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Saturday 30 October 2021

Rishi's new British Budget - I can almost hear the 70s returning!

One of my major concerns with Brexit, was not that I was against it, but that it would enable the utterly incompetent and corrupt British establishment, once again to show that with international competition & an absence of their beloved colonies, the UK would enter a phase of becoming a third world nation, just like the
1970s or here

Christ!  It hasn't taken that long has it?  What with the
petrol shortage, Emergency Room disasters and now, with a tax and spend budget, coming from a "Conservative" (Did anyone say Ted Heath?) government!

Honestly, the budget consists of more taxes for the successful middle-class, whilst at the same time, giving Minimum Wagers an increase in salary of just under 7%!

This is in my opinion a dreadful harbinger to come, as ONCE AGAIN success, hard work and ambition will be punished and the masses who for various reasons do not fit into that category, will be rewarded. 

Sunak should be ashamed.

These type of policies only end in one way, when the successful will choose to ply their trade in another land, and a classic "brain drain" later ensues, leaving more and more of the lower waged and less successful, to fight for crumbs; awful!


Wednesday 27 October 2021

How can people think the way they think? The MSM's disgusting influence.

I was recently in the hospital (I'm safe and better now!) for a surgery and whilst there, it was simply impossible NOT to talk to my fellow patients.

Naturally with a North American accent, the topic ALWAYS switches to politics / Trump!  Without fail!  Always!

But what is even more disconcerting, is the way that they think about the moron in chief; Joe Biden.

Honestly!  The patient I was chatting to was a typical middle-class person, reasonably intelligent, a non-SNP (Scottish National Party) supporting leftist - someone you would expect to be clever in life; except how they perceive politics in general, and specifically in the USA.

He was braindead!  And why?  They get their "news" solely from the MSM.

This guy, let's call in Fred, immediately told me how Biden was a "clever guy"!  Because, and get this, he had been there for 50 years!  

I begged to differ, but of course in a very nice way - by the end, he wanted to know what news sites are out there for an alternative take (But NOT GB News, with Nigel Farage).  When in reality, he has probably never watched GB News, as Farage only has an evening show during weekdays, lasting 1 hour (In fact, a simple 30 second web search shows that there are 20 other presenters on the channel!).  

But such is the way that people talk, or that the MSM reports, you'd think that Nigel was on 24 / 7!  When he simply isn't!  It just shows how awful the MSM are, and how people simply accept the "way things are", without trying alternatives. It's just so depressing. 


Monday 25 October 2021

The Week Ahead, had to use the NHS last week - It functioned well! / Racist Job Adverts


Another week, and more complete madness.

I did not blog too much, as I was actually in hospital and have to say was impressed, partly, with my surgery and recovery.  Although part of the experience was of the 3rd World!  But I digress.

This week, we will have more utter lunacy and a continuation of my critique of the Housing Market and what I would do to stop it being of so much importance / influence to our UK economy.

But first, more ridiculous and blatant racist job adverts, check this one out!

That right, as it says in their disgusting advert; "Our team of 27 staff members – almost all of us Black and PoC young people ourselves" - That's correct, there's 27 of these filthy parasites preaching their blatant racist attitudes to the indoctrinated youth that they have in their remit.  The mind boggles, but what's even more nauseating, is they actually claim to be "anti-racist" - Fuck them!


Saturday 23 October 2021

The housing market - Blame the Investors - Part 1

Please try to go to this link; which states clearly that a bigger, and bigger percentage of houses are NOT being bought by normal people, but buy investment funds, etc - in the American market, and I no doubt think that the situation is probably very similar in the UK, though I will have to track this down.

This leads me to several comments and points:

1) I have never really known just WHO could be buying all of the houses, whilst at the same time, having record house prices and the little man simply not earning enough to buy them.

2) Is this really unsustainable if a larger and larger majority of these buyers are NOT the little man, but investment funds; who have the ability to take any losses (if the prices do finally go down), as tax write-offs?

3) Will house prices EVER go down (both in real and money terms)?  

4) Are houses now becoming a Luxury Good?

I can only say, that if I have questions like the above, I would hope, HOPE, that the powers that be notably, Rishi Sunak (UK Finance Minister), should surely know these questions and hopefully have some answers for them.


Monday 18 October 2021

Week Ahead - More BS, more Wokism from Adidas (comparing Germany with Nigeria), & some Philosophy. . .


