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Thursday 21 July 2022

Michele Obama's new book? Already half-price; BEFORE it hits the Shops!


Just received an email this morning, and lo and behold, this simply horrible human being has decided to infect the world again, with her horrid woke, world-view.  In the words of Waterstones in the UK (my emphasis in bold):

In 2018, Michelle Obama’s global bestseller Becoming recounted the former First Lady’s inspirational journey from her Chicago childhood through a successful career as a US attorney and on to her years in the White House.

Now, four years later, Michelle demonstrates how readers can utilise the lessons she has learned from her eventful life to build meaningful relationships, find community within difference and navigate change with confidence and kindness. Most of all, she describes how when we ‘light up’ for others, we illuminate the world around us with understanding, insight and love.

Written with good humour, candour and grace by one of the world’s most widely respected public figures, The Light We Carry is the perfect book of comfort and reassurance for uncertain times and an ideal gift for those you hold closest in your heart.

A truly unmissable literary event, The Light We Carry is published on Tuesday 15 November and is available to pre-order now at half price.

And I can now, simply vomit!  This is simply unbelievable but OTOH, it is completely believable, considering the unwashed morons who were bamboozled by her utter contempt for them, for whitey, for tradition, etc, etc. 

I am never for burning books, but I've now discovered some half-price kindling that I can use in my chimney this winter.

Already an early contender for my Worst of the Year awards!



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