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Monday 5 June 2023

Part 1 - German Wackjobs! - No oil / gas heating from January 2024!

You only have to look at him, to know that he's yet another leftist puke, with never a real job in his life, but at present Robert Habeck is Vice-Chancellor of Germany!

He looks a psychotic, and he is.

Honestly, for 10 years, between doing fuck all as an academic and his present foray into politics, he was writing / reviewing poetry books!  I am not making that up!

Can't we do any better nowadays?  

It seems the world over, from New Zealand and their awful neo-dictator, horse-mouth buffoon Lady Jacinda, to the Big Guy Joe Biden; why do the leftists select such complete fools?

And this utter tool continues this idiocrasy.  Try to translate the below link, as Germans will have to rush out and buy the latest gas heating technology,  before they are banned next year from being sold.

As I have always said, THEY voted for this fucking idiot from the German Green party.

And now an update! (below); apparently the very voters who selected the present lunatics in Germany, are now having buyer's remorse:

Well, I think it's a bit too late for that, because even if they have an election in the future, the ban will still be in place.

This has not only been barely mentioned by our great, unbiased British media, but it also completely ignores the elephant in the room, that being nuclear power.

If you can find it, it's on Netflix I believe, please try to have a look at Nuclear Now, an excellent film by none other than that radical, right-winger, Oliver Stone!

In it, he puts a completely logical, coherent voice for increasing nuclear power asap.  Please go here to see an interview with Stone on Joe Rogan's show; his main point being, that the great, unwashed public STILL confuse nuclear power with nuclear weapons, I despair!

Interesting, that even Saint Greta von Sweden has also noted a muted support for nuclear, as an alternative to the effing clowns in Germany who chose to close the last nuclear plants in Deutschland, get this, in order to open up new coal mines!

Part 2 later this week.  Where we look at the nuclear option, basic facts about it, and about the new micro plants that are being built, and what this means to the people of Germany, who now may miss their CO2 emission targets.


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