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Monday 25 April 2022

The Week Ahead; and it gets even worse - hyprocrisy, uneventfulness and double standards - Wimbledon & Ukraine (again!)


That's right, all those terrible Ruskies and their lackies in Belarus will be banned from Wimbledon; that darling of world sport and tennis.

First of all, the double standards are simply sickening!  Did they do this to the American, French or British players, the last 20 years, when their countries were bombing the living sh*ite out of the Middle East?  That's right, I didn't think so.

Interesting, as said before in this blog, up to 500,000 civilians were killed by the the above (and others) over a 10 to 20 year period; yet I never heard a single outcry for players from these states to be banned.

But wait, where does this actually lead?

By and large, this is a political decision by a nation (Russia), and many people are fuc*ed off about it; so they ban participants from this nation.  But any sane person should ask themselves, that this could EASILY be extended to OTHER political decisions by ANY country.

For example, a certain country might not go in on the globalist con of Global Warming?  Hence, ban them!. Certain countries may decide to not take refugees from other countries - whack!  Their countries' players will be banned. Etc, etc, etc.

Believe me on this - it's a slippery slope and the globalists will seize upon this for their own means; but maybe I am wrong.  

But if you don't believe me, go to any whacko, leftist, fascist online "news" source, and see for yourselves.  Look here at the globalist pigs at the Washington Post, to see that they actually believe this is a correct decision!  And believe me on this, if Wimbledon can do this to Russians, then ANY organisation and sports entity can do it to anybody!  That is there goal. 

But there is some hope. World number 1, Novak Djokovic says that it's "crazy", and anybody who saw his runner-up speech at the Serbian Open yesterday (losing to the Russian player Andrei Rublev), with Niki Pilic, will know that he had Pilic there, as he was involved in the 1973 boycott of tennis pros, you guessed it, against Wimbledon.  Please read that link as very few news sources have reported that lately.

In addition, the ATP & WTA are both having a meeting this week on this, as they are not only against it, but are already threatening to take all ranking points away from it as well.

Here's hoping.


Friday 8 April 2022

Crime - Again from the one and only UK - Unbelievable!

Please go here for something simply unbelievable, but shockingly quite common in our modern, multi-cultural United Kingdom. And naturally made scant headlines in ANY of our completely woke news outlets.

Please all you Americans out there - this is NOT your father's or grand father's UK!

Can Arslan, 52, yes I know; a fine sounding English name, is on trial for butchering a neighbour to death, and trying to do the same to another neighbour of his; after more or less   (A post-mortem examination found Mr Boorman had suffered 27 serious knife injuries, as well as many more superficial cuts.) TWELVE years of threatening to do it, and with the great British police in the end, doing slightly less than fuck all!

Neighbours blocking Arslan from Escaping after the murder


The piece of  filth has been found guilty, but what is shocking, is that the police and other authorities apparently did little to stop this, even AFTER Arslan had admitted to a police officer / neighbour, shortly before the murder, that he indeed would do it!

This has also led the family, to completely condemn the behaviour of the authorities.  As they called the police and other authorities "toothless".

But, wait!  One of the authorities has spoken (bold are my emphasis), 

Assistant chief constable Craig Holden said: “We understand what was heard in court raises questions over what was done by police and other agencies before the terrible events. Senior representatives from local agencies have also commissioned an independent, non-statutory partnership review, which will look at how both public and private-sector organisations worked together to address the concerns of Arslan’s neighbours.”

Oh, that magical, vomit-inducing word, "partnership"!  I could've kicked in my laptop whilst reading such drivel.

There should be an alternative headline, that would read something like this:

"After the murder of his neighbour, and after the inaction of the "partners" that should have prevented this, a mob of righteous vigilantes, surrounded Arslan, and  proceeded to string him up from the nearest Ash tree they could find, and hanged him until dead.  Afterwards, the body of Arslan was set alight, much to the happiness of the baying mob."

You KNOW I'm right.


Wednesday 6 April 2022

Crime - New Series about monthly Crime stories that disgust me!

This will be a new series each month, where we look at the simply awful justice system in the UK and America, though they are probably just as bad.

Take a look at this, untalented POS, Liam Gallagher (from the has been 90s band Oasis in the UK). 

He was complete shite!  But for his brother Noel, who wrote and arranged all of Oasis's hit songs, this puke would've still have been yet another poor, waster of a Mancunian.  

But as it is with SO many rich offspring, the apple hasn't fallen too far from the tree with this f*ck.  

A recent incursion by his son, and a few of his friends says it all really about the legal system in the UK.  And as has it, it also involves another entitled offspring, in this case Ringo Star's grandson.   

To put it briefly, with emphasis being mine:

Gene Gallagher, 20, and Sonny Starkey, 21, were branded “entitled” after causing havoc on a late-night visit to a Tesco Express store when groceries was thrown around and the two young men were accused of “windmilling” down the aisles.

The incident was sparked after their friend and model Noah Ponte, 21, was accused of stealing a £1.70 gin and tonic drink after the shop had stopped serving alcohol and ended with Starkey being put in a headlock by a shop worker and police on the scene.

All three friends had been due to stand trial, accused of affray and assaults on shop staff Hiran Rajput and Shvium Patel, who said they were racially abused in an incident that happened almost three years ago in May 2019.

But prosecutors dropped the case on the first day of the trial.

I could vomit!  They stalled in order to have the case heard some THREE YEARS LATER, only to have all charges dropped!  

This says EVERYTHING about crime, the "legal" system and entitlement & privilege all in one!  At the VERY least, they should all be sentenced to some form of restorative justice or community service work for several weeks, and NOT fines - which seem to be normal behaviour nowadays.

But wait, it gets worse, as this POS Gallagher, has now gone on a foul-mouthed tirade AGAINST  the Judge who actually was presiding and who agreed that the Prosecutor's should drop the case.  You can not make this up.

Gallagher is quoted in his tweets as saying; "Judge Judy can kiss my a*** hole from 1 entitled prick to another as you were LG x [sp]"

What an ungrateful effing piece of trash.  If there is ANY justice, their should be an appeal by a higher authority!

More tomorrow, where I have a belter!


Monday 4 April 2022

Why more and more churches are irrelevant - The woke Church of England; I could vomit!


As we read a lot of of news aggregator sites, in addition, please bear with me a moment(!), to looking at the nauseating Microsoft news aggregator each day on my desktop, I do  try to comment on "smaller" articles, that show just how woke and awful parts of the Western world are nowadays.

I caught this one, concerning the very first female priests ordained in the Church of England, that is about none other than the Anglican church in England, and how they are destroying old plaques in order to put something  woke in their place.

That's right. Because the original plaque did not mention the original woman ordinands (There were nearly 30 of them FFS!), that that is now considered both sexist and further proof of the male patriarchy!

Instead of merely a factually correct plaque, that commemorates both the ceremony, as well as the leaders (who happened to be male), of that particular church service!

The freak who is actually carving the new plaque, and is now (Good God!) training to be a priestess, and looks to be filled with so much love (sic), is called Robyn Golden-Hann (Ah, a nice, double barrelled name.  Talk about vanity).  I quote (with bold being my emphasis):

“I feel very honoured to have done this. It will be one of my very last commissions as a professional stone carver so it is very poignant that this should be the work that marks my transition from one calling to another. . .”

". . . The only explanation (as to why no female names were on the original plaque) I’ve heard is that it was probably done in some haste. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was just part of the patriarchal mentality of the time."

It is little wonder why the Church of England continues to haemorrhage members.