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Friday 2 September 2022

More wokeness - This time for Travel - Priority Pass / Education / Etc

These appear to be self-explanatory!

Honestly, I've already blogged on some of the "woke" online, educational companies, and provided researched links, that showed that ethnics, specifically blacks, simply do NOT value educating themselves, in comparison to other groups - fact!

But they simply can not, the companies, get over themselves, and repeatedly show these people in the photos that advertise their services; it's laughable.

But now,
Priority Pass, that rip off of a airport lounge access service, are also guilty of this.

The above is like a "double whammy" as they also show a black jogger!

Please go here, to see that this is rare, compared to other groups. And you go even go here, to see that even that left-wing rag, the Guardian in the UK, accept this as a fact!

The mind boggles, and one can only hope, that this continues to backfire on these woke, racist companies.


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