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Saturday 18 February 2023

The witch is deed! Nicola Sturgeon and the politics of hatred in Scotland


In the end, the SNP's law on gender, where they were warned and warned and warned, that it could lead to men being in women's prisons, got her.  Deservedly so!

This is after repeatedly saying that you had to be a "right-winger" for this ever to happen!  With even senior officials, not being told that this had happened!  Even though a clown,  such as Keith Brown (the SNP's deputy leader), assured the Scottish Parliament that this would not be the case (from the above link):

Keith Brown’s statement to MSPs on Tuesday afternoon (31 January) followed his announcement on Sunday that no transgender prisoner with a history of violence against women will be accommodated in a women’s prison. 

An idiot or blind man without a cane knew this would happen, but just like her idol, the thoroughly revolting Saint Jacinda of New Zealand, she had to fall on her own sword.

Sturgeon, who had at the time of her resignation, been in charge of the radical leftist nationalist government in Scotland for 8 years, was still her usual arrogant and dishonest self - never actually saying that this situation was the cause in her resignation speech!

Now naturally, there will be a review about the law (the above link), but that is again, not the point.

She thoroughly deserves to go, what, with scandal and ineptness by the dozen here in Scotland, but it once again shows how not only does power goes to so many politician's heads, even when they are third rate as Sturgeon (with never a private sector job!), but also to the absolute haters who vote for the SNP, and who will continue to vote for them, regardless of what happens to their country.  

This can also apply to the inept, lying buffoon Joe Biden, who has recently shot down a $12 dollar toy balloon, and then stayed silent, as if to say; "It was a UFO!".

You can NEVER get rid of these people!  Largely due to a moronic, left-wing votership; who I have first hand experience of, particularly here in Scotland.  This people have always fallen to the SNP's propaganda, that EVERYTHING is the English Tories fault, that this is the reason why Scotland is in such a terrible state, even though Scotland has one of the most devolved governments in the world. 

But that won't stop them or their fawning friends in the leftist,  ignorant press, as this article in Forbes proves, from continuing!  Where the idiot of an ignoramus writer who wrote this tripe, the delightfully named "Josie" Cox, apparently has NO IDEA WHATSOEVER about Sturgeon or Scotland, and actually PRAISES her for stepping down, due to her "mental health"!?

I despair!


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