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Wednesday 12 October 2022

Liz Truss - My take on her "Budget" & the Government - Media Complex - Part 1

So they were complaining from the very start; right after they buried our wonderful Queen; the scum in the MSM were after Liz Truss, our new Prime Minister in the UK, from the off.

And naturally the unwashed sheep, ignorant as hell, agreed to every single bit of it.  

Even AFTER, Sir Kier (Sir Kier Starmer, Leader of the opposition Labour Party in the UK)  and his third-rate lot, did not say a SINGLE word as to just what they would exactly do, if they were in power, as regards the economy, tax rates, budgets, etc.  

It's not so much that they did not say a single word about their future plans; it's that they were simply never asked (!), about this from the POS(s) in the MSM.

And in particular, how they would view an independent Bank of England, if, or should I say WHEN, the bank would raise & raise interest rates in the future.

But speaking about Labour. . .

The above is the Labour economic spokesperson, or in UK speak, the Shadow Chancellor.  Her name is Rachel Reeves, and lo and behold, she went to a private school in London, then did a poxy Poly-Sci degree at Oxford, and actually has the gall to represent a northern constituency in Leeds!  You can not make it up.  She's also a clown.

In the interviews, or lack of, she showed an utterly third-rate opinion in grasping basic economic principles as to interest rates, inflation, the American response to inflation, etc, etc.  OTOH, she was not really asked about any of this, and merely used the "interviews" to bash both Truss and her counterpart in the Conservative party, Kwasi Kwarteng

Her, along with her party, simply refuse to debate tax policy and merely let the MSM do their dirty work, but so far, I have not heard a SINGLE word as to just what a Labour government would do. 

And more specifically, just how tax cuts, especially the top rate being cut from 45% to 40% on earners of £150,000+, of £2 billion would actually wreak havoc on the UK economy?  

Not one question, and not one comment on our very low Unemployment Rate, or our standing compared to other countries, specifically the G7, who ALL happen to be having problems of their own - particularly Germany

Not one!

Please remember that under the last Labour government, there was a 40% tax rate as the highest band of tax (under Tony Blair), yet THIS is their (and Reeves) biggest complaint about the Tories right now!

Complete and utter hypocrisy!

Equally, the filth in the MSM went on and on about the £45 billion that would have to be found, if the highest tax rate was cut from 45% to 40% and the lower rate were to be cut from 20% to 19%, in order to not grow the deficit (as if they really give a damn about spending too much money!).

But the fact is, that now that Truss has backtracked on the higher rate, there is STILL £43 billion to be found, but the scum in the MSM never even mentions this. As the top rate being cut, was only EVER to be about a £2 billion loss in revenue to the UK government. 

Then the MSM went on and on, again, about that fact the the Bank of England was going to have to use £65 billion to prop up Pension funds, by buying Gilts (UK Government Debt), when in reality, they lied and lied about this.

It was NO WHERE near £65 billion; for as of last week, it was only 3.7 billion spent and at one time, for one day it was only £22 million!  

Again, the dirty lying MSM, have never mentioned this!  And if you were to ask a typical, ignorant, unwashed fool in the street, they probably wouldn't even know what you were talking about. 

What should be happening?  And what should have happened, will be in part 2.


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