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Wednesday 14 June 2023

Part 2 - Nuclear and Germany; some solutions


One of the thing that we try to do at this blog, is to offer solutions, and lo and behold, it is nuclear, that is EASILY the most readily available solution to the mythical Climate Change solution.

And on this, I actually agree with Oliver Stone, whose new movie, Nuclear Now, is a solid attempt at trying to convince the idiots in this world, primarily on the Left, that you can not STILL lump nuclear power & nuclear weapons together!  Right On!  For more information, please listen to his podcast here.

In addition, the propaganda about nuclear waste is also something that can put people off, but please go here, to hear basic facts on this from the great, Sabine Hossenfelder; i.e, the waste problem has been overstated, the vast quantity of "waste" from a nuclear reactor is of a very low level in radiation, and the amount of it, is actually quite small, on a global scale. 

Ah, but let's not let facts get into the equation . . .

This also brings up the fact that recently Germany have finally closed the last of its final three nuclear plants; simply insane!  

I always thought this to be quite odd, considering many of the countries around Deutschland are still using (no doubt, not as modern) nuclear plants themselves.  So I guess the geniuses who see nuclear as the bogeyman, think that when one of these foreign plants melt down, it won't affect them in Germany?  Really?  

Equally, though I'm not sure, some (or at least some) of this power is pumped back to Germany for their use!  So the hypocrisy knows no end!

And you may also have heard that while we are having this closure of their plants, they have actually opened up old coal power plants, in order to get through the crisis of not having enough gas from Russia!  I'm not kidding!

These policies will ONLY be counter-productive to not only Germany but the entire Green movement and Green Party, as the majority of the population will see the insanity of it.  

And this naturally, has already happened, as the AFD (a "right-wing" party) are now more popular than the existing government's party.

As of last week, the AFD are now on 20% support, which is second only to the largest opposition party, the CDU, but is even MORE than the ruling parties support of 19% for the SPD.


There should be an immediate election!  And an immediate reopening of these 3 plants, but also as many as possible, new nuclear plants being opened.

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