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Friday 16 December 2022

Psychotic Leftist "Journalist" of the Month - The Guardian's Gaby Hinsliff - She's a Lunatic and a Cliche'


I've seen her before somewhere over the years, and she was simply barking!

As in insane and naturally, just SO privileged, middle-class, spoiled, third-rate, and OF COURSE from Oxbridge!

She is simply one big effing cliché!  Every thing, as in EVERYTHING, that any sane, normal person would suspect about someone such as our Gaby, is completely true.  

But somehow, she thinks that she's different, with her wacko opinion pieces.

Her latest piece of writing, is in some way, her piece de resistance, attempting to summarise 2022, and naturally becomes an embarrassing synopsis that merely attacks her pet hates in the world of politics - Most of which / who are American?

Naturally, she hates Trump and Musk - no doubt this is a new found belief, as before he purchased Twitter, she was no doubt a huge fan with aspirations of owning a Tesla!   But now, alas, with his purchase, he is the go to hate object for the leftist fascists - merely because he wishes to have something called free speech on Twitter. 

What her recent piece DOESN'T say, is that Sam Bankman-Fried, the head of the recently collapsed FTX currency exchange, was the second biggest donator to her beloved Democratic Party in the USA!  This is not mentioned in her story, and is quite simply scandalous!  And who knows, many a person would say, completely dishonest.

What more?  Her father is an actor, at one time in Coronation Street, and to round off the book of cliché's, she's married to a former press secretary to a Labour Defence Secretary, under the Blair and Brown governments in the UK.

These creatures, are simply always the same.

I could vomit!


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