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Sunday 7 February 2021

As anyone should know, the current buffoon in chief has been in politics since the great flood and Noah, but at one time, Biden was the Chairmen of the Senate Judiciary committee (believe it or not!). A very powerful committee that the Democrats controlled at this time in the 1980s.

During this decade, in the Reagan administration days, the fascist Democrats started doing what they do best, they made politics about EVERYTHING, and in this instance it included blocking Ronald Reagan's Supreme Court nominee, Robert Bork, with the cocksucker Biden instigating this.  Up to this time, it had been VERY rare for the Senate to block a President's Supreme Court picks.

But just to see first hand, both Biden's ignorance and utter third-rateness, please watch this short clip, when he actually tries to trip up the GREAT, Thomas Sowell, during the committee's questioning.  One can tell, that when Biden knows that he's simply no match for Sowell, he only questions, without commenting or attempting to argue, ie, hiding his complete ignorance and stupidity. 

Good Lord, little did I know, that years later this fucking clown would be President.  Recht.

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