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Wednesday 21 June 2023

Another Parliament fight! Is this now, the only way to settle things in the West? Take Jordan for example

The more and more the West becomes completely and utterly ungovernable and ludicrous over wokeness, corruption, and a host of non-issues; I eagerly await a "hard-man" takeover that can ONLY be better than our present form of democracy.

And who knows, maybe a good scrap in a parliament is now the only way to settle things.  Japan seems to have a history of this (below) from earlier this month, when certain people could not accept the signing of new immigration laws. 

But this latest one, follows on from a "battle royal" in 2015!  I just LOVE the Jalen Hurts over the top play, by the lady in the green blouse!  Speaking about the Eagles, apparently some people want this play banned!

When I was young, I tend to remember an advert on TV,  where the leaders of the USSR and the USA would settle things, not with nuclear warheads, but by fists in a boxing ring.  Who knows, maybe they were onto something. 

I thought the commercial was na├»ve, but then again, parliament fights have been de rigour for some time now.  One of my faves being a a doozy from Jordan only two years ago.

This one was over women's rights in Jordan!  Wow, and I thought Arab / Islamic governments were just so liberal?

The fracas unfolded as lawmakers were preparing to debate a change to the constitution to address Jordanian citizens in both the feminine and masculine tense. Jordanian women currently enjoy equal rights with respect to their entitlement to health care, education, political participation and employment, but are not afforded the same rights when it comes to nationality and citizenship as men.

But wait, apparently Jordan has a history of this type of democracy, as in 2013, someone actually fired an AK47 in their parliament during a "debate"!

I am not saying this is an ideal way of discussing things, but the point of this post, is that the elites / governments are now just SO out of touch with us commoners, that at times, it seems that to debate things, that a level of violence is almost needed to get things done.


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