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Thursday 30 September 2021

California - Part 2 - Highest homelessness, highest poverty, highest everything! - And SO socialist.

Following on from last week's post on the loss of Larry Elder in the California recall election; just how bad is California right now?  

As usual, the shite that anyone there in the majority says, is the normal class warfare, SJW nonsense, but the interesting thing is that using their very own criteria, the state is simply awful! Equally, there are a multitude of other sites and opinions that stress this, but in a more vocal, crude, uneconomic manner.  Honestly, do a search for California is a hellhole, or something of that nature, and look what comes up.  Some are very humorous.

As for me, I like to look at the numbers; and for any moron Lib, I've provided the links to the statistics, though they will probably blame Trump  . . .  or . . . Bush . . . or . . . Anyone, that isn't a Dem.

GINI Coefficient - This is the highest in the American republic.  Please note, that this is usually the number one stat, that your typical leftist, globalist spouts off, when actually trying to condemn capitalism; my Lord, how wrong they are!

* Homelessnessthat's correct; 28% of all RECORDED Homelessness is in the state of California!  Considering that California presently has about 40,000,000 people, from an overall population of about 330,000,000, results in it having about 12% of the present population of the USA; so is completely and utterly over-represented in this stat; staggering!  And one that you will simply not hear about from the filth in the mainstream media.

And finally, that old nugget, which I thought was the number one statistic for any do-gooder:

* Poverty - It is the highest, that's right, highest in the USA when measured geographically. 

Please look through any of these again, if you ever (God-forbid!) have to meet an idiot Leftist, and present him with these FACTS, and please have them STICK to these facts - it's completely indefendable.


Monday 27 September 2021

This Week - Various and California Part 2 (It's horrible there!) - The world's barking mad!


Is it just me, but is the entire West, or at least its leaders, now simply crazy, with the latest bit of insanity, coming from the Leader of the UK Labour party, saying that anyone can now have a cervix!  Starmer, a millionaire (naturally!) socialist, now has gone completely woke, and no doubt will get hammered even MORE at the next general election.

He, an ex "radical" fraud, is already having problems reigning in the even more radical elements of his party (some wish a £15 per hour minimum wage!), and may not even make the next election the way he's going.

The above and more about culture this week.


Friday 24 September 2021

Larry Elder got beaten badly, BUT, his points on Education are still TOTALLY valid! - Part 1

Ah, what a lovely shot of Baltimore; having suffered for over 50 years with Democrats in charge of the place - disgusting.

But if you thought that was bad, check out below; you won't believe it; and I thought my 3.25 gpa was bad!

But the truly sad thing, is that they always vote for them; for the same Democrats; for the same policies; for the same promises; that are simply never kept, and never will be due to the fact that these "policies" can NOT work.  

Taking all individual responsibility away from a class of  people and then expecting them to work and be rewarded for it, and thence bettering their lives, will simply NEVER improve their lot - but they STILL vote for policies EXACTLY like this!  It's infuriating, but as Larry Elder found out, though  he probably already knew, this class of people will not vote for people  like him, with educational policies like him, but WILL vote for the great, white, God, like the POS Gavin Newsome.

Next time, we'll look at several statistics about Newsome's California, that are simply unbelievable, and do not receive any coverage from the filth in the MSM.


Monday 20 September 2021

The Week Ahead - Various

The world and the UK are now simply insane, whether it's the Nazi tactics in Australia, where the pigs there are beating old women (Google that!), or here in the UK, where the filth in the MSM are desperately trying to egg on an alleged food or CO2 shortage (such as the dirty fucking pigs who write the Guardian) - they're scum!

Did you EVER think that this would happen?  I did, but then again we are only "Conspiracy Theorists", aren't we?  Even when we're correct, we're still in the wrong.  You can't make it up!

This week, more insights and answers!  More from culture here in the UK and a look at some Economics.


Saturday 18 September 2021

I challenge you! Try to go to a page of the Mainstream Media,

after a few weeks or even months, when you have had little to no contact with them - it's like a freak show!

Honestly!  I had to "re" go into Yahoo, in order to use an email account to find my "missing" Junk folder, and the utter crap, lies, propaganda that I witnessed even for me, was shocking!

