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Wednesday 31 August 2022

This month, back from Europe, it's a mess there as well. Also, Socialist Glasgow, Scotland, is still a dump!


That's correct, right in front of a "Cash Generator" shop.  

For you who do NOT know, they are a pawn shop, though this neighbourhood is in the West End of Glasgow - hardly a poor area. In fact, the link provided that directs to Trip Adviser, actually gives it 4.5 stars!  Equally, we are in the midst of a Bin Men strike, which seems to become worse each week. 

This is such the state of modern Glasgow, where after decades of single party, socialist governing from Labour, there now exists an SNP government, that is every bit as bad!

You can't make this shite up, can you?

They STILL vote for them, still!

As you can see with the photo montage (Ed; Whoa!  What a word!), it's a dump, and may soon get even worse; if that can happen, with further action to take place in September as well.. 

As the link shows, Glasgow is ONLY the "third dirtiest city IN THE WORLD", but who knows, there's always hope to be numero uno!

Here's hoping!

More this week on all the insanity, and my recent three weeks in Europeland.


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