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Friday 23 December 2022

This month's - "Why I hate the BBC" - Part infinity . . .


This is simply an outrageous article, about last nights' incident in Brixton, at a rap (or whatever it's called) concert.

And Joseph Lee the author, should be ashamed of himself / herself.  But you and I both know, they won't be. 

It's also a perfect example, of the inherent, "soft" bias that the leftists / fascists or BBC have, that must be said, is very effective in influencing the great, ignorant, un-washed that we have in the world.  The type, who after scanning this article in a few seconds, would immediately surmise that, them evil police officers started this by sicking their dogs on a group of black people!

Brixton Academy

It is about that above concert, in such a "lovely" part of London, with the usual suspects involved.  What is outrageous from the very beginning of the crap, is that apparently, before the concert, Brixton Academy announced that people should not show up, without tickets?! Duh!

I've been to a good many concerts in my life, and have NEVER heard / seen / listened to this type of announcement before.  But then again, myself and my mates who did go to the concerts, are not the type to cause "trouble".

There is more about this, from the scum at the Independent.

And you want to know why so many people detest the MSM.


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