This from 18 September 2021, is just a shot of some of the crap that they chose to "report" on - more lies about Trump, how everyone hates Boris Johnson and of course, they're STILL going after Sarah Palin!  Simply unbelievable.  

What a rag!

In addition, as I have said before, is it any wonder why the unwashed masses are completely brainwashed in their opinions on all things political, economical and culturally.


Thursday 16 September 2021

Typically USA and UK centric - The "best" Universities in the World. Really?

This link really says it all about our English-speaking arrogance, our notion that if you live in the US or the UK, that you're inherently superior to anyone else in this world!

As it says here in the London Times, there is not ONE worthy non-English speaking yoony in the world, that can hold a candle to all of these schools in the top 10 - What BS!

I can definitely remember a few years ago, when I believe it was the great Thomas Sowell, who lambasted Harvard or Yale (and presumably other Ivy League schools) when he said that the decent Professors or Teachers simply never taught or held tutorials with the the undergrads, which resulted in many of the years 1-4 being taught by Student Assistants or PhD candidates.

Contrast this with, for example Germany universities.  You mean to tell me that these institutions and the resulting genius of the German post-World War II economy have not contributed as much, as say a Harvard - with their multitude of Lawyer / Politicians, who have simply laid waste to a modern America?

Or, are you actually going to tell me that the other high number of Chinese universities, where there is a huge competitive demand to enter, are also third rate?

You know what I think of your ideas.


Tuesday 14 September 2021

The Week Ahead / Woke Woche at Waitrose


Ah, good ole Waitrose!  That horrible, over-priced dump, filled with Guardian readers and vegan millennials thinking that they are just SO intelligent with their food needs.

But, also completely woke

Now they're going to charge us 50 pence if we forget our bags and they're actually celebrating this!

It was a big step forward, but our research shows that the 10p plastic bags for life, created to be reused time and time again, were increasingly being used as single-use items, which has a damaging effect on the environment. . . . 
If you forget, we have a range of reusable bags priced from 50p, but your bags really do beat ours. For deliveries, the removal of bags coincides with our drivers being able to re-enter your home, saving you from any heavy lifting. If you prefer, our drivers will happily help you pack your shopping into your own bags. You just need to have them ready.

What a load of BS!  Whatever you feel about these bags, they're still going to the landfill or at times, even being recycled, and if you wanted to do something about this "problem", do what they use to do when I were a tot; go back to brown paper bags!  Ridiculous!

This week, we'll look at those type of people who always claimed how tough they were, but who have taken the lockdown while grabbing their ankles; the best universities in the world (Hint; this survey naturally didn't include any outside of the USA or UK!!!) and various other pieces of culture, etc. 

Recht (still angry)

Thursday 9 September 2021

Other Bloggers - A critique of other right-minded People

I utterly admire the current state of the alternative news media, alt-bloggers, YouTubers, etc, etc, etc.  Mainly, we are in agreement with many points and with the key problems / solutions that need to be taken in order for the Western world to re-establish itself to be a classical, liberal bastion - an example to the rest of the world (although, we probably still are to them, which has resulted in everyone in the world, wanting to come here and live!).

On the other hand, they seem to me, that every one of them talks about the same stories and merely give their (mainly the same) critique on these stories and topics, both here in the UK and America.

I follow many of them on a daily basis, and they range from The Hodge Twins, Lozza Fox, Reasoned, Mahyar Tousi, We got a Problem, Black Conservative Patriot, et al.  You probably know these and a good amount of others.   

My personal favourite, as he simply is more savvy with the media AND does not hold back, is Alex Belfield.

My "problem" with many of them, is that they do not appear to offer solutions to today's problems, though no doubt they do have them.  Their critique is normally spot-on, but I tend to yearn for more of the "If I were in charge, I'd . . . ", If they have done this or do, do this, my apologies.

Equally, and I do not wish to sound snobbish, is that I have a liking for the "dismal science" of Economics and hold an Honours Degree in that awful subject; so have always had the tendency to think what economic policy should we be taking.  This can range to the funding of NATO, to Foreign Aid, to Immigration, to the problems of the dominance of both the Urban Elites and of the urban-centric policy decisions that it seems that all governments now take into account.

