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Monday 4 July 2022

Microplastics and the Virus - Harmful? They are STILL trying to scare us!


In my monthly review of some of the worst crap that I see being read, in certain echelons of the press, I came across this piece of insanity.

Yes, now it is written that viruses can live on these pieces of plastics for a long time, thus with us ingesting these things, we would then be susceptible to all manner of diseases, etc, etc, ad nauseum!  

This is simply ridiculous!  Even if this were to happen, I have 100% confidence in my Immune System to conquer all.

Equally, if this pack of lies was so, then why aren't we dropping like flies the last 40-50 odd years from "new fangled" viruses, as micro-plastics have been around for some time; history?  Please explain that one to me.

If anything, we are living longer and longer nowadays, aren't we?

But to be pedantic, go to this link to read all about the farcical, bit of plastic in the Pacific patch - a farce, but note the article on Wikipedia; is actually truthful at times.  No,  you can NOT see this patch, despite what the MSM will tell you.

It is only a non-calculable trace element, when compared to the size of the ocean as a hole; calculations are something like:

93 - 230 thousand tonnes of plastic v 1,450,000,000,000,000,000 tons, being the weight of the oceans.

So, just what is their real motive - it's obvious.


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