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Monday 1 August 2022

More Right posts this week, but 1st, Microsoft's attitude to those poor Yakima women


Take a look at this nonsense, from my start-up page with Windows 10, this morning.

Two shots here, one the "broad picture", the other is the text I wish to show you.

You can't make it up! This is how low and woke that they ALL are nowadays, and leads me to believe, that all right-minded people really MUST drop out from the mainstream, NWO thing, and ONLY do business in a completely, separate world or economy.

What do they even mean by this?  "Women in Yakima"?  

Yes, there are women who exist there, in fact, the population is just under 100k, with a metro area of nearly a quarter of a million; with 50.7% being indeed female.

So just what is Microsoft's point here? You mean to tell me, that those (approximately) 50,000+ women, have never had an opportunity until 2022, to tell their "stories"?  


Have you ever heard of books, talking, the phone, the internet (that is well over 30 years of age), etc, etc, etc.

Good God, I must've missed something here.  I didn't really think that these women are cave-dwellers, and have had to wait until some White Messiah from Microsoft, in order to be saved, so that they can communicate their stories.

Utterly shameful message.


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