsense in the World


Will look this week again at workness, leftist attitudes and certain economics and political events.

But first, will definitely do for this month one of my "theses" of pure genius, and in this case, will simply label this as a new category, "How did we get Here".  This will explain as to why oh why are modern times just SO bad, so fascistic and woke and how everybody is now so offended.

For those who have not heard about the great Michael Savage, please educate yourselves!  In addition, it was he who came up with the term "The Government Media Complex", a long time ago - yet his words are now simply so prophetic.

Everything en masse, what the leftist, fascist, globalist media states (lies about) each day, also "happens" to be government policy - as if the media are now running the country as opposed to the actual governments elected by the populace.

For this thesis (category) this month, I'll attempt to draw a time line as to just when did all this shite go mainstream - hint, it started with the MSM's hatred of George Bush.

OTOH, will also look at various other things, in particular some economics in Scotland, as to just how broke we are here.


Sunday 8 August 2021

Goodbye Olympics and Good Riddance

Again I sat through only some of the Olympics, even though they were quite easy to watch during the day whilst I was at home - I simply couldn't be bothered to be honest.  Why?  

It was woke from the beginning to the end.  

From the ridiculousness about Simon Biles the American gymnast, who in the past has been caught using borderline drugs, and her pathetic behaviour about her "mental health"; when in reality she simply choked, and couldn't perform though later she did manage to "sort her self out" and won a medal - It all just seemed so strange with rumours already in the internet that certain things were not right.  Please go to this link, and read the final comments and story link about drug testing from the 2012 London Olympics - believe it or not, they are still awarding medals to clean athletes from those games!; 

To the dreadful musings on everybody's mental health, although in the end, the great Michael Johnson had to stress that having a positive strategy in your mental game, has ALWAYS been around for years;

To the utter nonsense of the final ceremony, where very few "normal" Japanese were present, as the organisers decided to show various ethnic dance routines, not from Tokyo, but from the extreme north of Japan:

To dancing from the island of Okinawa:

To the absolute ridiculousness of the BBC announcers, and their rooting for Team GB normally in sports, that the common man will NEVER play or give a shit about - ie, the cyclists in the Japanese velodrome - which was nauseating with the shear number of medals up for grabs.  

In my opinion, not only were there simply too many medals, but at the same time, this in effect devalued the gold medals won by other athletes in sports where there are only a handful of medals given; for example golf - one for men, one for women!  Not, mixed, alternative shot, team competitions, etc, etc, ad nauseum.

Good that we have to wait another three years til Paris, for more of this nonsense.


Wednesday 4 August 2021

It's been nice knowing you Sweden, they hate your guts Now!

Was it just me, but everyone's favourite "socialist" country is now, no longer everyone's favourite socialist country.  Is it also me, that we simply hear NOTHING about the situation in Sweden as well.  

Which I tend to think is correct; please go to this link, at the always right-on American Institute for Economic Research.

The opinion piece, based on something called "facts", dispels all the filthy lies that have been spewed about the COVID response in Sweden.  

It includes quotes, interviews and statistics.

So far, despite the lying scum who had predicted close to 200,000 deaths in Sweden from COVID, the grand total is only slightly over 14,000.  The magnitude is simply incredible, and Sweden's rank is not only mid-table for Europe, but their economy is booming by comparison. 


Round up EVERY SINGLE ONE of these people who had made these utterly ridiculous predictions, and make them publicly recant these on live television.  Failing to do so will result in three things:

1) They're sacked from their jobs.

2) All income received since the start of this "crisis" will be taken away from them (or they are made to pay it back).

3) Every penny of their pensions is removed from them!


Monday 2 August 2021

Week Ahead & Wackos on Crime

This week, we'll continue to look at wackos and their ideas & websites (see below), more of the political madness going about, praise American leftist commentator Bill Maher and look at more in depth economics / culture things.

But first for the new week, take a look at this (related to recent crime waves in the UK).

In  particular, please see below, for the stereotypical, pussy, do-gooder,

Guardianista comments from some tool called David Holmes:

When he states the typical shite about impoverishment, depravity, et al, ad nauseum, about why people turn to crime,  and even when this is turned back on him, stating the obvious that where this happened is NOT a "deprived" area, he STILL continues to state that this is the reason why these pieces of shit damaged this beautiful church.

I despair.  There is simply no reasoning with certain people.

Solution: For these pieces of shit who damaged this beautiful, renovated church; a public flogging, followed by a week in the stocks - where anyone, and I mean ANYONE, can hurl fruit, piss on, defecate on and beat the shit out of them.  After this, they'll crawl to the church and repair.  If they refuse, they'll be beaten with baseball bats and dropped off on some desolate Scottish island, to fend for themselves. 


Sunday 1 August 2021

Inept Leftist Governments - Our very own Samia in the UK - Spoiler Alert - You will want to Vomit!

This is as sickening a report as I have EVER seen in my life, concerning our very own ISIS Bride, who is now safely home, in her own beloved country, and no doubt she is celebrating it with a good fry-up or Sunday roast.

To think that we have our own "conservative" government, who doesn't give a damn about our own veterans, who will NEVER receive a council house in London worth the £600,000 ($800,000!), and are still committing suicide in droves utterly sickens me!  

I literally could have thrown my laptop out the window when I read this earlier today, and not only is it a headline from The Onion, that happens to be true, but also that this will simply NEVER stop!  Never.  They are laughing at us.

Solution:  When this happens, there must be some form of law, however old, that states that a person has given up their citizenship, both legal and moral, and hence should be treated as a non-national.