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Wednesday 8 May 2024

It's only the Extremes nowadays - Part 1 - When DEI was Equal Opportunities, when Mental Health was Well-Being


When DEI was Equal Opportunities, when Mental Health was Well-being, when Procrastination was someone being a lazy fucking bastard, and when Trannies were men dressed as women.

What's happened to the world?  It seems like, once again, the extremes, or in this case, all the left wing's dreams and cliches have now attempted to be normalised, or at least are normalised by the radical left wing media; who control many sections of the world in at least in what the world thinks.

When DEI was Equal Opportunities -

Years ago, I worked for a trade union involved in all types of HR-related matters. While these endeavours often seemed commendable on paper, they could be quite useless in practice. It's fascinating because on one side, the Unions strive to portray themselves as good, heroic, and decent. Yet, on the other side, they can be just as manipulative and controlling as the managers they were meant to regulate.

Even then, there were individuals then, who took issue with this type of thing. I recall hearing many of my fellow employees attempt to minimize the extent of discrimination or mistreatment, suggesting that it only occurred for a brief period or affected only certain groups. The idea that if you were straight and white, you had it easy was utter nonsense in their opinion!

It was also striking that, in my capacity within HR, I would regularly attend several committees focused on discrimination against protected groups. However, we often found ourselves with literally NOTHING to do or discuss when attending these meetings. Either this type of discrimination simply didn't exist, or it was never brought to our attention. 

One is left to ponder why these issues seem to have intensified in recent times?  If we ARE more progressive in our thoughts, why do we seem to have more of these types of problems?

When Mental Health was Well-Being - 

Please don't tell me that we only have to talk; my US experience tells me that you're talking shite if you believe this.  I remember when I was very young, I heard this all the time when I was at elementary school and then later junior high - that all you have to do is talk, talk, talk and everything will be fine in your life, and your mental health will be perfect!  

What rot!  We did talk as Americans can do, and guess what? 

Everything isn't fine. Currently, over half of the American adult population are on some form of prescription medication. And half of those are taking drugs for their mental health. 

Talking doesn't fucking work.  

Slippery slope - Now, here in the UK, particularly in England, we are meant to follow this pearl of wisdom.  In fact, there was even a televised football special as Prince William met with footballers from the English Premier League and even from the English national football team, who were talking about their mental health - poor, rich souls.

I could have vomited. 

They are once again, making the same fucking mistakes America made 40 to 50 years ago. And of course, nothing will be resolved and nothing will change. And guess what? Everyone will start to get drugged up here as well.  

You only have to look at recent NHS stats, about the increase of prescriptions for “mental illness”.

It's all we hear!  Let's talk, Samaritans, Well Being, Mental Health!, Let's talk! This is all we have to effing listen to.  And all I can say is if you use America, as long-term study sample; it simply, doesn't work!


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