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Wednesday 7 September 2022

Yes, we're an environmentalist, who also eats healthy; but please don't preach to me!


I get it!  And I certainly do NOT need Oxfam to lecture me, with their campaign for only buying second-hand goods during September.

But on the other hand, I've, like many others like me and my age, got it, for an effing long time!  We are not some Luddite, and I and others, care about our planet as well!  But the patronising by the woke, left, is now not only outrageous, arrogant and conceited; but also, counter-productive.

That old joke about a Vegan, who ALWAYS wants to tell you that they are a vegan, has come home to roost.  And more and more of the people I talk to, either in-person or online, are completely fed up with this lot!

Honestly, if  you want a laugh, please go into the Oxfam website (or any other alt-left / woke website) and see for yourself, the utter nonsense that they write and wish to be true for the world.

All of this that they want to foist on the world, only ends up ( and they no doubt wish this to be true), with some sort of authoritarian or totalitarian government in place; which naturally, would be run by themselves!

But there is, or I believe there can be; hope.

The Mango Tree (above), is a vegan restaurant, who have now finally decided, that they simply can not continue being a segregated eatery, and stay in business.

They will now not only serve vegan dishes, but also meat dishes as well.

Whilst I know, many of you will be laughing (I am!); on the other hand, I commend them for doing this (no doubt though, it is self-serving).

Like other restaurants / cafes that I've eaten in, who also have "mixed" menus, this may "force" or at least, enlighten their customers and may even give opportunities for us and "them", to communicate and discuss not only our differences, but what we have in common.

Something that I believe can ONLY be healthy.


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