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Friday 8 April 2022

Crime - Again from the one and only UK - Unbelievable!

Please go here for something simply unbelievable, but shockingly quite common in our modern, multi-cultural United Kingdom. And naturally made scant headlines in ANY of our completely woke news outlets.

Please all you Americans out there - this is NOT your father's or grand father's UK!

Can Arslan, 52, yes I know; a fine sounding English name, is on trial for butchering a neighbour to death, and trying to do the same to another neighbour of his; after more or less   (A post-mortem examination found Mr Boorman had suffered 27 serious knife injuries, as well as many more superficial cuts.) TWELVE years of threatening to do it, and with the great British police in the end, doing slightly less than fuck all!

Neighbours blocking Arslan from Escaping after the murder


The piece of  filth has been found guilty, but what is shocking, is that the police and other authorities apparently did little to stop this, even AFTER Arslan had admitted to a police officer / neighbour, shortly before the murder, that he indeed would do it!

This has also led the family, to completely condemn the behaviour of the authorities.  As they called the police and other authorities "toothless".

But, wait!  One of the authorities has spoken (bold are my emphasis), 

Assistant chief constable Craig Holden said: “We understand what was heard in court raises questions over what was done by police and other agencies before the terrible events. Senior representatives from local agencies have also commissioned an independent, non-statutory partnership review, which will look at how both public and private-sector organisations worked together to address the concerns of Arslan’s neighbours.”

Oh, that magical, vomit-inducing word, "partnership"!  I could've kicked in my laptop whilst reading such drivel.

There should be an alternative headline, that would read something like this:

"After the murder of his neighbour, and after the inaction of the "partners" that should have prevented this, a mob of righteous vigilantes, surrounded Arslan, and  proceeded to string him up from the nearest Ash tree they could find, and hanged him until dead.  Afterwards, the body of Arslan was set alight, much to the happiness of the baying mob."

You KNOW I'm right.


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