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Friday 31 May 2024

Woke for this month of May - Ridiculous Adverts

Just when you thought the advertising in the Western World, and particularly here in the UK, could not get worse; it does!

Here's my faves for this past month of May:

Park Run – A Saturday fun run, up and down the UK; and naturally ALL the volunteers are black, Muslim women!?

Flash cleaner – Correct; only middle-age Black men clean the house!  What?

Language Application Busuu – That’s right, all mathematics teachers are young, black men!?

And something truly preposterous, the only children in Glasgow, Scotland, are BME!  Really?

From the University of West London, only male, black has-beens, will ever attend yoonis in this awful country or ours!

According to Google’s advert, on the CBS sports website, all the entrepreneurs using Google, are young, black females!

And finally, according to the GlasgowLive website, and ScotRail, mixed race couples are always on trains, enjoying the delight of them. 

Again, ain’t no room for cracker male (Public Enemy #1)!

How ridiculously insulting.


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