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Monday 4 April 2022

Why more and more churches are irrelevant - The woke Church of England; I could vomit!


As we read a lot of of news aggregator sites, in addition, please bear with me a moment(!), to looking at the nauseating Microsoft news aggregator each day on my desktop, I do  try to comment on "smaller" articles, that show just how woke and awful parts of the Western world are nowadays.

I caught this one, concerning the very first female priests ordained in the Church of England, that is about none other than the Anglican church in England, and how they are destroying old plaques in order to put something  woke in their place.

That's right. Because the original plaque did not mention the original woman ordinands (There were nearly 30 of them FFS!), that that is now considered both sexist and further proof of the male patriarchy!

Instead of merely a factually correct plaque, that commemorates both the ceremony, as well as the leaders (who happened to be male), of that particular church service!

The freak who is actually carving the new plaque, and is now (Good God!) training to be a priestess, and looks to be filled with so much love (sic), is called Robyn Golden-Hann (Ah, a nice, double barrelled name.  Talk about vanity).  I quote (with bold being my emphasis):

“I feel very honoured to have done this. It will be one of my very last commissions as a professional stone carver so it is very poignant that this should be the work that marks my transition from one calling to another. . .”

". . . The only explanation (as to why no female names were on the original plaque) I’ve heard is that it was probably done in some haste. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was just part of the patriarchal mentality of the time."

It is little wonder why the Church of England continues to haemorrhage members.



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