This week will see us again trying to make sense of an insane establishment's world, but with a long overdue look at certain things I've seen the last year; 

1) How the BME explosion in the Media, leads to some simply ridiculous conclusions.

2) Macron loves Nuclear Power now; why do leaders always follow and the fear of failure.

But for our "wokeness" of the week, it's interesting to be on the Adidas email listing, and to see all the, presumably, "German" models:

Check this gallery out!:

That's right, look at the honky on the bottom right, outnumbered again. Ha!

Interesting, a look at a new Adidas shop in Nigeria, and there appears to be an absence of any pale looking models.  Correct!  It's a black, African country, so the models are black.   Seems to make perfect sense to me.

They know who they are, and are quite proud of it.  They are not PC and "feel" that they have to be "inclusive".  

What is it with the globalists and establishment, that they feel they can not be like this?


Saturday 16 October 2021

A Member of Parliament is Murdered (by a Somalian? Sudanese?) - They will NOT stop talking about Brexit! Part 7,534!

I remember when Saint Jo Cox was murdered a few years ago, the BBC,  et al,  went out of their way to try to pin it on the "right wing" - FROM THE VERY BEGINNING OF THE REPORTING!  It was disgusting, and yet they continued to pontificate that they were being fair and apolitical; my effing arse!  

They must take us as fools. And naturally that rag of a website, Wikipedia, names the "right winger" who perpetuated the crime in the third paragraph of her biography.  They simply can not help themselves.

I have no problem with this, but they NEVER apply the same standards, to the far greater threat from Islamists.

So it comes as no surprise, that when I first heard about the murder of Sir David Alness (from GB News with a moderator and Arlene Foster from the DUP in Northern Ireland), that mysteriously there was no mention (again) or description of the murderer?   

Ah, what a surprise.  A blind man could see it without a cane.  But I will say, that Foster at least stressed that motive, etc, was for another day.

Immediately, I switched over to the BBC and just KNEW, they would report it differently.  As Rush Limbaugh said years ago, It is who they are!

I was not disappointed, as their "reporter" instantly brought up the murder of Jo Cox, and without any hesitation, noted that it happened "during the run up to the Brexit referendum"!

I just KNEW that they would mention some form of politics; how so cliched!

They are simply disgusting, and the quicker we don't have to pay the BBC Licence fee, the better.

Recht (angrier than ever)

Thursday 14 October 2021

Glasgow and its street posters - Telling it like it is!

Ah, Glasgow, you have to hand to us here.  

As anyone knows, they tell you exactly what they think, hence it's no surprise when I came across this poster and reply, by my neighbourhood school.  Where it is plainly obvious that the kids are being indoctrinated by Wee Krankie's regime.

So it was quite refreshing to see the rebuttal to the poster.


Tuesday 12 October 2021

The week ahead . . . things are dreadful and now, the winter comes!


This week, more dreadfulness (Ed; Is that a word??), and thoughts on policy, culture and some philosophy, along with the odd bit of wokery that is in abundance, but first, a good ole fashion point - crime.

Please go to this link, about the blonde tart who got away with lying and drunk driving, with her 4 kids in tow!

This is making the rounds in the UK the last few days, but what is even more shocking (Ed; Because you are just so GOOD at your interpretation of things!), is that if you tally up the number of Hearts and Thumbs Up for this article in The Telegraph, it approaches 30-40% of the public.

Meaning?  A ton of of the great unwashed actually think that this is a good thing!  A blond POS, with her 4 kids in her car, driving drunk and causing an accident, with another car containing a pregnant female.

I can only hope (or not hope,  but wish!), that every single one of these cock&uckers have to deal with a drunk driver in their future!  

Mind boggling!

Recht (still angry)

Saturday 9 October 2021

A random check on various websites - Local governments are awful also!

Many times, I feel that we only look at the dreadful, national governments that we have around the world, but I really lose it at times, when I inspect certain local governments and their shocking lunacy; look at this one that concerns the simply awful Reading Council.

Not only have they recently (2014) moved from the offices above into new offices, complete with some lovely rooms, although they insist this will save money in the long run, but please go here, to see that it has now taken them two years, to do their accounts from several years ago!

