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Wednesday 20 July 2022

English Heatwave? And the winner is . . . not London . . . but Coningsby? Where the hell is that?

Yes!  You betcha!  It wasn't London after all that finally grabbed the "Hottest Place in the UK" award, but dear and dreary Coningsby, right there in northeast England.

For those who don't know what I am talking about, you should have been here in the UK the last two weeks, when every other effing minute the MSM and their cronies, were going on about a heat record that was forecasted to be broken!

It was fuckin unbearable to listen to!  Even when several weeks ago, some had the nerve to say that it would be 42 degrees here (Celsius); below is a quote from UK Weather Forecast (Facebook page):

We’ve seen further upgrades on the latest GFS output for Tuesday with a larger area of 42’s now showing in Lincolnshire and Yorkshire.

In the end, they got their record, though at 40.3, it barely cracked forty and was nowhere near 42!

And?  This freakish weather, which was based on a mammoth high pressure system from Spain and North Africa, lasted a grand total of 2 days!

It doesn't even come close to other heatwaves, like the most recent one (above) in 1976, that lasted for weeks and was nearly as hot.  But the elephant in the room is obvious; why was it so bloody hot then, with less CO2 in the air, compared to now? SURELY, it should be even HOTTER in this day and age; right?

Yes, it is hotter to a degree, AT TIMES now, but that is all.  And everyone should know, that overall, for the last 24 years the Earth HAS NOT WARMED.  And still at the present time, there are record cold temperatures in the Southern hemisphere.

Google (or preferably, use an alternative search engine) this if you don't believe me. OR, please use the excellent website, Not a Lot of People Know, where you can actually find real science. 


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