Many of these bloggers don't do Economics, or they revert to the standard "Free Market", "Low Taxes" spiels, that whilst I agree with simply don't cut it with many people today who easily fall prey to simple, socialist "solutions".  These ideas, except for the existing converts,  MUST be explained to any new, potential followers. 

Finally, in order to combat both the leftists and the wokists, we have to look at this as a long run battle and must actually listen to just WHY so many people are vulnerable to the easy "fixes" that the left / wokists have.  Even if these arguments
 are of an emotional appeal.


Tuesday 7 September 2021

The Week Ahead / Friedman's the "Uses of Hypocrisy" - Bojo's Tax Increase . . .

Milton Friedman's quite brilliant essay all those years ago, was as good a thing as I've ever read about hypocrisy from government, ie, Boris Johnson's intention to raise National Insurance contributions by 1.25%.  I also note, that it's about the utter hypocrisy of the MSM, in their critique (naturally) of the Tories as well.

In Friedman's case, it was concerning the utter, grotesque hypocrisy of the then Senate in the USA in 1982, when they were trying to push a constitutional amendment, to limit THEMSELVES from spending to much money:

Of course, the president and the Congress have the power to enact a balanced budget. They also would have the power to maintain freedom of speech without the First Amendment. Yet I have read no columnist—however caustic his comments on Congress’s hypocrisy—who has suggested that the First Amendment serves no purpose and should be repealed. 

Of course the Senate is guilty of hypocrisy in voting simultaneously for a large current deficit and for a constitutional amendment to prevent future deficits. 

And in the case of the MSM in their criticism of Bojo's tax increase, their hypocrisy is blatant and disgraceful.

They know as well as I do, that the current state of affairs with the economy and the huge queues that we presently have in both social care and the NHS are unsustainable at present; and that this MUST lead to some sort of increase in taxation!  It simply has to (even if we can still prioritise, cut waste, etc, etc. - though a surcharge tax or temporary increase in income tax could also be looked into).

So hence, they criticise the Tories for "breaking" a platform promise, as if:

1) No other party has EVER broken them before!
2) People have actually read these effing platforms!

On the other hand, since when did the scum in the media give a flying fuck about increases in taxation!  They both actively encourage high taxes, as well as continually condemning the Tories for NOT raising taxes!

The hypocrisy knows no end!

This week, we'll look at the present political situation, the mess in Afghanistan / Arab world, and have a look at other bloggers (finally).


Saturday 4 September 2021

Welcome back to the West of Scotland, only tree-swingers need apply

After a lengthy stay on the continent, I had the "pleasure" of coming back to Scotland the past few days.  I arrived at Glasgow "International" Airport, ah, the misnomer of that last phrase, and had to suffer from the typical bigoted, Neanderthal(ness) of the typical 20-something male who lives here, when I entered a taxi to go back to my home.

My Lord!  I knew I was back in this "land that time forgot" zone of the UK.

Naturally, the driver was a supporter of one of the Old Firm teams, and immediately took offence when a fellow passenger referred to the European press who had called a weather system over Great Britain, as a "British System" - He immediately stated, like a gorilla on heat, that "Ah'm nae British, ah'm Scoattish!" - which struck me as both ignorant, rude and stressed that he needed his ears checked!  

I corrected him by saying that this was a German TV reporter, and NOT us or the "English"  press!  He shut up immediately, but naturally didn't apologise for his ridiculous rudeness & ignorance. 

He then of course, went on about Boris Johnson and "them Tories", although he probably doesn't know that it is the SNP and wee Krankie herself, who are in charge of the NHS north of the Border.  

He then stated, oblivious to the fact, that he thought it unfair that "everyone blamed the SNP government for everything", when at the same time he blamed the aforementioned Tories for everything!

He simply  NEVER  listened or wanted to listen to what his passengers said, and will forever be stuck, in his hick, simple-minded views and opinions.

I always see so many people comment as to why or how the SNP continually gets elected in Scotland, this goon was a prime example of why.