Why aren't these people who do this EVER taken to task for this utter incompetence!?  Why?  If this was a private company, and this does happen at times, they would likely face a rather large fine - In fact, this happened to me a few years ago for an incorporated company that had; I was fined £750 to be exact, in what amounted to about 25% of the company's total revenue.

I hold my breath for this to happen in Berkshire.


Friday 8 October 2021

The BBC - Sea Otters to Combat Climate Change! I kid you not . . .


Two links that simply say it all:

From the BBC.COM; I only went into this page as I actually use a vpn, and it shoots me direct to the *.com version of the Beeb - and I thought the * site was insane!:

And more racist hillwalkers on BBC Scotland:

I don't really come to this site,, anymore, as there is really nothing that I hate more than the BBC, and that there is nothing we can do about the Beeb, until our wonderful British TV Licence fee disappears.  

Equally, I don't really use the MSM as well - it's worse than propaganda.  The propagandist knew they were lying, and there was always a certain charm about them, whereas the "intelligentsia" actually believe in the utter lies that they put out.

But this comes to my challenge; try to NOT use ANY of the MSM for 1 month, and then look at them, after that one month finishes; it's as if they live on a different planet than us.  

I did this recently with the rag of a "news" site;, as I have to go there at time to use an old email address.  The crap that they write is simply unbelievable!  In my case, I noticed that out of the first 13 articles, 6, SIX! were still about Donald Trump?



Thursday 7 October 2021

Glasgow is so socialist and inept. . . Part 10,045

Have a gander (slang for look, etc) here.

That's right, that's from two years ago, and STILL they have not started this - though naturally, they will use the "Corona" as an excuse - don't believe them, they are utterly incompetent.

This photo is along Byres Road, and the bollards there with water, have been here for some time, perhaps the last year or so.  Equally, I have no idea both why they are there, and for how long they're to be there.

Who knows, perhaps this is the start or even end(!) of the project, you simply do NOT know with Glasgow Council.

Finally, when the area becomes busy, and there are disabled people attempting to use this area (I personally witnessed 2 people on canes), they end up finding it quite hard to move to the right, as people heading their way would not leave the main pavement - utterly disgraceful!


Monday 4 October 2021

The Week Ahead, Various - Piers Morgan - Is this what they think about Scotland?

The start of the week, and it gets even worse, we see now that David Walliams has now had to repent, throw himself on his own sword, swear allegiance to the radical, leftist, Nazis, who apply standards to us little ole  people, that they NEVER apply to themselves.

This week, will look at the typical woke, leftist news, and look also, at certain political / economic news that we'll come from different angles.  

In addition, as winter sets in here in Scotland, have started to listen to more and more to various blog casts, including the wonderful Dan Bongino, amongst others.  It's actually quite uplifting to know that one is not alone.

And finally, now that the Dunhill golf has come and gone at St Andrews, with the various minor / major celebs behaving like children as if it seems that they always do when they are "up north" and playing golf in Scotland; such as Piers Morgan (using a Haggis and Black Pepper bag of crisps as a breakfast); do they ALWAYS look upon Scotland in this manner; or look as if they are a group of teenagers, with their pals - Children 

Is this what they really think of us lot up here?


Sunday 3 October 2021

Woke Woche - "Glasgow Live"

At one time, since I do indeed live in Glasgow, Scotland; the ONLY decent, current affairs website was the aforementioned "Glasgow Live", whose link is here:

They were fairly apolitical, had timely and "trendy" coverage of both the music, property, crime, etc, scene in the Glasgow area - and were utterly superior to the Evening Times (Glasgow's rag of a daily paper).  A quick look at this "news" source, directed me to their incredibly woke, university area called the West End, and had this on their Facebook page (says it all really) - These freaks are effing incessant, aren't they?

But now, even Glasgow Live has changed.  And whilst I do know why, what is the effing point of this entire woke shite!  Particularly in a city, that has virtually no people of Afro / Caribbean origin!  I do not know the exact number, but I am simply not going to waste my time doing it - I'm just so enraged!  This is effing crap!

As you can tell, they openly state that "Black History is Our History", but considering that this Black History in Glasgow, is utterly non-existent, could anyone please tell me what part of this non-existent "history" is "Our History"?

And if so, there are PLENTY more histories that are not only "Our History", but should then be, logically, celebrated!  

Alas, you and I both know that this will simply never happen.