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Saturday 31 December 2022

End of the Year Awards - Philosophy / Speech - Neil Oliver - 29th October - GB News - They locked us down & spent billions - Don't forget!

Category - Best Speech / Philosophy

When it comes to absolutely nailing the effects of the utterly useless response of shutting us down and spending hundreds of billions of pounds during COVID, I believe it is this opening monologue from late October that was simply superlative.  

I heard this live, and believe, as many of Neil's monologues are similar, it was this one I loved.  Pay particular attention to the part at 16:40, with his reference to Orwell's "memory holing".

Beg, borrow or steal, to see all of Neil's opening monologues on GB News from the UK.

It's rare when I agree with someone 1000%, but with Neil, this is normally the rule.

He's right.  They should be begging for our forgiveness, but simply do not give a damn about us, as if they ever have done. 


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