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Sunday 29 January 2023

The shame & awful predictability of Hollywood; M3GAN is simp7y aw3u7!


Just when you thought that Hollywood couldn't get worse, they not only inflict, this predictable, unrealistic, "fantasy" crap on us.   But they also miss an opportunity.

In what could have been (I say that VERY hesitantly) a fun and interesting take on the future of AI and it's role in the house, particularly with the home office revolution, and the rising levels of dementia; they give us this shite!

It's simply awful!  There is no satire, meaningfulness, application to today or at least, some excitement.   EVERYTHING  is scripted and contained within the Hollywood safe and secure, point-plotted regime.   You simply KNEW what was going to happen.

Unlike the great Robocop, (the original from 1987, NOT the shit from 2014!) that was dripping with satire,  dry humour and relevance, this had nothing to like about it whatsoever; with the audience in my case, actually laughing aloud, particularly in the scenes where wee Megan decides to sing!

Equally, when the predictable, "Megan is her own person schtick comes about", nothing is ever explained why, or why this new found independence turns out to be evil?  Why doesn't Megan become good?

In the end, I could have vomited, but who knows, Megan may have sent it back to me, with a new found skill or system update!

1/5 - Dreadful!


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