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Thursday 29 September 2022

Glasgow Socialist *hole, now having to sell off their Buildings - What a dump!

A few years ago, Glasgow, as in Glasgow City Council (GCC), had come to an agreement after a lawsuit, to pay £500,000,000 to about 14,000 mostly female workers!

That's one helluva lot of money!  

Fancy that, a group of hard-core socialists, had been found to be discriminating against females . . . for years!  

Yea, that's right, the Left are your friends.  

Who in their right mind still believes this?  Particularly in this day and woke age; when the head of the Labour party, Sir Kier Starmer (Ed; What a name! And his middle-name is Rodney!), can't even define a women!

But coming back to the half a billion quid, it was said at that time, that Glasgow in 2019 would either delay the decision, or in the future, would need to start to sell its limited amount of assets - predominantly, land and buildings. 

Let's face it, in reality, that's really the only things that a local government own.

Glasgow City Chambers

City Chambers - Banqueting Suite

And now, just today, has come to fruition.

Now it seems, that several simply wonderful city buildings, built and paid for by the once, hard-working citizens, will have to be sold, and then leased back.  The two above could possibly be that way.  They are both magnificent!

Yet another sign, of the sheer, and utter incompetence of leftists, be they here in Scotland, Chicago, Philadelphia, or wherever they might be infested in.


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