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Monday 27 February 2023

British policy meant for the British ("Levelling Up"); will be used for Refugees! I'm back and ready to blog!


Please read this utter piece of nonsense, in a "you can't make it up" manner!  Interesting, that I haven't seen anything on this (though the last 10 days I've been out of the country) in the MSM, and must rely on a Cambridge website?

Levelling Up, is a conservative party / government policy, that recently handed out billions to deprived areas, predominantly in the north part of the UK, as they have both recently and always have, suffered in economic terms when compared to the affluent South & London.

Since late 2021, it has given £3.8 billion to these areas.   A more specific link can be found here, where the areas and projects where the money is going, is detailed. 

So when I, by chance, bumped into the above Cambridgeshire link, I was simply disgusted and was screaming at the internet!

New homes specifically for Ukrainian and Afghan refugees are due to be built in Cambridge. Cambridge City Council has agreed to spend over £11.3million on either buying or building a minimum of 30 new homes for refugees in the city.

Levelling Up, was always meant to help BRITISH people, NOT anyone else.  By British, I mean us lot, who are here living, struggling, working, paying taxes, etc!

It was NEVER meant to fund fucking refugees who are recent to our country!  Not now, not ever!  And I say this as a person who was not born in the UK, but who has happily lived here, and integrated myself here, over the last decades.

There are people waiting for new housing EVERYWHERE in this country, and although Cambridge Council claim this is only temporary; with the number of "refugees" pouring into the UK each week, they know that they are lying to us.

Equally, to spend 11.1 million pounds on 30 houses (£370,000 per house!!!), is simply obscene!

This should be immediately investigated by the Levelling Up Secretary, Michael Gove.

I despair!


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