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Thursday 21 January 2021

Popularity of stories (BBC) without Trump:

Looks like a disaster, since less than a day after the fawning, ass-licking, grovelling, “I’ll bend over and grab my ankles” type of reporting that had occurred only yesterday, that only one Biden story has even made it into the Top 10 today in the BBC website, for "Most Read" stories:

The said article was a disgusting, puff-piece on just how much Biden loves minorities, naturally without actually ever mentioning anything of his suspect / racist past; whether it was his KKK mentor in the Senate (Robert Byrd), or his vehement opposition to school busing - simply nauseating!

Just what are they going to do without Donald John Trump.





Monday 18 January 2021

New Year Propositions, Daily Calendars, etc

I'm like many who don't really take these things too seriously, but besides my language calendars, I've also bought one a few years ago (that I never used!), that covered outdated English words, grammar, etc.

Jeff Kacirk's Forgotten English is a gem to be read & read.  Though one of the first words, that could obviously be used today, is the term:


And you'd be right, that it's not about NFL quarterbacks, or the great Reggie Jackson from a long time ago, but concerns none other than Andrew Jackson; and was in as recently as 1940, William Craigie's Dictionary of American English.

Occurring on 8 January and referencing his victory against the British on the very date, that was once known as The Glorious Eighth of January.    The definition was:

To defeat or overwhelm in battle; in allusion to Andrew Jackson

For all you Trumpites out there, your man is the first that springs to mind.  

Trumpize anybody?

Sunday 17 January 2021

Glasgow - Christmas Trees and Council Tax

That's right, it is post-Christmas season and once again in this socialist controlled area that is the West of Scotland, there are an abundance of trees simply lying in the streets and pavements of our beloved town.

This happens every year, as in,  EVERY YEAR!  Glasgow District Council (GDC from here on), simply don't wish to collect or haven't the resources to collect them.  The alternatives according to the official website of GDC are unbelievable!  They are:

* Chop it up and take to the GDC recycling site or put in your bin.

* Drag the friggin thing, or even put it in your car / truck, and take to the handful of deposit sites in Glasgow!

Both of these options are naturally preposterous, and once again it shows just what an embarrassment GDC are.

Real solutions would be:

1) Treat them as bulk uplift, and collect daily in the week after Epiphany.

2) Have more local sites, so you don't have to lug the damn thing several kilometres!

3) Shred them in certain localities, at certain times, and post these so us plebs know when & where to place them.

4) Put a £5 deposit on each one of them.  Hence, all the damn things that I see blocking my curb, would be INSTANT money for various entrepreneurs.  They would take them, carry them, drag them, whatever, to the relevant site, where they could collect their Geld from the authorities. 


Sunday 10 January 2021

Welcome to the Blog - Are there any ideas around nowadays? Or is it simply anger?

Are there any ideas around nowadays?  Or is it simply anger?  Or are we or is everyone, simply not interested in listening at all in these horrible, two-sided times.

Is this a rhetorical question?  Or is it the truth (Apologies for starting with "or" three times!).

This is often said, my I say, by both sides, yet in reality, I would disagree and agree at the same time.

To listen to a recent discussion on this, you should try Russian TV, on their always excellent show, Crosstalk (you should try watching it) - please click here.  And if you have an obviously leftist-run TV provider who will not stock it, try going online to watch their programming. 

The discussion centred on two libertarians, and while they would probably agree with Trump on many things, they just (as always) didn't want to admit it, and subsequently countered that the right (or at least the people who are not on Team Left) have given up on ideas and in particular, never offered an alternative to Obama Care (hinting that this is only one of many things that they do not provide).

This is of course, patently false!  To begin a new health care bill, Republicans first had to dismantle Obama Care, and after Trump offered a bill (or one was sent to the Senate floor), there was a need only for 1 vote to pass it, when the late, not-great John McCain, came off his deathbed in order to side with the Democrats and vote AGAINST it!  Naturally, little if anything was said about the cocksucker's double crossing of Trump - so much for all the near canonization of him, and his ability to "transcend" political divides. 

My point?  For ANYTHING to have been passed under Trump, was virtually impossible in these toxic days!  And for anyone to then criticise him (and the non-Left movement) for this, is completely disingenuous.