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Monday 26 September 2022

Working class town, forced to do a woke experiment - Liverpool, England - It ends in Disaster!

Liverpool, England, UK

You just KNOW that this would happen.

The "car-free" day there, was such a disaster that it had to be cancelled by 14.00 that afternoon!

But on the other hand, the globalist, green, woke psychotics, will simply never give up!

Strange, that this over here in doomy Britannia, did not make any of the MSM's bulletins?  Did it?

Oh, but they'll say that it was ONLY Liverpool and that they had better things to report?  Really?  

The radical fascist left, have been going on about the overuse of cars, and the fact that we are all in this together, and will willingly submit ourselves to shelving the cars, and picking up bikes, skateboards, or walking, the great distance into towns, in order to shop, go to work, etc.

How wrong they were and are!

I'm back after a month of travels in Europe and will blog more on various awfulness that I see, but always in a hopeful way!

C u tomorrow.


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