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Monday 3 October 2022

This month of October; various nonsense, it's so boring now, so we start with Trevor Noah - untalented, ignorant, bigot


So, Trevor Noah, a homophobic, anti-Semitic, anti-aboriginal bigot from South Africa, who absolutely loved talking about how much he hated the country that took him in from that hellhole, has suddenly discovered, that if no one likes you or watches you, you will lose your job on TV.  

Correct, he lost about a million viewers to the Daily Show in his seven years! Down from about 1.3 to .3 of a million.

What a shame!

Even our dearly beloved Donald Trump has chimed in, calling him:

“. . . a waste of time, no talent, no anything,”

This of course is true, but the point of this post, is to show how our friends at NPR, that filthy, fascist, government funded rag describes this.

Please go here, to see what a black, racist, writer wrote about the same thing.  It is simply unbelievable, and I quote (about Noah's bigotry):

He survived a scandal before he even appeared on camera as host – centered on terrible jokes about Jewish people, women's bodies and their weight that he had posted on Twitter years earlier.

Really?  "Terrible" jokes?  This being written by the same person, who years earlier, was no doubt calling Trump a racist, for saying things FAR, FAR, nicer.  He (the writer Eric Deggans) can fuck himself.

More about things like this, economics, the UK situation, and more, this month.


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