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Wednesday 20 December 2023

The Scottish Nationalist Party (SNP)and their (future) immigration policy on refugees are a complete and total disaster.

Take a look at this thing named Kirsty Blackman. She's absolutely shocking once again, a career politician, never a real job in her fucking life, and then straight into politics after she had got out of university - she also happens to be a complete, and UTTER, third-rate whack job.

I say she is shocking again, as a few years ago, this Nazi actually wanted to forbid Donald Trump from entering the UK!

Honestly!  Look at her, LOOK AT HER!  She is a complete, fucking idiot!

She was actually on a show recently,  where she's openly said that she favoured unlimited, uncontrolled, immigration to Scotland!

This is a fact!  She's an idiot; a complete fucking nutjob! 

There's so many reasons to disagree with her, you almost cannot make this up. But she at least shows you what a complete fucking moron she is. 

I always have wanted to know, just how that would in reality work; this type of immigration "plan"?  Would everyone, presumably, just hop on the next Ryanair or Third World Airline, equipped with as many bags as possible, and literally just "show up" in the waiting arms of the SNP?  Because it seems to me after what this lunatic said this last week, that is EXACTLY what they mean, and would inevitably happen!

Honestly, would it be a hundred or a thousand a day, pouring into both Glasgow and Edinburgh airports, presumably applying to stay, as in they wouldn't even need to fill-out their bogus asylum applications, or even pretend to be a "refugee"? 

This leads us to this person below; my Lord(!), there seems to be a never-ending amount of these parasites, just itching to get in where the white man is the majority, aren't there?

She's a filthy Third World mooch. She's not a refugee in any way, shape or form, is she? 

Well, she can fuck herself and go back to the first port of call. She came from Africa, went through Italy, where she's meant to claim that she is refugee. But even then, she should actually have done this in the nearest country in Africa!

Sorry, you cannot say where you want to be a refugee at. She then came over the Mediterranean, and went all the way through Europe, then came over on another boat to the UK.  And now, she wants to bring the rest of her family over here. The fucking pig.

Ah, but according to this rag of an article, by the filth in the MSM, she's "desperate".  They can fuck themselves as well!

She's apparently a devout church goer in the south of Glasgow, in the Gorbals.  Take a look at these utter nutjobs!, and in particular, their leaders!  Is it any wonder that no one goes to the Christian, liberal churches anymore!

What is deeply offensive, is the one idiot who actually has the audacity to be wearing a head covering!  Yeah, she's down there with it; down for the struggle!

No doubt Christ is actually rolling in his grave looking at these pieces of shit. Do they have any idea about the world and that their beliefs run contrary to normal people, at the same time, not knowing just how damaging, fundamentalist Islam IS?


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