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Thursday 11 August 2022

Socialist, paradise of Glasgow, Scotland - More ripoff Car Parking Prices


That's right, the prices have "ONLY" gone up from £85 to £98, a mere 15+%.

Yet, it was only a few years ago, I believe 2015, when Glasgow District Council introduced these charges, that the price was £50 per year.

So, in my ever so crude, simple calculations, they've risen 96%, which amounts to almost 16% a year, for seven consecutive years!

What a rip off, as at the time, GDC promised us of more bike lanes, more areas for motorcycles, more enforcement of who actually parks in the older, West End neighbourhoods, etc, etc, - NONE of this has actually happened.

On my street, the parking lines / double parking lines look like something out the Third World!

Equally, if you do go into the link above, to the Council's simply awful website, you can note that they are STILL mentioning a fire that affected Garnethill residents!  This was actually referring to a fire in the nearby Glasgow School of Art.

Please go here to the BBC's summary, that shows the timeline about the School of Art's multiple fires; the last being in 2018!  Hey, that's 4 damn years ago!

Glasgow, please update your effing website; you simply suck!


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